UK Grooming Gang Victim Testifies in Media, Police Ambush and Intimidate Her At Home (Video)

“Their [Police] attitude was intimidatory and I was made to feel like I was under investigation, when they should be focusing on the criminals preying on young girls in Telford” – Samantha Smith

On July 5, 2022, Samantha Smith, a victim of grooming in Telford, England, joined Mark Steyn to discuss a report set to be published this month on grooming gangs in Telford. Smith, who was sexually abused from age 5 to 14, condemned the egregious handling of the child sexual exploitation scandal, which destroyed the lives of countless young girls. Two days after Steyn interviewed Smith for GB News, police harassed and intimidated Smith at her home, demanding she speak to them about her interview.

Smith took to Twitter to report what happened following her interview with Steyn:

Source:: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Smith went on to post her original interview with Steyn:

Ms. Smith was sexually abused for almost a decade by various men across Telford. She continued by stating: “These are not crimes of the past. These are not things which have gone away.”

“Young girls are being left at the mercy of grooming gangs” The scandal began in the 1980s, when predatory abusers, mainly Muslim migrants, began targeting vulnerable girls in Telford and picking them upon on the streets and outside a children’s home.

Telford has a population of 157,000, yet it has the UK’s highest recorded rate of child sex crimes.

Ms. Smith outlined horrific figures which revealed how “18.4 children per 10,000 in Telford against a National rating of 7.9” were subject to child sexual exploitation.

Victims of child abuse in the UK, specifically Telford, have struggled to get justice. Ms. Smith explained how Police officers probed her on whether she “asked for consent.” Thousands of the victims have been denied compensation or health and social assistance, and there have been no prosecutions of culpable officials.

For years, so many in authority knew the scale and severity of the crimes being perpetrated against young British girls but did nothing to stop it. Instead of arresting rapists, officers went to great lengths to hide the grooming gang epidemic. Police often targeted people trying to rescue their children. Furthermore, anyone reporting on the Islamic migrant grooming gang epidemic was often harassed and intimidated by the state.

Rather than taking steps to protect British children, police, social workers, teachers, neighbors, politicians, and the media deliberately downplayed the severity of the crimes perpetrated by the grooming gangs to avoid being accused of “Islamophobia” or racism.

Agencies responsible for child-protection have almost entirely failed in their job to protect vulnerable children. From a fear of being called ‘racist,’ police forces across the country have buried the evidence…. Political correctness would be used to make sure that people did not speak about this phenomenon. — from Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

Sadly, after all these decades of failing young victims of sexual abuse, police are still spending their time intimidating and hunting down a victim of grooming gangs instead of, as Samantha Smith states, “the criminals preying on young girls in Telford.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Of course the girls are the criminals, never the raping muslimshits.

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  • this is insane. what kind of human would allow young girls to be raped and not stop it because they are afraid of being anti muslim. I’ve got news for you, if you want to protect your daughters you’d better be anti muslim.

  • British cops are beyond worthless; always showing up MUCH later after the crime. I lived there for years and they would be the FIRST to arrest you for defending yourself and the LAST to do ANYTHING about a crime that occurred. Why anyone would want to live in that crime infested country, I have no idea. We sold and moved to a much more secure area.

    • British cops are highly intelligent and logical. They never show up to violent crime or robberies in which the perps might have guns, knives or baseball bats with nails trough the end but they’re keen as mustard when some old geezer on social media posts chicks – with – dicks are not women or Islam is the religion of misogyny.

  • A Hijrah starts slowly, a few Mooslim here and a few there. Eventually they get a stronger and stronger foothold in the area and they will start in on the local governments. It looks to me like the Telford Police have already succumbed to the Mooslim invaders and who knows how many of the local leaders also. Hijrah- the invasion of an area by immigration first used by Mohamed when he invaded and took over the once Christian city on Medina.

  • The 1% power eliet are worse animals, degenerates, and murderers
    than the savage 3rd world scum they import to terrorize and keep the
    locals in line.
    The 1% gets a tingle up their leg, when little girls are violated in every
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    Double murder in Wennigsen

    Suspected killer called the police himself … and spoke afterwards still with BILD

    About two weeks ago, master mechanic Karsten U. (†59) and his wife Sabine (†60) were found dead in the basement of their house in Wennigsen (Hannover region). Now the police arrested a young man. He was brought before a judge, is now in custody.

    Perfidious: Apparently, the suspected murderer called the police himself at the time of the crime!

    The suspect is the new owner of the victim’s former garage. The Iraqi Ayas Ilias A. (23) had recently bought the garage from Karsten U. for a six-figure sum.

    After the double murder, Ayas Ilias A. presented himself as a caring friend of the family and told the BILD reporter in a very cool way that he was worried about Karsten U. and his wife Sabine.

    Aya’s Ilias A. told BILD: “Karsten wanted to help me out yesterday morning, but he didn’t show up. I found that unusual, because I could always rely on him.” He then drove to the couple’s house.

    A. continued, “The faucet in the kitchen was running, the bedroom door was open, but no one opened. That’s when I called the police.”

    The worried young company boss – in reality a stone-cold killer?

    Kathrin Söfker, spokeswoman for the Hanover public prosecutor’s office: “The accused is silent on the accusation.”

    His presumed motive for the double murder: greed!

