UN Agenda 2030 Beware: '15-Minute Cities' Are Another Globalist Scheme to Control, Punish, Surveil and Imprison You (Video)

Like with Covid, those questioning the Globalist agenda and their new policed “climate-friendly” zone will be labeled “extremists and conspiracy theorists.”

The left-wing controlled Oxfordshire County Council’s new plans to divide the British city of Oxford into six “15-minute cities”. In these new “smart” districts, it is said, most household essentials will be accessible by a quarter-of-an-hour walk or bike ride, so residents will not need a car.

To seize further control of people’s lives, Globalists are pushing the false idea that these cities will “save the planet” and help all of humanity. Instead, they are nothing more than a way for them to restrict, coerce, fine, punish, surveil, and limit the fundamental right of freedom of movement for residents.

People do not realize that residents will only be allowed within 15 minutes of their home address, and violators will be fined. For example, under the new proposals, if any of Oxford’s 150,000 residents drive outside their designated district more than 100 days a year, they could be fined £70. In addition, the government will track and control your every movement through your smartphones & facial recognition technology, explains UK journalist Katie Hopkins:

So if your mother, for example, is over here, you wouldn’t be able to just go across and see her. This would all be done via E-Gates [electronic gates uses facial recognition technology to check your identity], and number plate recognition. You in your area will only be allowed within that 15-minute zone that you’ve been allocated. The number plate recognition will know if you leave your zone. And you can apply for permission, a permit, to leave your zone and travel to another zone. But you’ll only be allowed to do this about 100 times a year. 

And if you use up all your 100 passes, that someone designates whether you’re allowed to have to go into the different zones, you’ll be fined. Your number plate will be recognized, it will observe that you’ve gotten somewhere you’re not allowed in your own city. And it will find you 100 pounds or 80 pounds or whatever the fine number is. 

Globalists like to present their 15-minute cities as being for the ‘people, environment, and the greater good. However, Hopkins warns that these claims are nothing but a way to control people. Furthermore, these restrictions come from high-placed politicians and wealthy institutions who do not follow their own rules. And it was only after Covid lockdowns that the previously unthinkable idea of confining people to their local areas for the greater good was able to gain currency,” reports Spiked.


As usual, ordinary people will suffer the costs of the 15-minute city. “There will be permits, penalties, and almost certainly more ubiquitous surveillance. But, if people thought the Covid lockdowns stripped them of their freedoms, divided families and friends, and placed tedious unscientific rules on them, the new 15-minute cities would have an even worse effect, explains Hopkins.

United Nations Agenda 2030

The “15-minute city” concept is crucial in the United Nations Agenda 2030 and their Net Zero green agenda. The World Economic Forum is also pushing this new concept. Oxford, which has declared a ‘climate emergency,’ is hoping their 15-minute cities will help achieve the council’s ‘Net Zero carbon Oxford’ vision by 2040.”

However, as RAIR Foundation USA previously reported, “the socialists pushing these outrageous proposals care much less about the environment than about controlling you.” UN Agenda 2030 is nothing less than global government tyranny that enslaves all humanity while calling the scheme “sustainable development” and “equality.” 

In February 2022, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán tried to warn citizens of the WEF’s Great Reset and the United Nations parallel Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). They plan to transform the world –  where ownership is obsoleteprivacy is non-existent, and their Globalist organizations achieve complete control. Orbán emphasized the importance of preparing his country for their coming “serious stress test, much greater than this pandemic”:

…[A]nd around 2030 when there will be all sorts of big shifts in the world, which I don’t have time to talk about now, but from America to the European Union, a lot will happen.

That [period of] time around 2030 will be a trial for all nations and will put them under a serious stress test, much greater than this pandemic.

