Unelected Austrian Leader Announces Indefinite Lockdowns For The Unvaccinated Starting Monday

‘The goal is very clear that we give the green light this Sunday for nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people.’

Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, the unelected Austrian official, announced this week that lockdowns for the unvaccinated will soon be implemented across the nation. Austria will impose the lockdown on millions of its citizens.

According to Vorarlberg Online, Schallenberg explained the “controls should be carried out ‘randomly,’ explaining that people would be allowed to leave their apartments when they needed to run short errands, go to work, or just to “stretch your feet.” The chancellor added, “We don’t live in a police state, and we cannot and do not want to check every street corner.”

Schallengberg believes that to protect those who have received the Covid injections; he must segregate the vaccinated and unvaccinated. He added that there should be no “solidarity” with those who have refused to get the injections when implementing lockdowns.

“Two-thirds did the right thing,” Schallenberg said. “For me, this is an ethical and a democratic-political issue,” Schallenberg suggested implementing a new lockdown is the only way to stop the cycle of cases spiking. “We have to get out of this logic: ‘Wave, lockdown, wave, lockdown,'” the chancellor said.

Unvaccinated citizens are already banned from public venues across Austria, including restaurants, pubs, and other entertainment sites.

Translated video clip:

The goal is very clear that we give the green light this Sunday for nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people. Yes, with that we continue the step-by-step plan, the step-by-step plan applies, but the development is of the kind that I believe it is not sensible to wait and wait until the numbers have reached the necessary level. We will take the step now, and it is my wish that we take this step on Sunday, nationwide, and for all federal states.”

Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP)

With the vaccinated population still able to contract and spread the virus, the lockdowns may prove to be in vain.


While vaccination rates in most parts of Western Europe are above 60%, the rates of Covid infection continue to break records. Schallenberg said on Thursday that Austria’s vaccination rate was “shamefully low.” Austria’s vaccinated population as of today is second-lowest at 65%, with Liechtenstein holding the lowest vaccinated rate in Western Europe.

In October, Schallenberg said the lockdowns would occur once Covid patients occupied 30% of ICU beds. Currently, Covid patients are only taking up 20% of ICU beds.

Schallenberg’s attempt at controlling the virus by locking away those who have chosen to avoid the experimental injections could have an adverse effect, proving once and for all that the vaccinated population can still catch and spread the virus. The lockdowns will do little to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

While the nation’s Covid cases and deaths are a fraction of what Austria saw in November and December 2020, the implementation of the new lockdown measures that will separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated is a desperate means of trying to reduce the spread of Covid19. The World Health Organization recently said that Europe was yet again “at the center” of the Covid pandemic, which is odd considering the average in the EU for those who have been “fully vaccinated” is at 75%. This data should serve to prove that these injections do little to reduce the spread of infection. Purposefully punishing those who have chosen not to receive the injections is inhumane and totalitarian. Many have researched the data and educated themselves on the adverse reactions and possible side effects following the injections.

Source: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

In a television interview, Bavarian prime minister Markus Söder recently said that the region is plagued with two viruses, Covid-19 and the vaccine-hesitant. “We have coronavirus, and we have this poison, which is being spread on a massive scale by the Querdenker and by parties like the [far-right] Alternative for Germany.”

Image Source: Politico

Austria’s Freedom Party (FPÖ) leader Herbert Kickl has stood up for the Austrian people’s freedom of choice, saying in a statement released in September, “Whether or not someone gets vaccinated against Corona has to be their free choice. That’s the freedom of access. I am not vaccinated.” According to Politico, Kickl has since admitted to choosing to get the injections but remains supportive of the right to choose, calling the injections “a genetic engineering experiment” in several public appearances. This admission has angered many Austrian leaders who don’t support individual rights and medical sovereignty over collectivist medical authoritarianism. They instead want to force the entire population to accept several rounds of the experimental shots, which have shown to reduce immunity each time, not strengthen.


On Saturday, immediately after the lockdowns of the unvaccinated were announced, thousands of citizens flooded the streets of Salzburg, Austria, in protest. Marching to the regional office, several protestors were seen carrying signs that read “Lying Media,” “Whoever controls the media controls the mind,” and “NO TO COMPULSORY VACCINATION.”

Twitter user Gladys HILL posted the following Tweet, “13.11.21 Protests in Austria as the country has announced it will lockdown only the unvaccinated.”

Twitter user Anonyme Citoyen tweeted a clip of the protests with the caption, “Demonstration in Salzburg this evening in Austria against the establishment of a lockdown for unvaccinated people. #Autriche #Austria

Two days after the lockdown was implemented, hundreds of people took to the streets of Innsbruck and Vienna in protest. Twitter user Justice shares video clips of the continued protest:

“Innsbruck thunders against the requirement of a health passport,” Twitter user RadioGenova Tweets.

Twitter user Marco Zoller posted another clip from the Austrian protests saying, “Tyrol is waking up! Demo against government with their health policy!”

Protest in Salzburg Austria, November 14, 2021:

Haley Kennington

Haley Kennington is an investigative journalist, freelance writer, and reporter, as well as a contributor for dozens of conservative news sites, blogs, and independent media outlets. In addition, she served as Research & Archival Editor for DW's "What Is A Woman?" and as Research Director & Story Editor for Amazon's #1 documentary in 2020, "The Plot Against the President".

Twitter: (@ladykennington)


  • We all normal citizens can surely predict, that all these tyrants will not live a very long life.
    Do they really in their incredible stupidness think that they will enjoy a long life with joy and happines?

  • there is no virus. there is only environmental poisoning and 4G/5G. Turn off the 5G immediately if you want to live.

  • The logic of that guy is knockin down my knees. Vaccinated have to be protected against unvaccinated = vaccine is not working. So why I should take the vaccine.
    All of unvaccinated should be protected against vaccinated. And the lockdown must be applied to vaccinated.

  • Protect the vaccinated against the unvaccinated??! It’s obvious that the vaccine does not work or is not very effective!

  • If you support lockdowns of the unvaccinated, then they know that they can control the whole population at will and you will again be under the power of someone similar to Hitler. Is that what tour population wants? You must stand with a persons right to choose. Ad Infinitum.

  • not good to upset at least 1/2 the population. politicians aren’t like well in the first place, now you’ve given them more reasons to hate you, undermine and make many laws are now ignored.



    “Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan took to Twitter Monday to praise Austria’s controversial decision to lock down unvaccinated citizens due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases, raising questions on whether a similar policy could be embraced by other countries.”

  • It might help protect the unvaccinated from the disease-ridden vaxxed people.
    It’s clear now that the vaccinated are the main carriers of the disease.

  • And Jesus Christ said he will separate the wicked from the just, the sheep from the goats the wheat from the tares. The wicked go to everlasting fire. The just to everlasting life.

  • Ever heard how Hitler came to power and how Antifa was vital for this? If no, you should learn a little bit more about history and understand how the cabal controls both sides of the coin. Kickl is a Nazi who usurped the Austrian truth movement and if it wasn’t for this piece of shit, we would never have a vaccine mandate. Follow thread here:


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