UK: ONS Whistleblower Reveals Massive Spike in Excess Deaths Since 'Vaccine' Rollout, More Than 1000 a Week (Video)

Nigel Farage interviewed a former European Parliament MEP and a senior member of the UK Office for National Statistics, James Wells, on the massive spike in excess deaths since the rollout of the experimental Covid “vaccine.”

Wells told Farage that ‘we need an independent public inquiry’ into excess deaths, as they have reached an average of more than 1000 a week for the past six months.

Watch broadcaster Nigel Farge’s shocking interview with whistleblower James Wells on GB News:

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    • There are many good books written by fearless hero’s about the Plandemic. I just got done reading “The Real Anthony Fauci” by RFK jr.. I would consider that book a must read.

      • An excellent book with everything footnoted and referenced if you need to research anything mentioned in the book.

  • That’s according to the plan. Ask Gates, Schwab, Harari, Fauci, Biden, von der Leyen, Marin, Macron, Ardern, Trudeau, Ghebreyesus, Soros, Bancel, Bourla, Soriot, etc, etc, and all the othe genocide criminals.

    By the way, just one simple question:


  • To the “vaxxed”:
    You will be Dead in less than 18 months! Your blood is turning into pudding even as we speak. Don’t believe me? Get a microscope and see for yourself!

  • You know, there was a “conspiracy theory” that the damage from the mRNA cellular reprogramming jabs wasn’t going to be seen acute and sudden (like people dropping dead days after the jabs) but chronic and long term (like millions of people “dying suddenly” weeks, months, and years after the jab). And what we’re seeing is – another “conspiracy theory” is shown to be factual.

    Anybody have any “conspiracy theories” they want to vet? All mine have come true.

  • This just gets more stupid every dayFirst of all the number of deaths have been decreased on paper due to a great majority of people not reporting them and secondly this program is not questioning the number of people who are waiting to die owing to the the adverse events and the number of people who have been injured for life a lot of whom haven’t bothered to report.A lot of doctors haven’t reported either as they say too much of their time can be taken up doing so.Insurance companies are a better source of deaths but not everybody is insured so funeral directors can be more positive than anyone.Farage interviewed a female specialist a few days ago and got some truth but it was evident that he was just trying to get rid of her so that he could bang on about Harry and Meghan.The biggest event since the start of the world has been overshadowed by 2 spoilt brats.


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