UPRISING: Restaurant Patrons Chant 'Get Out' To Health Inspector Targeting Mom of Four (Video)

Left-wing politicians shutting down struggling businesses have yet to miss a paycheck themselves.

This weekend, a local restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia defied the government’s current ban on indoor dining in the name of combating the coronavirus. When Health Inspectors tried to close Corduroy Restaurant in Kitsilano, loud resistance from customers kept them open. 

In a video posted on Facebook, Corduroy’s owner and mother of four, Rebecca Matthews, is seen speaking to health officers as customers in the packed eatery start chanting “Get out.”

Corduroy is one of two restaurants that has been issued closure notices by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) for trying to make a living. Now the left-wing City of Vancouver announced that it was going to punish the struggling business and suspend their business licence until April 20, 2021, when British Columbia’s three-week restrictions expire.

Corduroy posted on its Instagram account, that the past two days have been “a roller coaster.” The restaurant stated, “we appreciate the support and understand the backlash. This last year has been incredibly difficult for us all.”

Just days ago, Rebecca Matthews explained to a small business rally that she relies on her restaurant to feed and take care of her four young children. Mathews’ business has not been the only hardship her family has faced over the past year from government forced lockdowns. From her grandparents in an old age home she is forbidden to see, losing her mother-in-law to cancer, to a child who is labeled high-risk due to cystic fibrosis.

Matthews questioned why her business is forced to close when over 99% of people “beat this thing”. She continues, “we know who is at risk and we can protect these people (like her son) without destroying our livelihoods”. Mathews declared, ‘the cure can not be worse than the cause – It is time to open our doors!”

The young mother and entrepreneur took aim at the government who continues to drag out lockdowns and force small businesses to close. “Small businesses have been blindsided multiple times, thousands of dollars out the window each time they have closed us, and thousands of dollars to reopen.” Matthew also slammed the media for constantly promoting “death and destruction and perpetuating fear.”

Watch Rebecca Matthews speech:

As reported previously by RAIR Foundation, small businesses across the West have been particularly hard hit and massively disadvantaged in comparison to big businesses. Many of the larger businesses have been allowed to stay open, whereas restaurants, gyms, small retailers, etc. have had to close for long periods of time or operate under paralyzing restrictions. All the while, these same left-wing politicians shutting down struggling businesses have yet to miss a paycheck themselves.

This past weekend, restaurateurs, as well as other small businesspeople and various freedom fighters, rallied in several cities across Italy to demand the reopening of their businesses. Demonstrators pleaded for the ability to work again, be able to pay their bills and save their collapsing businesses.

Small business owners represent everything the left despises: free market capitalism, individualism, and property rights. Small businesses are not unionized so they will not be controllable by the left.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • WHO = World Humbug Organisation
    WEF = Terrorist Organisation
    Covid Health Inspectors = GESTAPO
    BILL GATES = God?
    Fauci = Dr. Mengele’s son?
    Schwabe = Hitler’s son?
    SCoPEx = Science Coordinating of Permanent Expiratione. (=Lunatic Bill’s personal hobby)

  • Fascists don’t care about people struggling or about science or about being reasonable. They’re fascists. They want people to struggle, fail and suffer. That’s what gets them off.


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