U.S. Priest:'Ukrainian President Zelensky is an Adamant Supporter of the New World Order' (Video)

“It is very important to make a distinction between the Russia of today and the Soviet Union of 30 years ago – they are not the same.” – Father Nolan

Father Daniel Nolan of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) is no stranger to controversy. His controversial nature was on full display as offered his sermon at Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish in Littleton, Colorado. In this sermon, he reminded the congregation that there are two sides to every issue regarding the Ukraine War. While he did not ask the congregation to choose a side, he did ask them to fully consider the facts and circumstances jumping on the bandwagon promoted by the world.

“We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29

In September 2020, Father Nolan’s superiors banned him from posting videos online after stating Catholics need not follow draconian coronavirus mask mandates from their bishop or governor. In the ensuing outrage, the point of his message was missed entirely: he seemed to want people to exercise control over their own health and not to let others do it for them.

Ukraine’s sin versus Putin’s Carnage

Last month, in Father Nolan’s sermon, which was recorded privately by someone and posted to YouTube (it has since been removed), his true message may have been overwhelmed and missed by the liberal anger.

He spoke about the entire world running in outrage to hate Vladimir Putin and referred to it as a “rush to condemn.” He is concerned about the lack of balance in response to the invasion of Ukraine and the lack of media truth.

Father Nolan also revealed some little-known details about the former actor, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Specifically, he referenced Zelensky’s stand for abortion, legalizing prostitution, same-sex marriage, the LGBTQ lifestyle, and transgenderism. He reminded the congregation that, in Biblical terms, these are sins,

“This is not good. This is not good for the Ukrainian people. Who’s worse? Putin, who physically invaded Ukraine, or Zelensky, who invaded Ukraine spiritually? What’s worse? To cause someone to end up in a grave or to cause someone to go to hell?”

Globalist Zelenskyy

Nolan explained that Zelensky had been installed by “elites” like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and other Globalists. Father Nolan explained that the goal of these elites is to usher in a New World Order with “One World Government” and no God. Father Nolan also referred to their Agenda 2030 communist plans, “In 2030, you will own nothing, and you will be happy. This is communism. This is the old Soviet Union.” RAIR Foundation USA has posted numerous articles about these Globalist goals (see below).

He claimed that many of the pictures of the Ukraine War were recycled from the 2014 Crimean war. However, he did not provide references for that statement.

Father Nolan remarked that the Russia of today is not the USSR of history because it is no longer Communist or Atheist. He referred to a Putin statement about Christianity via the Orthodox Churches being the foundation of Europe. He mentioned that Russia today is “no longer corrupt institutionally,” a controversial statement that only the Russian Oligarchs could answer.

Father Nolan once again has become a point of controversy, becoming the antithesis of the world’s actions. 

What do you think?

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Faye Higbee


  • “European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who recently offered Ukraine a fast-track toward European Union membership, asserted Sunday that “an important step forward” was taken to ensure to Ukrainian soldiers risking their lives that their children will one day live in a Ukraine free of Russian rule.”


  • I think he said nothing wrong. I think it’s obvious he was just stating facts. He tells the truth. I also think the one thing he did not mention is this war was started by the globalists for their dark purposes.

  • Going against the narrative of the NWO will bring vicious attacks from the controlled MSM.. You might fool some people but not this man of God he gets his wisdom from the top. Zelensky opened the gates of hell while during Putin’s reign Christianity has returned to Russia. Those bio-labs funded by the USA in Ukraine are churning out bio-weapons to be used against Russia and it was NATO moving their weapons of war closer to Russia not Russia moving closer to NATO..

  • Maybe but we can deal with that later. Who knows, he may have re thought about that. Right now he needs to kick a foreign invader out.

  • Zelensky is an actor… chances are he is just like most liberal lunitics, with money to burn, that are part of our hollywood croud.

    • And exactly who put him in power inn Ukraine? That would be Barack Obama and Joe Biden isn’t it? Exactly what strategic interest does the USA have in Ukraine? None that I know of. Who is it that blackmailed Ukraine to fire a prosecutor that was investigating his son as well as the son’s of Pelosi, Kerry, and Mitt Romney? That would be one Joe Biden and you can bet that Obama approved it. Biden isn’t smart enough to pull that off all by himself. So by my calculations, Biden is ginning up war to cover his own crimes and corruption and he doesn’t give a damn how many people get killed to protect him, his son and his cronies sons.

  • I pray for Father Nolan. Not only is zelinsky a new world order globalist, but so are the perverted, pedophile American bishops. May God have your back, Father.

    • I pray for Father Nolan as well. He has given the best view of this conflict so far. There is NEVER only one side to an issue and when we are discussing a war that can quickly develop into a true WWIII, it is time to consider ALL sides, not just the one that the media(D) steers the masses to. I have never seen such a biased and onesided presentation as the media(D) is giving on this conflict. Makes you wonder about WHY?

  • I have been skeptical about the events in Ukraine. Not that they weren’t happening; I Just thought that we haven’t been given the whole story, and the worst mistakes are made when you don’t have the whole story.

