Victory: Italian Court Overturns the Government’s Deadly Covid Policy (Video)

“They prevented people from being cured by their family physician at home, with early treatment.”

Italy’s Regional Administrative Court has ruled that their “Paracetamol [Tylenol] and watchful waiting” policy violates the rights of patients to receive meaningful medical treatment. As a result, doctors no longer have to follow the Health Ministers’ stringent and dangerous guidelines and treat patients in the way they see fit.

Lawyer and Politician Andrea Delmastro from the conservative Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party celebrated the court’s ruling and condemned Roberto Speranza, the controversial Health Minister’s Covid prescription,

Do you recall Health Minister Speranza’s awkward prescription? Even a 14-year-old would have understood there was something fishy in that prescription. Something anomalous. Physicians were not supposed to cure Covid patients with medications but to only prescribe paracetamol and watchful waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting for the patient to be hospitalized, or worse, to be transferred to the intensive care unit?

Up until now, Italy’s standard response to a patient with Covid symptoms is to say, in effect, “take two Tylenol and hope you live.” Doctors send Covid infected patients home, and if they get so sick that their life is in danger, they would then admit them to the ICU. The patient would likely have a mechanical ventilator shoved down their trachea and essentially wait to die. Hospitals could then collect their federal Covid money paid out for another Covid death.

Life-Saving Treatments Denied

Delmastro condemned the Health Minister for not allowing doctors to treat Covid patients as they saw fit. Not only did the state dictate how doctors were to treat their patients but denied Italians lifesaving early treatments,

They nullified general practitioners’ ethical obligations. Who, loyal to the Hippocratic oath, is supposed to cure a disease, not to make it chronic. Their professional expertise was being refuted. They prevented people from being cured by their family physician at home with early treatment.

As in most countries, any measures to combat Covid other than “vaccination” are being systematically suppressed. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibodies, quercetin, NAC, zinc, vitamins D3, and C are all are being condemned, ridiculed, and banned by the state. Doctors who prescribe Ivermectin or alternative treatments are fired, deemed medically and psychologically unfit, or persecuted.

Health Minister Must Resign

“Now that the last cornerstone of Speranza’s insane and unsuccessful strategy to confront the pandemic has been debunked,” said Delmastro, “Speranza has no alternative but to resign immediately.” But, the Fratelli d’Italia member continued, ‘Immediate resignation will not rehabilitate his dignity. But it will provide justice for all those Italians who were prevented from being cured with medications to fight against the disease.’

Watch Andrea Delmastro’s powerful video, which RAIR Foundation USA has translated:

See selected coverage on coronavirus tyranny:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • We’re starting to see this sort of backing off, all over. The UK has just done so. The REASON for this is that the pressure to make people get The Jab is being increasingly less successful, while the minimum Jabbed count goal is close at hand. About half the global population are now losing their immune systems, which will ensure their deaths ere long, but not before they contract a host of contagious diseases that they’ll spread around to the rest of us, so that ultimately the human population will level out around a billion or so. At least, that’s the plan, and hopefully these genocidal geniuses don’t end up causing our total extermination instead.

  • We see all those politician/mRNA GENOCIDE criminals taking measure to avoid the coming “Nuremberg II Trial”. They even change the law so that they can’t be sued for crimes against humanity and genocide.
    But those measure does not save these genocide criminals.
    GENOCIDE is GENOCIDE, no matter how much you genocide criminals, Fauci, Gates, Schwabe, Marin, Trudeau, Merkel, von der Leyen and all other vaccin and Great Reset criminals are trying to change the law!

    • LOL changing laws isn’t going to prevent an angry mob from string them up. They are mass murderers. They can’t hide

  • But it will provide justice for all those Italians who were prevented from being cured”

    How? What about all the deaths? Who’s responsible for their obvious murders?

  • Ok….first…Speranza is a Political Science major….what business does he have being being in charge of a HEALTH job….he has no medical background. That says it all. 2nd….if I dont err…he had rsigned with Conte leaving…and Draghi fished him out AGAIN.
    Draghi is a banker who shouldnt be trying to implement ‘health’ laws according to cartoon characters that have no medical background except for maybe an ingrown toenail.
    Even the head of WHO mentioned that babies and small children SHOULD NOT be vxd….yet here in Italy they are full force ahead with that madness.
    There is more to all this than a simple vax and depopulation. Look deeper people and think outside the box….the answer is farrrr more sinister. I have an idea…but just an idea.

  • The arrogance of being an “elite” member.
    When neither Lies nor Force will do and they face something they never did that is the consequences of their actions where they know they are outnumbered by 99:1 and Victory (so it seems) is in sight for us, that is the time when we will face a new enemy something they plan for a long time.
    By that I mean Elon Musk and his DARPA / Tesla Robot Police force.
    They will use this “excuse” because we are evil and they wash their hands in innocence; and if you think you heard this one before you might as well; same elite.
    Be vigilante and educate yourself.
    There is no power greater than true knowledge!


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