UK Councillor Akef Akbar Leads 'Deadly' Intimidation Campaign Against Pupils, 1 'Severely Autistic', After Quran Accidentally Damaged (Video)

Muslims have put the free world on notice: if you insult Muhammad, Islam, their holy books, or even fail to consider Islamic law (Sharia) in all things, they will harm you, and no exceptions will be made for children or those who have neurological and developmental disorders.

Four UK students have been suspended from a West Yorkshire secondary school after a copy of the Quran was accidentally “damaged” by students between the ages of 10 and 14. Despite no malicious intent being found, the school felt a slight smudge “crossed the line” and warranted the suspension of children, one of whom is “highly autistic.” The children were also bombarded with death threats.

The school’s decision came after a pressure campaign led by the Elected Councillor for Wakefield East, Muslim Akef Akbar, and the Islamic community involving intimidation, demands, and death threats.

West Yorkshire Police even announced they are “liaising” with the school. They added, “Initial inquiries have confirmed minor damage was caused to the text, and officers are continuing to work closely with the school.”

There is no blasphemy law in the UK: no law or rule to revere or ‘respect’ any book, so why are police and “community leaders” involved? This is one more reminder that there is no turning back from the Islamization of the UK. It appears they have already submitted to Sharia without Muslims firing a shot.

Councilor Akef Akbar’s Islamic intimidation campaign against children

Wednesday’s “incident” at Wakefield’s Kettlethorpe High School happened when a young, highly autistic pupil brought in a copy of the Islamic text.

The school’s Headteacher, Tudor Griffith, met with concerned Muslim community leaders on Friday. Independent councilor for Wakefield East, Muslim Akef Akbar, called the meeting after being contacted by people calling for more information.

Despite the school saying the Quran was accidentally dropped, Akbar took to Instagram to further incite the situation and call the school liars. Akbar claimed that after inspecting the Qur’an himself, he believes the Qur’an could have “been thrown around and not just dropped in a corridor as stated.”

The Muslim councilor demanded further investigation and insisted the “incident isn’t watered down.” He also posted pictures of the so-called “damaged” Qur’an on his Instagram page for other Muslims to inspect:

Akbar and local Muslims met at a local sharia-adherent mosque, Jamia Masjid Swafia, to discuss further actions they would take against the children and school. Despite the children’s suspension, they demanded the school continue its investigations and pressured school officials and police officials to meet with the Islamic community. Akbar stated:

I have met with community leaders and Masjids and we have decided that there will NOT be a protest outside the school as they have agreed to further investigate the matter and have suspended 4 students involved.

Understandably there is an uproar in the community and to appease the situation there will be a meeting today at Jamia Masjid Swafia at 5pm with the Head Teacher and Chief Inspector Thornton.

In order to escalate the matter and intimidate the children, their families, the school, and the police, Akbar summons all ‘community leaders’ and local Muslims in the name of Allah, “each and every one of you to attend,” “making all outer districts aware.”

This is what local Labour Councillor Muslim Usman Ali had to say about an autistic child accidentally scuffing a Qur’an before deleting his tweet, reports David Atherton:

Facts revealed: Akbar’s investigation uncovers a ‘severely’ autistic child

At the “quasi-judicial” hearing at Jamia Masjid Swafia mosque, Akbar, surrounded by Islamic leaders, Chief Inspector Thornton and head teacher Tudor Griffith revealed the “facts” of his investigation.

He reports that the mother of one of the suspended children, who is “highly autistic,” revealed to Akbar that the Qur’an had been taken to school by her son. The terrified mother, donning an Islamic veil she wore for the meeting, sat next to Akbar while he addressed the crowd of angry Muslims. Akbar tells those gathered what a good mother she is for recognizing her son’s sharia blasphemy crime.

Akbar explains that, while playing Call of Duty videogame, the young child told his friends that he had just purchased a bible. The boys made fun of him for buying a bible and said if he lost the next game, he would have to adhere to a dare to purchase a Qur’an. The boy lost the game and bought a Qur’an on Amazon, which he brought to school and handed to the “older boys.”

Despite knowing the child is severely autistic and that the child did nothing wrong, Akbar still agreed and celebrated the child’s suspension. Furthermore, the child apologized to the Muslim community and personally wrote every single Muslim child in his class a handwritten apology, including the school.

Akbar said the non-Muslim child even took to the internet to learn about the importance of their Qur’an, and he interrogated the child as to “what he learned.” Akbar is happy to report that the child is now well-versed in adhering to Sharia and handling the Qur’an properly.

