Truckers Freedom Convoy: RAIR on the Ground in Ottawa - Trudeau's Lies Exposed (Live Thread)

RAIR will continually update this article with our latest news, videos, interviews, and photos from the Truckers Freedom Convoy and protest in Ottawa.

February 13, 2022: Exclusive Photos from RAIR Foundation USA:

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Sky News Australia Report

An excellent article on the Freedom Convoy can be found at The article sums up this must-see Sky News Australia report:

This Sky News Australia report on the Canadian Truckers protest and the GoFundMe outrage, introduced and concluded by Texan Senator Ted Cruz, reviews the whole story and its background. It is well, well worth watching, showing how the convoy has turned into a much larger demonstration against government overreach, which in turn has brought senior US politicians onside and against Big Tech’s attempts to crush freedom.


Left-Wing Activist Charged in an Attack on a Convoy 

Man charged in Winnipeg car attack on convoy protest is radical far-left activist. David Zegarac has a history as an anarchist activist. Police, however, are still treating the incident as a hit-and-run, rather than a hate crime.

After Trudeau vilified the peaceful freedom protesters, a supporter was mowed down by a man driving an SUV. A white jeep can be seen hitting one person, before accelerating and hitting three more.

Read more here.

Lawyers Help Those Targetted By the State

The Democracy Fund (TDF), a registered Canadian charity, has deployed a street team of lawyers to help any truckers harangued by officials for peaceful protest. TDF’s intake form can be found at

Protesters Targeted by The State

At around 4:15, RAIR arrived again at the protest. The mood was festive and peaceful. Our correspondent lest at around 6:45 PM upon hearing that the Ottawa mayor Jim Watson declared a “state of emergency.” The left-wing official also instructed police to arrest Truckers, protestors, and anyone providing material support for the protest.

Many of the protesters were given a five minute warning to leave or they would be arrested:

Ninety minutes before the arrests began:

Police seize the Truckers fuel while crowds chant: “You are on the wrong side of history! Shame on you!”

Police are seizing people’s fuel

Ottawa Police announced they would be partnering with federal agencies and digitally surveilling Freedom Convoy protesters, supporters, and donors. The Tudeau government has already been tracking 33 million cell phones of Canadians during Covid.


Do not Listen to CBC News – We Just Want Our Freedoms Back”


Farmers Came To Support The Truckers

Farmers show their support for the Truckers Freedom Convoy. One couple explained that they are trying to protect their 18 grandchildren’s futures, “we must stop Canada from becoming communist”:


Vaccine Injury Awareness

A woman drove over 4.000 miles to support the convoy and sound the alarm about “Vaccine Injuries.” She came to protect her children and “everyone else’s kids” from the states forced Covid measures:

A young boy is suffering from severe problems brought on by the experimental mRNA gene therapy injections:


Dirty Tricks

Ottawa played a lot of dirty tricks with public money to diminish the Trucker’s protest. The Alexandra Bridge to Quebec and the nearby King Edward Bridge were closed down. (see photo below)

In addition to closing bridges, the city also bought out almost every hotel room downtown so no one could book one.


Truckers Freedom Convoy Dance Party

These are peaceful demonstrators that Justin Trudeau calls a “threat”:

Peaceful and Patriotic Canadian Protest in front of Parliament

Police State

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly threatens to investigate and prosecute officers who show any care or support for demonstrators at the Truckers Freedom Protest. Furthermore, if police dare to offer food, water, and/or fuel, their jobs will be in jeopardy.

Reinforcements arrive in Ottawa: Farmers show their support to the Trucker’s Convoy.

The cavalry has arrived! Stallions march down Ottawa street alongside the truckers convoy.

Peaceful Canadian march throughout the streets, cries of “freedom” can be heard!


RAIR Foundation USA will be on the ground in Ottawa for the second weekend in a row to bring you the latest news from the Canadian Truckers’ for Freedom Convoy and protest. Once again, tens of thousands of trucks and hundreds of thousands of supporters will converge on Canada’s capital city. Truckers and protesters from all across the country are taking a stand against their government’s authoritarian Covid mandates and restrictions.

(See RAIR’s coverage from last weeks protest here)

Persecution of the Freedom Convoy

Despite Prime Minister Trudeau’s best efforts to slander and hinder the freedom protesters, last weekend’s Truckers convoy was the largest in history, garnered international support, and inspired worldwide protests.

However, the trucks you saw downtown were only a tiny portion of the trucks that came to Ottawa to protest. Trudeau’s government’s dirty tricks to stop protesters included; closing two main bridges leading to the city before the protest began, using large equipment to block roadways into the downtown area, police redirecting truckers away from downtown to parking lots across Ottawa, etc.

A convoy of truckers who could not make it to Ottawa with the Convoy for Freedom converged on the main border crossing between Alberta and Montana. The truckers have been there since last weekend.

GoFundMe Deletes Account, Steals Millions

Left-wing crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, has deleted the Freedom Convoy fundraiser for supposedly violating its terms, stating that the “peaceful demonstration has become an occupation” now. GoFundMe froze the money after they raised over 10,000,000 Canadian dollars. The company took action following the fascist demands from city officials and Trudeau to seize their funds and redirect them to the city to pay for the costs of policing and PR.