    US Media mixed with Russia Propaganda… We know Zelenskyy was placed there by Putin. And why, all of a sudden is Biden suddenly altruistic about a country in which we have no direct interests? Is he waiting for his kickback? Is he getting his full 10%?

    • Zelensky was put there by the U.S & NATO as he’s the globalists puppet that replaced a more Russian leaning leader. Zelensky is a Fascist who has the U.S. Funded, CIA trained Azov ‘NAZI’ Battalion doing his bidding and continuing their Ethnic Cleansing of mostly citizens of Russian descent that has been going on since 2014.

      Zelensky is playing the DC warmonger crowd in order to pull us into expanding the war and possibly to WWIII. He’s not concerned about the outcome for the Ukrainian people; when just over a week ago he lashed out at Europe claiming that this war could be ended if we do our part to focus on ‘Climate Change’. That’s not someone who’s in charge, it’s someone whose strings are being pulled.

  • Look, the regular citizens of Ukraine are once again being used. In any other circumstance Zelensky is a dirtbag. He wanted the U.S. to use Nukes on the Russians and who gets the Nukes in return, we do. A globalist wet dream. There is much more going on here, pay attention, they want to take down The United States. Who are they? Globalists, are not our friends.

  • Amen Father. Amen. Globalism is slavery.
    With global suffering. Nothing less. Elitism is
    a gang of tyrannical bullies. DO AS WE SAY.
    No thanks.

  • And only God is capable of stopping their vile, degenerate, plans.
    Our very lives hinge on this question.

  • There is something fishy about the whole war reports that the Ukrainians are doing some of the war crimes and blaming it on the Russians if that is true are we being fed a line of crap?I never thought that Russian bastard Putin was that dumb.I don’t know what to think.

  • “Ukraine’s Bloody Provocation in Kramatorsk Debunked
    11.04.22 | 13:01
    On the morning of April 8, a Ukrainian Tochka-U rocket exploded over the Kramatorsk train station. The explosion killed over 50 people and injured more than 100. The Ukrainian side immediately accused Russia of carrying out the strike. However, the tail part of the rocket was preserved, the photo of which immediately got into the network. Even after a brief analysis, it became clear that the missile belongs to the Ukrainian forces.”

    Please Putin, get as soon as possible rid of this WEF drilled terrorist Zelenskyy, as well as all other WEF “Young” Global Terrorist leaders; Trudeau, Marin, Macron, Adern, etc.

  • Wow! I’m not a Catholic, I’m an evangelical protestant, but I like this guy! He is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about this!

    • I also am an evangelical Protestant but Father Nolan is speaking the truth! Another Catholic speaking out is Archbishop Vigano. This is so brave of them, considering they are part of an organization that can’t be happy about these truths being advertised.

  • This is a priest that serves God and fights against the NWO like Archbishop Vigano. He has not been deceived.

    And to answer his question: Yes, Russia was very justified to enter Ukraine. It’s not an invasion. That connotes conquering. Russia went in, like Jesus did in the Temple, to clean it out.

    President Putin, himself, said as much and not only for that reason; but, to save the Russian Nation.

  • Le zèlé Zelensky la marionnette de Sleepy Joe et de l’UE elle même devenue colonie des USA.
    Pas très rassurant ce monde de pouvoir à la solde des mondialistes…

  • “China, which has cozied up to higher education in the United States, enters into the agreements to “gain influence and spread its propaganda into the universities,” Rep. Virginia Foxx, the top Republican on the House Education and Labor Committee, told Fox News.

    “China’s ultimate goal is to control education,” the North Carolina congresswoman said. “And once you control education, you control a culture.”

    The University of Houston reported the largest monetary contract with a Chinese entity last year, the records show. Houston inked a nearly $32 million agreement with an unreported private source.”


    (And how much got into Biden Inc. pockets?)

  • “Former President Barack Obama revealed in a Tuesday morning interview about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that Vladimir Putin “has always been ruthless against his own people as well as others.” ”

    Obama is a complete idiot, does not know what is going on in Ukraine.

    Putin is the good guy here!
    Zelensky is the WEF TERRORIST drilled by Klaus Schwab’s TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WEF!

  • “In my 34 years in the LAPD, I have never seen this type of criminal behavior” in such large, coordinated groups, Tippet said.”

    Thank Biden, Zelensky, Soros, von der Leyen and Schwab for this also. This kind of shit comes to every country if those WEF YOUNG GLOBAL TERRORISTS ARE NOT STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!

  • Both China and India knows that Biden prodded Ukraine

    So When Biden talked to Xing for 2 hours and asked for China’s help

    Xing replied Let him who tied the bell on the Tigers neck, take it off

    India’s advice to Biden Sit down and resolve the issue- otherwise negotiate the differences

  • The election was rigged to start the NWO. The Klaus Schwab refused to tolerate Putin’s reject of his book, The Great Reset, and the WEF refused to tolerate Trump’s rejection of his end to national sovereignty. The WEF funded Event 201 and our NIH funded 26 biolabs in Ukraine where they are “studying” Ebola and the bird flu. Here are the facts related to this story which our MSM refuses to cover. Google has been redacting fact and replacing it with fiction daily. Click on website link and read the censored news page and all articles that are updated daily. Stolen Election Novella dot com


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