Akbar told the Islamic community that he understands the anger and rage Muslims feel toward the children. He even seems to empathize with their calls for the child’s death; however, he “warns” his community that the police are now involved since the parents of the children reported the threats. He did, however, praise the mother of the autistic child for agreeing not to take action against any Muslim child threatening death to her son as long as he remained safe.

Meanwhile, the Chief Inspector of Police did not mention any police action against pupils who issued death threats. Nor did the school’s head teacher mention the expulsion of those students, despite death threats being an actual criminal code violation in the UK, punishable by up to ten years in prison.

“If a Bible had been taken to school and suffered a slight tear to the cover and smears of dirt on some of the pages,’ would the students involved have been suspended despite having no malicious intent and given lessons in the respect they should give to the book,” asks Robert Spencer. Would the cops have been called in? Would Christians be trying to kill young children? Would Christian leaders empathize or allow their flock to target and mark children for death?

Akef Akbar Cry’s Victim

Akbar knew precisely what his accusations would do to the young students’ lives. When the left or Muslims are called out for their outrageous behavior, they cry victim. This tactic is known at RAIR Foundation USA as the Luke O’Brien Effect: “Provoke until you get a response, and when there is a response, claim to be a victim.”

Muslims have put the free world on notice

Muslims have put the free world on notice: if you insult Muhammad, Islam, their holy books, or even fail to consider Islamic law (Sharia) in all things, we will harm you, and no exception if you are a child or have neurological and developmental disorders. As Muhammad stated, “Whoever curses a Prophet, kill him. Whoever curses my Companions, beat him.”

After the 2015 Charlie Hebdo Muslim terrorist attacks rocked France, any writings or words critical of Islam made people across Europe targets for assassination attempts and intimidation campaigns. Since the Hebdo attacks, the magazine survivors remain under police protection. 

Even slight accusations of alleged Islamophobia by the left or Muslims have resulted in citizens being slaughtered, living in hiding, losing their careers, and living with targets on their backs throughout the West.

A UK teacher from Batley Grammar School still lives in hiding with his family in fear for their lives after two years, simply because he showed his pupils a drawing from the magazine Charlie Hebdo during a religious studies class. An Islamic charity even doxxed the teacher and his family despite knowing the threats to their lives.

The goal of the left and Islam is to force the world’s people to submit to their ideology. Contrary to popular belief, “submission” is the proper translation of the word “Islam.” Submission will be accomplished through force or by voluntary conversion.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Islam is a political power movement masquerading as a religion. It’s all about power – it even says so right in the name. “Islam” means “submission.” The adherents to this violent political movement WILL force everyone to convert or die, through “any means necessary,” at their earliest opportunity. They’ve been using the exact same modus operandi for over a thousand years – no chance that leopard is going to change its spots. Freedom and Submission are incompatible. If you want to be free, you know what you must do.

  • He doesn’t know. Omar stabbed his sister for praying not facinKaba, which was the practice of prophet. At time only kafir prayed in that direction. Almighty’s dictum never changes Omar demanded to change it for him to accept Islam. Omar claimed Satan was so fearful of him that imbecile stay away from him. We all know Satan dared not accept Almighty’s dictum. Omar didn’t took part in the funeral of prophet, use that time As opportunity kidnap Ali’s daughter , as he was away for funeral. Omar desecrated Prophet’s corps by not allowing funeral untill omar accept him or his selection for for calipah. Omar woriped not Sunni or Shia not real Muslim.

  • Death treats to children for dropping a holy book, totally out of context, rhe police should not be involved, live in the UK respect thier traditions, relugions and laws, go to an islam country, respect thier traditions, religions and laws. You cannot have it all one way.

    • These fanatics need to be confronted. I attended a Islam v Secular debate in London years ago. They threatened to throw me out for being an atheist. They to force the women Secretary of the National Secular Society to sit segregated with the women. The non Muslims objected and the Muslims gave way because most of the audience would have walked out. As their numbers increase they challenge secularism more often.

  • It will be interesting to hear what the coming coronation oath script contains as we have long been aware of the present monarch’s views on this religion, no favourable views on Christianity, as far as I am aware.

  • “Reporter says Dallas Morning News fired her for tweet calling Black mayor ‘bruh’ ”

    Maybe bruh Johnson is a muslim and communist?

  • As for me, I plan to urinate on the Quran and then have my dog defecate on it whilst I’m taking photos of it. Then I’ll send the pictures to the right honorable Councillor. That should be evidence enough for him to understand the differnece between blasphemy and what the children did (which was innocent).


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