Vaccinated and Boosted TV Reporter, 24, Dies 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' (Video)

Canadian TV reporter Matthew Rodrigopulle was particularly proud that children in Saskatchewan are now being “vaccinated” from age five.

Fully vaccinated and boosted Canadian TV reporter Matthew Rodrigopulle died suddenly and unexpectedly at his home of a heart problem at the young age of 24. “Fact-checkers” and the establishment media are trying to deny that the experimental gene-therapy injections could be linked to his death.

It is undisputed that the 24-year-old presenter Matthew Rodrigopulle was “fully vaccinated” and “fully boosted.” 

The editorial staff of the Canadian news channel “Global Regina” is proud that all of its employees have received the controversial injections. The young man also recommended vaccination and wearing masks through social media appearances.

Rodrigopulle was particularly proud that children in Saskatchewan are now being “vaccinated” from age five.

A fellow moderator stepped in front of the camera and burst into tears when she announced the death of her colleague. Public speculation began about the reporter’s mysterious, sudden, unexpected death on September 4th.

Dubious “fact checker,” Malaysian technology news and information website Techarp explains in 10 points why Rodrigopulle could not have possibly died from his numerous gene vaccinations. The pro-vaccine site, started by Adrian Wong, claims that Rodrigopulle died of “natural causes.” However, on the page linked as evidence, there is a statement that he died of a congenital heart defect. There is no evidence for such a preliminary diagnosis. 

Furthermore, the “fact-checkers” declares that Covid “vaccine” side effects always occur immediately and that the spike protein is only in the body for a few days. However, this is not a fact that is in evidence anywhere; on the contrary, it is not known when the side effects of the various gene therapy shots are no longer dangerous.

Wong’s site, widely sourced by left-wing media, claims the deceased’s family would not have blamed the vaccination and that any connection to the injections can be ruled out. However, this so-called fact check is astonishingly irresponsible and dangerous and used by Covid vaccine advocates to spread disinformation.

The facts show: The young man was vaccinated and died unexpectedly of heart problems, just like hundreds of thousands of other young people worldwide. Some may be congenital defects; others may not. Only an autopsy could provide clarity, but this is usually refused and not often encouraged by medical professionals. As a result, scores of people suspected of dying due to the gene therapy injections are being cremated shortly after their death.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • “Fauci says he wants to inspire ‘younger generation of scientists and would-be scientists’ upon retirement
    Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is slated to retire in December after serving under multiple presidents”


  • “Matthew Rodrigopulle was “fully vaccinated” and “fully boosted.” ”

    One can only laugh.
    Fully vaccinated + fully boosted = FULLY 100% IDIOT !

  • It was the Jab that killed him.
    His body was cremated so nobody would find the three foot long clots in his legs and elsewhere…
    THAT’S why the “medical providers” suggest cremation… That’s just so wrong…

    • Don’t they have to do an autopsy before they cremate them? Here in the US they do, if they haven’t seen a Dr within the last 21 days, or if a Dr is not willing to sign off on the death certificate. Since Dr’s get bonus money for signing off the death certificate as a Covid death, a lot of people died of “Covid”.

  • Try as they might, they cannot suppress Truth forever. Truth manages to re-surface every time the Truth-deniers let down their guard.

    • It won’t matter soon. All those suppressing the truth are jabbed and boosted and will be just like this guy in a short time.

  • Good riddance of another liberal reporter. These deaths are no longer unexpected……. deaths of the vaccinated should now be described as “expected”.

  • Another Kool-Aid drinking IdiotLib bites the dust. I guess he shouldda done some research before blindly taking the vaccine and before encouraging others to get vaxxed.

  • Anyone in his position had ample access to the info about the dangers of the covid injections. He deserved what he got. Hopefully others will have their eyes opened by his fate.

  • An autopsy is going to show his blood vessels were riddled with the stringy long blood clots which are becoming prevalent among the vaccinated and boosted. He had a heart attack caused by same.

    • Think there’ll be an autopsy? Kopechne had no autopsy and big Pharma makes old Joe Kennedy look like a pauper.

  • There seems to be no limit to the number of young people the left is willing to “sacrifice” to hide the truth about the vaccine. You have to know they suspect it and some even believe it, but the allegiance to the cause demands compliance.

    • Our benevolent masters did not get the clot shots….they got saline. Remember when cameras were catching the injections with the orange caps still on the syringe? The gig was up, so our dear leaders got saline instead.

  • This is horrifying. 2/3 of the human race may have time bombs in their bodies. Some go off almost immediately, some in weeks, some in months. We can laugh at this poor and say it served him right, but he was tricked like so many others by a well-planned psyop campaign. And he was well paid; money is a powerful lure. Doesn’t make him bad. Nobody deserves this except the perprtrators of this horror.

  • “…truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may, but at the length, truth will out.“

    The Merchant of Venice, Act 2, Scene 2

    • There is no such thing as COVID-19, guess GeorgiePorgie doesn’t know.
      The Flu and the Common Cold is what you are after, see even people that think they know something are still using pre-selected lies (COVID exists!!)
      You’re the same moron that thinks airplanes were used on 9-11 (boy if you only knew the ACTUAL TRUTH)

  • If he did have a congenital heart problem/defect, that should have been a contraindication against being vaccinated, due to the vaxxes’ known danger to the heart. So if it’s shown he did have a pre-existing condition, that would prove a vaxx didn’t kill him.

  • I can’t help but wonder how utterly terrifying it must feel to wake up in eternity, immediately after death, and realize you’ve been conned by Satan and his followers, and that there are no second chances. Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

  • “Fully vaccinated” and now he is “fully” dead? Correlation or causation? The trend lines of excess deaths we are seeing plus seeing young people without medical histories of note suddenly dying in their sleep and so on are disturbing and suggestive of causation. Meanwhile the “authorities” are turning a blind eye towards this for some reason – now what could that be?

  • The Mass Formation Totalitarian Psychology Shock Doctrine invaded their minds. Then the vaxx invaded their bodies.

    I think I am going to make myself a cup of Pine Needle Tea, again, just in case this vaxx is more infectious than we think.

    Be prepared, the road to 2030 will involve a total economic meltdown, from which there is no recovery. If you do nothing, in 2030 you will own nothing, and be “happy”.

  • He’s “Fully Dead” heart issues. Myocardial issues that the spike protein in these injections most likely likely caused to his death.

  • People are always so proud of themselves, then they die ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’. I guess that is truly ‘the pride before the fall’.

  • When he was selecting his Booster appointment, it kept crashing. That was his guardian angel trying to save his life. I guess at some point they even have to give up.

  • Ironic isn’t it? How the Useful idiots like Rodrigopulle get taken out before they realize their folly and become a threat to the Evil dooers


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