‘Unlisted’ Biden Inauguration Video Still Manages to Get 46k ‘Dislikes’; only 4.3k ‘Likes’ (Watch)

‘Unlisted’ Biden Inauguration Video Still Manages to Get 46k ‘Dislikes’; only 4.3k ‘Likes’ (Watch)

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  • On January 25, 2021
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The official Biden Inauguration video posted on YouTube is unlisted, yet tens of thousands of people have managed to find the video and “dislike” it. In the last 24 hours alone, six thousand people “disliked” the unlisted video on YouTube.

A savvy Twitter user brought Biden’s unlisted inauguration video to RAIR’s Amy Mek’s attention.

The revelation of the heavily “disliked” Biden inauguration video comes in the wake of a RAIR exclusive article proving that YouTube is removing “dislikes” from a video highlighting Biden’s executive order signing frenzy earlier this week.

In that case, Biden’s handlers cut off the end of the signing ceremony in the official YouTube video after Biden snapped at a reporter for asking a relatively mild question. After Biden snapped at the reporter, he awkwardly got up and left the room without his mask, despite his executive order requiring all federal government employees and contractors to wear face diapers, as reported at RAIR.

Awkward: Biden Snaps at Reporter; Flees Without Wearing Mask (Watch)
Biden Fleeing the Room Because a Reporter Asked Him a Question

While Biden’s inauguration video is unlisted, President Trump’s official inauguration archived White House video is still searchable on YouTube. Trump’s video has 10k “likes” and 5.4k “dislikes” at the time of this writing.

Here are the screenshots of the “Likes” and “Dislikes” of both videos as of 11:30pm est January 24, 2021:

UPDATE: On January 31, the unlisted inauguration video gained three thousand “dislikes,” which is odd because the “views” actually went down by 2k.

Imagine what the numbers would look like if YouTube did not manipulate them:

Here are screenshots of the crowds from President Trump’s inauguration, versus Dementia Joe’s installation:

Other videos listed on the Official White House Page offer similar ratios (screenshots, with links to videos):


Here is the unlisted Biden inauguration video:

Here is the video of President Trump’s Inauguration:

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muy buena observación, creo que sus 85 millones no ven o no tienen You Tube, jajajaja (es sarcasmo)

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