Victory in France: Judges Overturn Macron's Decree to Deny Food to the Unvaccinated (Video)

The embattled French President, who had previously said he would never mandate coronavirus “vaccines,” has not only broken his promises but is now trying to harm citizens who are refusing to be jabbed.

French judges have taken action against President Emmanual Macron’s oppressive and discriminatory coronavirus vaccination requirements. This past week, judges in two different French departments overturned Macron’s decree’s making the health pass compulsory in several shopping centers. Instead, the judges ruled that it prevented access to essential goods to people who do not have them.

Chaos initially ensued after France had tried to discriminate against the unvaccinated. Citizens were terrified and angry that the government would force them to get vaccinated by banning them from buying essential goods from supermarkets. Crowds protested in front of food markets. You can hear the crowd chants in unison in a spontaneous display of solidarity in the following video.

On August 24, the Versailles administrative court suspended the decree from the prefect of Yvelines that health passports be presented as a condition for entry into retail business centers.

Following the victory in Yvelines, the Strasbourg administrative court also suspended the requirement of a health passport in 14 shopping centers of the Haut-Rhin (Department 68). The court ruled that the decree did not guarantee access to essential goods for all.

The judge ruled that the obligation to present the health passport “carried a serious and obviously illegal attack on the freedom to come and go.” The judge explained that the decree did not allow people who do not have a health pass to buy essential goods in the supermarkets of the shopping centers affected by the measure. 

Mass demonstrations have taken place weekly across France following Macron’s announcement on July 12, 2021, of a new law mandating health care workers to be vaccinated. In addition, the left-wing leader warned that “depending on the evolution of the situation,” he would consider compulsory vaccinations for all of the French.

Macron also had extended health passes, which prove you have been vaccinated or received a recent negative Covid test, for citizens taking part in “places of leisure and culture,” along with restaurant and transportation services.

The embattled French President, who had previously said he would never mandate coronavirus “vaccines,” has not only broken his promises but is now trying to harm citizens who are refusing to be jabbed.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • An investigation of Macron should be engaged to determine his financial stakes regarding big pharma. His vicious and sinister views could only be influenced and produced by one thing: money, and billions of it.

    • You don’t have to ask, we know he’s in the pockets of big pharma, all of the world leaders mandating this poison are in cahoots with big pharma! But what a victory, now we need the same here!

    • Absolutely, of course it’s money, either that or he has been threatened in some way. So sick and bloody tired of this shite! He wants to starve people BUT this is about your HEALTH? I think NOT!!

  • Lithuania is to stop people from supermarkets in September ..unless double jabbed ……so this country had the Nazis then the Soviets and now their own government has turned in them ……freedom is dying in Europe …..

  • I’d mock Macron for the Leftist fool that he is…but I have to admit that (for the first time in my lifetime) it seems like our “leaders” in America might try the same kind of tyrannical nonsense–and these days, they might get away with it.

    • We still got our voices, they’ll only get away with it if we, the people, allow it. Sometimes we forget that they work for us and not the other way around. We have a lot to teach our youngsters because the school system is not doing their job at teaching real truths!

    • Us Aussies have been saying the same of the men here.
      France seem to be doing it right and in the numbers needed.
      So keep fighting people.
      Don’t sit down and take it.
      Fcuk them!!

    • Yes that’s what used to be in the Holy Bible.

      There is no use of the governments. We the People can work together to achieve much better than governments.

  • I am so so so glad I didnt buy that hous ein france and will never ever go there again ever thi sis pure fascism..they might as well have le Pen senior in charge as Macron!

  • Is this you call human right not letting people buy food? I say dis Dealing with Satan yes dis Satan control have something in dis vaccines Rev 13 16 17 correct we believe in God and Jesus Christ ! Jesus Christ’s did need vaccines if the doctor really Professional why they do not find medicine for many sickness just they find medicine very fast for COVID no dis was planning long time ago have something in dis vaccines?

  • Politicians against humanity, those in elected positions think they can control humanity yea right I’m sure the French Revolution where the people attacked anyone that had wealth and power & ruled over others. If Macron had any sense he would re-read this part of french history and make better choices.


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