    Karsten and Sabine U. had been stabbed insidiously. Apparently, they had also let their murderer into their house completely unsuspectingly, because the criminal investigation department could not discover any signs of burglary. Prosecutor Kathrin Söfker: “Our suspicion is that the accused killed the couple to get rid of his debts.”

    In connection with the double murder, investigators searched another workshop and the Iraqi’s apartment in Hemmingen and Linden. A.’s workshop in the Bornum district was also searched by the investigators. Among other things, the officers searched for the murder weapon, confiscated clothing and data carriers (e.g. computers).

  • This is what you get when the Queen’s favorite son pals around with pedophiles. She said not a word about the rape gangs, but she mouthed off about world leaders not doing enough about the global warming (financial scam). Her 70 year reign corresponds precisely with the absolute moral decline of the English speaking and western worlds. The police and grifter politicians are just following what their masters in the mafia known as the hereditary British aristocracy order them to do. They don’t care about you. They drugged China and fought 2 opium wars to keep on drugging them. Why wouldn’t they drug America and their British slave subjects? They forced India and Ireland to starve so that they could fulfill their grain contracts.

  • Perhaps the British people could save themselves from their massive futility of thought and purpose if they would acknowledge the full set of facts of their founding, ruling class’ extremely bloody history, unparalleled in human history, going back to the 1500s. Though the following examples may seem remote from the Rotherham debacle, they are probably actually, directly related to the extreme Islamophobia-phobia that has allowed the Rotherham debacle to persist for a generation. There would be Winston Churchill’s racist handling of the 1920s Bengal famine, allowing 2.3 million Indians, whom he despised with racist terminology, to starve, to support the Australian wheat market. But this was only the latest such incident in Bengal; a famine in the 1700s perpetuated by the British East India, Royal Charter Company, actually influenced the American Colonists to rebel. Then in the 1800s, a three-way, related set of British ruling class, international financial market exploitation of labor, persisted between the workers of England, starving peasants in Ireland, and African slaves in North America: It seems the issue was that Black slave families had “useless eaters” among their elders who continued to live after they were no longer able to work. So William Cobbett criticized the bleeding heart of William Wilberforce, who was not economically disinterested in the suppression of the African portion of the labor exploitation of workers; meanwhile English workers were being subjected to 18 hour work shifts in mills and mines; and Irish peasants were being starved while there were bumper crops of Irish agricultural exports to England, guarded by soldiery under the British largely manned by Irish recruits, so that they won’t talk about it to this day. The centuries long guilt trip that results in the Rotherham mismanagement stems from bloody social and foreign colonial ethnic exploitation going back centuries, starting domestically with the despoliation of English monasteries with their centuries of labor value accumulation afforded by the monks working for free (evangelical counsel of poverty), and throwing English peasants off their common lands in Enclosure of open lands, under the proto-capitalists behind the Tudors, such as William Cecil, Lord Burghley. The British upper elite, symbolized by the House of Windsor, have yet to own up to their bloody colonial history, so naturally they have to project it onto the poor young women of Rotherham.

  • British cops went to the Dark Side many years ago after Parliament passed a bunch of anti-citizen laws like requiring one to run away if attacked rather than defend yourself or companions. The moo slime protection laws are even more egregious considering they remove the right to speak freely. Etc.

  • “Ukraine Kills Donbass Children: Donetsk Girl Torn Apart in Front of Mother
    08.07.22 | 14:46
    A terrible tragedy occurred in July in the cities of Makeyevka and Donetsk of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). In Makeyevka, a cluster munition of the Ukrainian MLRS “Uragan” flew directly to a playground near a residential building where children were playing at that moment. As a result, three children were killed and another was injured. ”

    EU, von der Leyen and WEF Terrorist Marin, rejoys when their WEF Terrorist member and best friend Zelensky kills Donbass children.

  • Now THAT is a brave girl.
    And articulate.
    And composed.
    And right.

    Too bad there are so few of them in the upcoming generation.

  • “Migrant” is a propaganda word invented by the socialists because “immigrant” had too negative connotations, due to their behavior.

    The changing of terminology is also meant to humiliate people and demonstrate the media’s power to control people, by forcing them to use the propaganda words instead of the real words. “Trans” instead of transvestites, “lgbtq+” instead of homosexuals, “african-american” instead of blacks, “Native American” (as if the American nation existed before it was created) instead of Indians.

    They also like to change descriptions from a noun to an adjective, so that the noun is simply “people” or “person” or “member of”, like the reader is a person or can be a member. “Person of color” instead of Blacks, “Jewish” or even “member of the Hebrew faith” instead of Jews, “members of the lgbtq+ community”, “members of the black community,” “members of the Indian community,” even “members of the HIV community”.

    Finally, they strive to make descriptions as cumbersome as possible, so that struggling through them takes away any real feeling for the concept. Even “obese person” is unacceptable now and must be “person living with obesity” – at least in the beginning of an article, while the journalist might be allowed to shorten the description further down, after first prostrating himself.

    However, they have for decades, generations, hammered in the word “blondes,” to make blonde women seem like something separate from the audience, as blond hair is an exclusively White trait.

  • This is borderline unbelievable. Terrible if true but I couldn’t get past where are the parents. If I had this happening to my daughter and the police were doing nothing
    I would kill the cab driver after the drop off then the abuser in the worst possible manner.


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