Viktor Orbán: 'In Hungary, a Father Shall be a Man, a Mother a Woman, and Our Children Shall be Left Alone'

“For us it is important to have God’s blessing.” – Prime Minister of Hungary

On Monday, May 16, 2022, Viktor Orbán was elected Prime Minister of Hungary for the fifth time. After swearing his prime ministerial oath, Orbán vowed to protect his country from the European Union’s destructive globalist multicultural policies. Furthermore, he will not allow the liberal elites to attack their Christian identity, cultures, customs, or history.

The anti-Communist leader sharply criticized the migration policies of Western European Countries in a powerful Parliamentary speech. The low birth rate of Christian children will be compensated for by immigrants from other cultures using a “population exchange program,” he said in parliament. This is the “suicide of the West.”

So far, Christianity and the nation-states have held this region of Europe together. Orbán criticized that the “liberal” EU was doing away with these constants. Her vision corresponds to a world where individual freedom is paramount, but people are decoupled from community, family, and home. “Individuals can never be free, but merely lonely.”

‘Gender Madness,’ God’s Blessings

Western countries have committed themselves to “gender madness” and regard people as the creators of their identity, including gender and sexuality. On these points, there is a “cultural alienation” between Brussels and Budapest:

There is also a widening cultural distance – almost a cultural alienation – between the western half of Europe and Hungary. This is because we believe in Europe’s Christian civilizational foundations and we believe in the concept of nation states, which has already been abandoned in Brussels. For us it is important to have God’s blessing.

Orbán stressed that his government would resist this moral and population decline as it is committed to sound order, stability, and “uncompromising, unyielding loyalty” to the Hungarian people and their homeland. It is essential for Hungarians to leave their children and grandchildren a home that is worth preserving.

“We will continue to defend our borders and will not allow migrants in. We will protect our families and not let gender activists into our schools,” the head of government assured. “In Hungary, a father shall be a man, a mother a woman, and our children shall be left alone.” Moreover, Orbán will not “accept economic measures that would ruin Hungarian families.”

Orbán: ‘Hungary is the future of Europe

More and more people around the world saw Hungary as a fortress of freedom, order, security, and peace. “We make no secret of the fact that we also want to give hope to others: hope that the Christian outlook on life, love of country, and national pride – in other words, national politics – are not things of the past but of the future. Thirty years ago, we thought that Europe was our future; today, we think that we are Europe’s future. Let us feel the weight of our responsibility.”

After the inauguration ceremony and speech, the head of government was greeted by his granddaughter, Alice. He called her love and hugs his “greatest gift”:

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