By that time in 2030, our nation, our national community including its economy, must be in a condition [that enables us] to withstand those challenges there and then, and even use them to prosper! This is what is ahead of us…

Agenda 2030

At the time, most media ignored the portion of PM Orbán’s speech, which alludes to the UN’s “Agenda 2030”, a corporate-government fascist scheme. In the 1990s, the United Nations drafted “Agenda 21”, their so-called plan for defeating “climate change.” In 2015, it was re-branded by socialists into “Agenda 2030,” neither had anything to do with “global warming” and everything to do with reshaping our world according to their socialist vision. Then last year, the push for Agenda 2030 wasn’t just about climate change but a blueprint for so-called “sustainable development” worldwide.

This document describes nothing less than a global government takeover of every nation across the planet. The 17 stated “goals” of Agenda 2030 are code words for a corporate-government fascist agenda that will imprison humanity in a devastating cycle of poverty while enriching the world’s most powerful globalist corporations and individuals.

Dissenters will be squashed

Hopkins warns that any opposition to the Globalist’s plans will be met with the full force of the left-wing cable. Like with Covid, those questioning the Globalist agenda and their new policed “climate-friendly” zone will be labeled “extremists and conspiracy theorists.” Furthermore, she explains, they make it so that anyone speaking out against the agenda “is the enemy” who “may cause harm and should be policed” and silenced.  

Watch Katie Hopkins discuss the Globalist latest scheme, Oxfordshire’s 15 Minute Cities:

Alex Jones also details the 15-Minute Smart Cities:

Alex breaks down articles written by TruthTalk: “Tools of the Technocracy: Smart Cities” by Gabrial from the Libre Solutions Network.

And Sikh For Truth’s article “Climate restrictions & the rise of 15-minute cities: Is Canterbury a blueprint for your city?”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


    • “Leftists” is the wrong word to describe Fascism. It creates an Us vs Them that shields the globalists who are DICTATORS. Not “Left”, or “Right”, this is simply a global dictatorship where the few own the rest. It used to be called feudalism.

  • The UK can get away with this, because they took all the guns away and people have not right. The people no longer can defend themselves against a tyrannical government This will not happen in the US because of fear of a civil war and they know it. The people have as many guns as the armies.

  • Sustainable means a depression. The supporters of Zero Growth believe they will be exempt from the hardship it will create. We should stop using the lefts flower words for destruction.

  • From what I understand the fair city of Camden, Maine is about to become a “15 MINUITE CITY”!!!
    You G.D. fools want a CIVIL WAR? Then by alllllllllll means, go ahead implement this “concept” throughout the U.S. of A…. Watch what happens…………..


    This was not a one-time error,” said father Harry Jackson on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

    “This is actually a systemic pattern of injustice that’s been occurring since 2017, where students have been withheld those honors from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, where they have not been notified.”

    Jackson said more than 1,200 students and their families in Alexandria are impacted by the school’s decision to delay the notification of Commended Student awards given by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which recognizes top-performing high schoolers nationwide. He argued that the policy was motivated by trying to avoid “hurt feelings” of other students.”


  • Jesus will exterminate all of you lefty GloBULList homos at his second coming. No trash allowed in his millennial kingdom! We’ll wash our feet in your blood. You’ll be ashes beneath the souls of our feet.

  • Trump’s “freedom cities” are how the globalists will get patriotic Americans on board…Trump is a Judas mare to all the Americans who won’t think for themselves and believe Trump is their “savior”…Trump revealed his globalist ties on 1/6 when he simply walked away, when he signed EOs allowing the mass production of mRNA bioweapon shots, when he took $1 million form Pfizer’s Alex Azar right after he was elected in 2016 and promoted Azar to be head of HHS, and when he brought forth the mass murder campaign known as “operation warp speed.” “President Trump” was a CIA/Hollywood psyop whose purpose was to flush out and manipulate freedom-loving Americans. It’s time to wake up and realize we were duped…Trump is a fraud and will surly be one of the three players in the unholy trinity…Trump IS the Anti-Christ. Proof will be that he will be the 2024 presidential candidate and wins the 2024 presidential election. I hope I’m wrong but the signs are all there from the beginning of his presidency through today.


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