The company told donors that they may submit a request for a full refund until February 19th, 2022, using this refund form. However, those who do not submit a request will have their donations sent to radical left-wing organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and Greenpeace.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed GoFundMe and accused them of fraud:

Why Are They Protesting

The “Freedom Convoy” was reportedly organized to protest against the vaccine Covid mandates put in place on January 15, 2022. The governments of Canada and the United States mandated the mRNA experimental gene therapy injections to cross the border. 

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), as many as 32,000, or 20 percent, of the 160,000 Canadian and American cross-border truck drivers may be taken off the roads due to the mandate. They are also protesting mask mandates for truckers, which orders the drivers to wear masks in trucks. But, for the people, the convoy is a beacon of hope.

Trudeau Will Heighten Crackdown on Freedom Convoy

Last week, in a glaringly obvious PR stunt, authorities moved Trudeau and his family to a “secret location” out of fears for their safety. However, there was no reported threat to the Canadian leader other than the double vaccinated and boosted leader being sick with Covid.

This week, Ottawa police promise a heavy crackdown on Freedom Convoy, despite data showing crime is down in Ottawa. According to the Department’s concerning social media posts, they will be taking an anti-terrorism approach to this weekend’s protests. The police repeatedly slander the Truckers Freedom Convoy as a dangerous, well-funded occupation. However, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly testified Wednesday at the Municipal Police Services Board that “there have been no riots, injuries or deaths.” To date, all charges against truckers involved routine traffic violations or breaches of a local noise bylaw for horn honking.

Authorities are even promising to target those who have provided financial aid to the convoy. Police have alluded to using national intelligence agencies to gather data on Canadians who have given money and supplies to the truckers.

An email leaked to Rebel News Friday morning, sent by Lt. Jennifer MacCosham, the public affairs officer of 8 Wing, the Royal Canadian Air Force base in Trenton, Ontario, to members of the air force, threatens disciplinary action and possible firing of anyone publicly supportive of the convoy protests.

These are the “extremists” that Justin Trudeau is trying to slander.

Interviews with Truckers and Protesters

RAIR went to many base camps where the truckers live when not at the protest. See some of the interesting interviews and photos below.

Is Trudeau Trying To Harm the Truckers by Spreading Misinformation

One of the Truckers camp’s organizers, Emily from Operation Bear Hug, addresses rumors that the government brings in the military. Is this a tactic for Trudeau’s government to use violence against peaceful protesters?

Media Deception

One of the men explained that most truckers are no longer giving interviews due to the media’s deceptive editing.

Canadian Frontline Nurses Feed the Trucker

Trudeau and other government officials falsely claimed that the Truckers stole from the homeless. On the contrary, at each of the base camps RAIR has visited, the Truckers made it very clear that their food was for everyone. See the following signs:

Truckers Donate Food to Homeless Shelter

There was such an abundance of food that the Truckers donated the massive overflow to homeless shelters. In addition, one of the camp’s organizers discussed the protester’s commitment to stay in Ottawa until their freedoms are restored:

In Ottawa, a jubilant atmosphere – These are the peaceful protesters Justin Trudeau calls a threat?

Photos From Around Ottawa

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Canadian truckers are heroes, EU truckers are pussies.

    You all see now that the GoFundMe is now a terrorist organisation led by the Rat Trudeau!

    The Police in every country are supporting the GENOCIDE, the police is now same as Gestapo and Securitate.

    Rat Trudeau’s next move is to bring in the Army.

    This is interesting, will the truckers remain heroes or are they running away?
    Hint to Rat Trudeau: Read about what happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu.
    Is December 25th too far away?

  • God bless u u u. Jes”us” isa coming soon. !!!! Find out when ? Matt 24:29-31. After the 3.5 year great tribulation amen 🙏

  • While CBCNN and the state-owned Canadian Media LIARS continue to pretend that the Truckers Freedom Convoy protest is violent, misogynist, racist, and consists only of a “small fringe minority” of radical conservatives, Russian TV actually reports the TRUTH!

    Check out what Moscow has to say about the Freedom Convoy. (It’s in english)
    It’s a truly sad commentary on any nation when even Russian TV is more accurate and truthful than their own fascist media propagandists. Shame!

    • RT may be accurate in this instance, but it is still a propaganda tool for Russia. They also reported favorably on BLM.

  • Justin, after falling into your selfcreated shithole, stop digging deeper. Nuremberg 2 prosecutors are already waiting for your arrival with loads of proof not only for human rights abuses but for outright murder. Welcome into the club of murderous dictators forever and ever in human history,

  • The Media Deception: the French TV broadcaster would be TVA Nouvelles, I’m certain of that.

    TVA are masters of hateful manipulation and their victims are unilingual French Quebecers. They weren’t always like that, it started with Donald J. Trump’s election. They are so good at vile deceit that I’ve seen people accelerate toward dementia.


    “8 Feb, 2022 02:48
    HomeWorld News
    Trudeau says trucker protest poses threat to ‘democracy’
    Canadian PM argues protesters against Covid-19 restrictions must stop as they are disrupting the lives of fellow citizens”

  • It is sure very crowded soon in Klaus Schwabe’s ass when all these GENOCIDE criminals are hiding in Schwabes ass:

    Justin Trudeau, (had the luck to get there first, hence: Just-in! : )
    These are also very eager to find a hiding place there:
    Jacinda Ardern
    Sanna Marin
    Emmanuel Macron
    Angela Merkel
    Ursula von der Leyen


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