UK Muslims Blast Call to Prayer from Iconic Royal Albert Hall, Erdoğan and Loyalists Celebrate (Video)

The event at the Royal Albert Hall was not just an innocent celebration of Ramadan but rather a show of force by the Turkish government to further Islamize and control Europe.

The Royal Albert Hall is an iconic symbol of British culture and heritage, known for hosting some of the most prestigious events in the world. However, on the evening of April 7, its famous steps were overtaken by 500 British Muslims for an Iftar during the Islamic month of Ramadan. This seemingly innocent event is just one more victory in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s plan to Islamize and control Europe.

The event was organized by the Ramadan Tent Project, a controversial Islamic-led organization that proudly boasts of their conquest of non-Muslim locations across Britain.

Their founder, Omar Salha, who is of Lebanese-Turkish heritage, is an Erdoğan loyalist and a faculty member for the “Islamophobia” Research and Documentation Project (IRDP) at UC Berkeley, founded by terror-tied Islamic radical Hatem Bazian.

Adding to the disturbing nature of the event was the controversial call to prayer, or adhan, which was shouted by Abdullatif Aydin, a Turkish migrant working in London. Former imam Tomas Samuel states that the adhan represents “shows power and control over the country” according to Islamic texts. Meanwhile, ex-Muslim Ridvan Aydemir likens it to a “warlike declaration” and implores European and North American cities to ban it.

Controversial organizers and sponsors

The event’s main guest was the new Turkish ambassador, Osman Koray Ertas, a loyalist to Erdoğan’s regime. The organizers thanked their problematic terror-tied sponsors, including Türkiye’s Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)). YTB was established by the Turkish government in 2010 to promote Turkish interests abroad but has been plagued by allegations of political bias, financial improprieties, and meddling in the affairs of other countries.

IRW was founded in 1984 by Dr. Hani Al-Banna, who remains its president to this day. Al-Banna has been associated with organizations that have ties to terrorist groups Hamas and Al Qaeda, and IRW has been banned by Israel and labeled a terrorist organization by the UAE. Khaled Lamada, the chairman of IR-USA, has served as co-chairman of the national convention that the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society run jointly each year. In 2014, Britain’s HSBC bank cut ties with IRW due to its alleged links to terrorism.

The event at the Royal Albert Hall was not just an innocent celebration of Ramadan but rather a show of force by the Turkish government to further Islamize and control Europe. Multiculturalism and respect for other beliefs and values are often promoted in the West, but it is essential to recognize that Islam does not reciprocate these ideals. On the contrary, multiculturalism and interfaith are one-way bridges for Islam to penetrate the West and impose their values and beliefs upon non-Muslim societies.


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