Viktor Orbán warns: Christian Hungary will stop 'the Soros Plan to resettle a foreign population' (Watch)

“Hungary was bankrupted by a government consisting of former communists with its liberal policy,” he said. “This example confirms the assumption that there is no such thing as a liberal. A liberal is a communist with a degree.”

On Sunday, February 12, 2020, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave his annual state of the nation address where he detailed his country’s progress and took aim at the various forces, individuals, parties and unions trying to destroy his Christian nation.

Orbán looked back on the ten years of his governance and said this has been Hungary’s most successful decade in a century, “The facts show that the last ten years were the most successful ten years in Hungary’s last 100 years.”

Orbán also mentioned that according to an economic report released by Brussels last week, the Hungarian economy grew fastest on the entire continent.

Prime Minister Orbán took aim at the “sinister menaces gathering over the European economy” 

After praising his political party, Fideszʼs achievements, “The Prime Minister went on the offensive, taking a swipe at the previous government (a coalition of socialist party MSZP and liberal party SZDSZ) ruling Hungary between 2002-2010.”

“Hungary was bankrupted by a government consisting of former communists with its liberal policy,” he said. “This example confirms the assumption that there is no such thing as a liberal. A liberal is a communist with a degree.”

The key to the nation’s prosperity is the restoration of its self-esteem, the proud Christian Hungarian prime minister said on Sunday. Think about the two latest Western examples Orbán said, “Trump’s America and the success of Boris Johnson.”

So the key to ascendance is the restoration of national self-esteem.

They do not want to accept that in this part of the world, without any liberal sophistry, we can deduce our freedom from three simple Christian laws.

We have received the ability to differentiate and choose between good and bad

The Good Lord created us in his own image, so, regardless of origin and skin color, we are all equal, and Christianity teaches us that we must do to others what we want to receive from them.

Europe has already forgotten that from these laws one could construct a world of political freedom, too.

Hungarians were not used to thinking of themselves as a successful people said the Prime Minister, “our nation knows that Hungary comes first.”

Orbán has stated continuously over the years that the main task of his government is to preserve Hungary’s security and Christian culture. Orbán vowed to never allow his Christian country to be changed by illegal invaders and warned of the the “Soros Plan, to settle a foreign population.”

Orbán continued to take aim at George Soros and accused him of having tried to ‘buy up Hungary. The Prime Minister has spent years fighting to protect his country from Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, who continues to meddle in Hungary’s internal affairs, as well as helping to flood Europe with illegal and ofter dangerous migrants.

Orbán criticized the number of criminals who won human rights lawsuits backed by Soros against the state due to the condition of Hungarian prisons.

“Organizations [funded from abroad] forming part of the Soros network and their hired lawyers start masses of lawsuits, abusing the protection afforded by the law, in order to make the state pay violent criminals, and of course themselves large sums from the money of the Hungarian people. The multitude of lawsuits – 12,000 lawsuits – cost billions. We cannot just stand by as onlookers,”

The Prime Minister concluded his speech affirming his love for his country and citizens,

Hungary First! Whoever disputes that also should tell us that if not Hungary, then what the heck could be first? For this there is no meaningful answer; let’s leave it at that, that Hungary is above all else.

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