Uruguay Suspends Covid 'Vaccines' For Children, Court Demands Disclosure of Ingredients (Video)

Pfizer must disclose if graphene oxide is present in the composition of the shots, a material suspected by many healthcare professionals of causing severe damage to people’s health.

On Thursday, the Uruguayan judiciary ordered the suspension of Covid “vaccinations” for children under 13 years of age. The Ministry of Public Health immediately canceled the experimental gene therapies.

The ministry’s decision was made after Judge Alejandro Recarey gave the green light to an injunction filed by lawyer Maximiliano Dentone a week ago. Dentone represents a group of citizens who want to know about the contracts signed between the State and the pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, they want the “composition substances contained in the injections to be disclosed, among other things.

The ruling came a week after the injunction was filed and after two court hearings. In the first hearing, held on Wednesday, the Uruguayan government tried to recuse Recarey, and the judge ruled to continue the legal case. On Thursday, the magistrate received the answer to 18 questions on the health safety and chemical composition of the Covid vaccines that bore the signature of the Minister of Health, Daniel Salinas.

In a press conference, the left-wing Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, claimed the ruling was an attack on the population’s health. The government announced it would appeal “because the parents are very worried about what happened today,” said Rodrigo Ferrés, the head prosecutor.

Delgado questioned the judge’s suitability for the case, suggesting that he has anti-vaccine ideas that distance him from the impartiality required by his office. When asked by the press, he pointed out that “we asked the judge to excuse himself, and he did not do so… In this world, there are very few coincidences”, he said.

Cases of Covid and other typical winter respiratory infections have increased in Uruguay in the last few weeks, although this has not caused any problems in the health system. A large majority of children under 13 years of age have already received two doses of the vaccine, almost all of them with Pfizer.

Uruguay administered almost nine million doses for some three and a half million inhabitants.

Outside the court, Dentone told the press that the Uruguayan government did not present the contracts with the pharmaceutical company, namely Pfizer, that was requested by the magistrate. The government excused itself on the grounds of confidentiality.

The judge wants to know if there were clauses “of civil immunity and/or criminal impunity of the suppliers” on “eventual adverse effects.”

He also wants to know if graphene oxide is present in the composition of the vaccine, a material suspected by many health care professionals of causing severe damage to people’s health.

The government appealed the ruling and will go to a higher court.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Pfizer has no idea what’s in which vial as they’ve ‘farmed out’ that process to labs all over the world.

  • But not here. Never here.
    The U.S. is ground zero for Satan’s master plan for world domination.
    When America goes, the end of the Western World happens. Then
    sexual and child sacraficing degenerates have no barriers to oppose
    them, and Satan, his demons, all their “human” (?) minions break into
    their happy dance.

  • So, Mr. Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, where is the transparency? Where is the list of ingredients, what secret agreements were made with Pfizer, do the jabs contain graphene?
    Why were batches of jabs not seized, and the ingredients studied forensically? Will autopsies occur when anyone dies shortly after the jabs?
    Otherwise, Sr. Delgado, exactly where is the transparency you promised? And where is the science?

  • Pfizer know the contents, all right. And the poisons in them are deliberate, not accidental. Some of the jabs are simply saline placebos, as the death toll would have been much higher if everyone got the ‘real’ ones, and the people would have revolted against the Satanic jabs.


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