Viktor Orbán on Iran: Europe Should Align With America and Israel’s Positions

Viktor Orbán on Iran: Europe Should Align With America and Israel’s Positions

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On January 13, 2020
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At his traditional new year press conference in Budapest on January 9, 2020, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced he wanted the European Union’s position on Iran more closely aligned with the United States and Israel.

“I would like for the European stance, which is not clear on this Iranian issue, to be oriented toward the Israeli-United States stance,” Orbán told the news conference.

Last summer, President Trump and PM Orbán met at the White House. Trump praised Orban’s tough stance on immigration, a policy area in which both leaders have similar visions.

PM Orbán and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu also have a close relationship and understand the threat ‘radical Islam’ poses on their nations.

All three leaders are highly critical of the mainstream media and the radical left, who relentlessly slanders and insights violence towards them.

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