VICTORY: Ontario College Drops Charges Against Dr. Mary O'Connor, Covid 'Vaccine Exempt' Patients Are Safe

Canadian doctor Mary O’Conner who was threatened with prison for refusing to violate her patient’s medical privacy and safety can finally declare victory. The Catholic doctor of nearly 50 years spoke exclusively with RAIR Foundation USA about her latest legal developments:

In previous interviews with Dr. O’Connor, she explains that the Ontario College of Surgeons and Physicians demanded she turns over all patient files so that they may know for whom she had written ‘vaccine’ and mask exemptions.

The College took her to court, where she faced possible jail for contempt of court for refusing to hand over the files. The College also made several other demands of her. Furthermore, they took away her medical license, which was first granted in 1973.

Despite the government’s intimidation tactics and harassment, the brave doctor of 50 years fought selflessly to protect her patient’s rights and those of every Canadian citizen and refused.

While the process against Dr. O’Connor is not yet fully finished, her two most significant demands carrying the most considerable penalties have now been dropped.

Last night in Pembroke, Ontario, Mary gave a brief overview of her case and discussed the major legal victory:

Help Dr. Mary O’Connor

Dr. O’Connor is facing significant financial hardships because of the expense of fighting a captured regulatory agency. Please consider supporting O’Connor; all money raised will go towards paying her considerable legal fees.

Donations to help her can be made at

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