Trump Effect: Make Germany Great Again!

Trump Effect: Make Germany Great Again!
Source: Ruptly

AfD declares victory during presser on the elections in East Germany!

Jörg Meuthen is the federal spokesman for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) since 2015. At a press conference in Berlin, Mr. Meuthen discusses the significance of last weekend’s state elections in Brandenburg and Saxony, in which the AfD made historic gains.

The Alternative for Germany, (AfD) is pretty much the only classical European party on the German political spectrum. They are family oriented, want secure borders, and believe in the preservation of the nation state of Germany, much as President Trump does of America.

While the radical left media calls the AfD a “Far right wing party” and often even “Nazi” it is interesting to see a former head of Israeli Mossad, Rafi Eitan, not only endorse the AfD, but wish that all European nations had a party as classically Western in its values as the AfD.

Jörg Meuthen transcript:

(Beginning this morning as guest, the AfD.)

Let me say: it is obvious who the election winner is for these two elections: The Alternative for Germany. All other parties clearly lost voters, with the exception of the Green Party which had a slight increase, but remained massively behind their projected results. So they also don’t look too happy. (to come there we ask for understanding and) We are thus establishing ourselves as a People’s Party.

I was already asked this morning on Deutschlandfunk whether we are perhaps a people’s protest party, I think it was Deutschlandfunk. No, we’re not a protest party. We have worked out a programme in all policy areas, and our objectives appear to voters as a credible and authentic proposal. The election results reflect that.

(From the news channel Al Jazeera. Mr. Meuthen,) I said it repeatedly yesterday, and I will say it again here: Sometimes people speak of East Germany as being “Dark Germany” [Dunkeldeutschland]. In my opinion that East Germany is a light. They are quite bright there and are very much more sensitive with regard to history, and likewise the result has turned out to be positive. (more direct mandates won than lists)

Being the European politician that I am, I compare this situation with Italy. As you know, the Lega was formerly the Lega Nord and now has spread to the whole of Italy. This is certainly the dominant people’s party there at the moment. That’s the direction we are moving, except in our case the change isn’t coming from the north, but from the east of the country.
(15 years of right-wing extremism are meanwhile documented with them, yes?) No, being the opposition is not necessarily horse dung, as Franz Müntefering once put it. The opposition can shape the direction of governing very strongly. We have experienced this quite often. For instance, we initiate some kind of law. The others copy it, but add a couple of changes or three sentences and then the laws pass.

I’m also constantly asked, as I was yesterday, isn’t everything you do a waste of time because the AfD isn’t running the government? No, it isn’t a waste of time. We will be an even stronger opposition force facing a government made up alliances that are even more fragile. That’s what it looks like, but it isn’t very clear if they even succeeded at all. In one case it is definitely not clear yet. It could result in a three-party coalition, which aren’t usually very stable. So we will be this powerful opposition confronting a very fragile coalition government.
It is possible that these alliances won’t last? We’ll have to wait and see. We cannot anticipate this now. All in all, we are looking forward to extremely good parliamentary work in both federal states. Thank you very much.

Source: Ruptly

Thank you to Miss Piggy for her translation and dedication to exposing news the mainstream media ignores.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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