UK Government Funds Hard Left Extremists to Silence and Destroy Political Opponents

New UK Govt Agency includes hard left partisans who want to silence opposing viewpoints

In the wake of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, then-Prime Minister Theresa May created the Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE), which has predictably turned into a government agency that seeks to weaponize speech against those who dare to criticize disastrous hard left policies, such as unchecked migration.

As reported at TR.NEWS, long-time activist Sara Khan “was charged with the task of reviewing the government’s current strategy in tackling Extremism.” Part of that strategy is to define so-called “hateful extremism,” which as TR.NEWS points out, is “‘subjective’ and down to interpretation.” Anyone who has been falsely labeled as a “racist,” “white supremacist,” “nazi,” or “Islamophobic,” for example, will immediately understand the danger of such vague criteria:


The truth is that any attempt to control “hate” is completely futile and will always result in persecution of political opponents. The CCE has already failed miserably, as it has added extreme left partisan figures to its “Commission’s Expert Group.”

As Pointed out at TR.NEWS:

Hope Not Hate’s disgraced and discredited Nick Lowles is a far-left agitator and has managed to worm his way into groups that have a profound effect on government policy. We have already exposed Nick, and his staff at Hope Not Hate for conspiring with the BBC and their ex-employee John Sweeney.

Hope Not Hate are not after the truth, they are ideologues after a policy or narrative win at all times by any means necessary. If that means colluding and conspiring with the likes of the BBC to destroy Tommy Robinson with manufactured salacious lies, they are happy to do so. You can see Hope Not Hate’s involvement with the BBC to destroy Tommy Robinson with fabricated stories by watching the Panodrama documentary HERE.

Hope Not Hate set out to de-platform people from social media, people with views they do not agree with, you can find that on their website by clicking HERE.

Screenshot from HOPE not hate’s website

Also included in the Commission of Experts, shockingly, is Fiyaz Mughal.


Fiyaz Mughal of Faith Matters and Tell Mamma. Fiyaz’s website Tell Mamma is devoted to ‘addressing anti-Muslim hatred, racism, prejudice and bigotry.’ On its face, it sounds like a worthwhile cause, the only issue is that the website has been used to spin a victim narrative that has little foundation in fact.

The website has grossly ‘over-reported’ hate crimes that did not hold water. When the ‘hate crimes’ Tell Mamma propagandised were cross-referenced with reports from the Association of Chief Police Officers, those figures did not add up. There was no correlation or corroboration of anything resembling factual coming from the website. This expose led to Tell Mamma losing government funding although it had already reaped in £375,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2012.

The Tell Mamma website business model was and still is based on finding hate, it needs ‘hate’ to stay relevant and generate revenue. You can read more about Tell Mamma’s methods by clicking HERE.

The inclusion of these two alone is enough to completely discredit the CCE.


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Research “Mughal Kush” – The story of Mughal slaughter in India. The greatest HOLOCAUST in world history.

  • As someone who has been an observer and a critic of Tell Mama for a number of years, I am afraid to tell you that the situation regarding this group is far far worse than you say or may imagine. The links between Tell Mama and police forces are very extensive so extensive in fact that it is quite possible that this group is influencing how policing occurs and also police priorities. The amount of UK taxpayers money that this group has got is now far in excess of the amount that you state and is now somewhere in the region of £1.9M.

    Tell Mama and its operatives have very strong links within the UK government and its founder has at one time been an advisor on ‘Islamophobia’ to the Crown Prosecution Service, the government agency in charge of bringing criminal prosecutions. TM also have a number of ‘tame’ MP’s and Peers who are trotted out or who trot themselves out to back TM’s narrative that there is a ‘large amount of Islamophobia’. One of these legislators is Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth who has occupied a position that deals with ‘community cohesion’ in Govt.

    Whilst like any other reasonable person I deplore physical attacks on Muslim individuals and believe that Islam the ideology should be the subject of peaceful challenge, Tell Mama goes far beyond merely decrying physical attacks. This group is very favorable to the idea of censorship of counter Islam ideas and links with other groups with similar aims, aims that are at odds with the concept of freedom of speech. TM’s social media presence is full of criticisms of those whom they see as ‘enemies’ even though many of these enemies do little more than criticise Islam the ideology. If TM were merely concerned with preventing physical attacks then I would have less personal concern about them but they seem dedicated to shutting down the vast majority of criticism of Islam in the public sphere.

    Those involved in Tell Mama have, as I have observed, few qualms about using Britain’s lack of constitutional free speech guarantees and ‘hate speech’ ideology to silence and in some cases get critics imprisoned. We saw in the case of Tim Burton a critic of Tell Mama how Fiyaz Mughal claimed that he was being harassed because of a few jokey emails he received from Mr Burton because of his race and religion. At a trial at Southwark Crown Court Mr Burton was found guilty of ‘harassment’ and gaoled for twelve weeks.

    Tell Mama consistently calls for the censorship of social media and publicly revels and celebrates when critics of Islam such as Mr Tommy Robinson are censored. This strikes me as more the actions of a group that wishes harsh censorship rather than a group that wants to protect people, in this case Muslim Britons.

    Tell Mama are a troubled and troublesome organisation who although I believe have a right to operate and a right to their point of view, should not be in the business of calling for harsh censorship and using public money with which to do so

    • We are very concerned about Tell Mama and have followed Tim Burton’s story quite closely. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  • Not exactly relevant but please can you remove the black edges either side of the writings? I can’t read these parts and it makes it difficult to follow the gist.

    • Thank you for your message. We do not see that from our end. We are a start-up and this is very important feedback. Thank you. Would you please send a screenshot to It would also be very useful if you could tell us what device you are using.


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