Violent army of illegal Migrants Storm the Hungarian Border (Exclusive Translated Videos)

National security advisor for PM Viktor Orbán, said the attempt was a “blatant and violent organized attack by young men that had the hallmarks of coordination”.

An organized army of over seventy illegals, violently attempted to enter Hungarian territory on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at the Röszke, Hungarian border crossing. Authorities had advanced warning about the crossing attempt, and they were prepared. Police blocked the illegals and armed security guards fired several warning shots.

The following Hungarian news report, translated by RAIR Foundation USA, includes surveillance video of the invasion at the Röszke, Hungarian border and an account of the events as they unfolded,
Many thanks to Crossware for the translation

Below is the raw surveillance footage of the attack on the border at Röszke,

György Bakondi, national security advisor for the prime minister, said the attempt was a “blatant and violent organized attack by young men that had the hallmarks of coordination”. Bayondi added It has been presumed that local human smugglers helped the large group of illegals.

Bakondi reminded us that the incident happened in the same place, where in the autumn of 2015, several policemen were injured during a border attack by violent illegals trying to storm the border. Even more masses of dangerous migrants than Tuesday morning tried to break into Hungary. 

Migrants throw stones at Hungarian police on September 16, 2015 SOURCE: MTI / SÁNDOR UJVÁRI

The chief advisor also made it clear that the Hungarian police will respond to all challenges and protect the Hungarian state border at all costs.

Police and soldiers patrol a fence near the Röszke road crossing on January 29, 2020.

A spokeswoman for Csongrád County police said on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, that criminal proceedings have already been launched against five migrants detained after illegally crossing the Serbia-Hungary border early on Tuesday.

Thank you to Maygar Nemzet for the article below; The migrants tried to break through the border fence at Röszke”, by Szemán László János at Maygar Nemzet

Sixty migrants (actual number is 71) tried to break through the Röszke road crossing to Hungary at dawn on Tuesday and were prevented by the police, a spokesman for the Csongrád County Police Headquarters told MTI.

As the End of the Century highlighted in its December analysis, migratory pressures on the southern border of the country have gradually increased in recent months, as illegal migrants seek new means and methods to enter Hungary. In the context of the Röszke incident, Századvég prepared a summary of the migration situation. It was echoed that on Tuesday, January 28, 2019, at dawn at Röszke, groups of illegal migrants tried to cross the security frontier, who could be intercepted by an armed security guard on duty on the Hungarian side.

Compared to the events of recent years, the attempt to cross the border in a group, organized way, is similar to the tunnels facilitating illegal entry into the country but discovered by the authorities.

It is also well-known that human trafficking organizations, given that illegal migration has become a multi-billion dollar business, and uncontrolled immigration are encouraged by NGOs linked to US billionaire businessman György Soros in the hope of making a profit.

At the same time, the position of Hungarian voters remains unchanged: according to a poll conducted in January, 61 percent of those polled would ban foreign-funded immigration NGOs at the southern border of the country, while 86 percent consider transit zones essential for preserving Hungary’s security.

Since September 2015, there has been no such event at Röszke

Georg Spöttle, an analyst at the Viewpoint Institute, said that since September 2015, there has been no such event at Röszke. In recent times, small groups have been trying to get through, such as hiding in freight wagons.

He added that firing warnings of migrants attempting to cross the border were issued by an armed security guard, a civilian who has the right to “prevent persons in crime”. If your physical integrity or protected object is in danger, you can fire warning shots. “If a large number of people show up and want to break through the border, they can cause fear,” he said.

A few days ago migrants attempted to cross the Romanian-Hungarian border, where police fired warning shots. “Like Tuesday morning, those people couldn’t prove themselves, even though they had a laptop, a phone, but no documents – hundreds of thousands of migrants have experienced in recent years,” Georg Spöttle emphasized.

They try to get through the group in a organized way

In the Tuesday morning incident, they tried to break through the frontier in an organized, group manner. Migrants communicate with each other in closed groups, including Facebook. “They could observe that when the border crossing was closed, they knew that there were no customs officers or border police between 7 pm and 7 am, so they tried at dawn. They couldn’t have known that armed security guards were protecting the crossing, “said Georg Spöttle.

He stressed that illegal immigrants arrived at the border crossing well prepared. At Tuesday dawn, no homogeneous group wanted to break through, but an Egyptian, Pakistani, mixed-ethnic Afghan group. They were organized, convoluted in some way, even in a Facebook group where they speak English. “But it is possible that Soros organizations have tried to help them, both from abroad and from Hungary,” the expert said. The security expert said the reason for not trying to get through the fence was because it was massive, tall and difficult to cross. “But at the border crossing, they might have had inside information from a human smuggler or NGO, and they thought it was worth trying there,” he said.

Georg Spöttle noted with regard to the Serbian Border Guard that organizational structures would have to be reorganized, with more patrol service and more technical equipment for our southern neighbor, or “we should take the human border more seriously, because if they do not notice this group of people, what do they notice” He raised.

József Horváth: You have to be prepared for concentrated attacks:

“You must be prepared for concentrated attacks like the Röszke on the Hungarian border,” said József Horváth, Security Policy Advisor at the Center for Fundamental Rights on Tuesday’s current M1 channel.

József Horváth called the program a positive message for Hungary and the European Union that the police had prevented the breakthrough attempt, which shows that “the Schengen border can be protected”.

The expert predicts that in the next period, such “concentrated attacks” need to be prepared for which even women and children can be used as live shields to gain more media attention.

The number of migrants is growing

After the incident at dawn, staff moved to Serbia to make sure what was happening across the border. They found that Horgos had significantly more migrants than just a month ago. A young woman working at a bakery told her staff that illegal immigrants had just thrown the seller out of a neighboring shop and a man complained that they had occupied his farm on the outskirts of the village.

The Ministry of the Interior held an extraordinary press conference

A serious border incident took place at the Röszke border crossing on Tuesday, when a group of 70 migrants tried to illegally and violently enter Hungary. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér convened a meeting of the Migration Working Group in which Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also attended. Following the meeting, an extraordinary press conference was held in the BM building.

Károly Papp, Director General of Public Security at the Ministry of the Interior, described the events. As he said, at 5:20, the first border crossing point at Röszke was first forcibly attempted to enter the country by illegal migrants on its left and right wings. The police successfully blocked the first burglary attempt, but again at 5:30 p.m., a group of about 60-70 illegal migrants attempted to enter Hungary again.

The Lieutenant General emphasized that, after not responding to the calls, an armed security guard securing the building of the blocked crossing fired three warning shots, which were stopped and most turned back to Serbia. Some, however, were scattered across the border, so at the request of Károly Papp, the Csongrád police carried out side and deep closure, which is still ongoing. No one can leave the closed area.

Károly Papp stated that he had instructed the national commander in prison to work in cooperation with the police to start and, where necessary, reinforce the security border lock on the entire Hungarian-Serbian border. First they will repair the fence at the Röszke border crossing, he added.

He said he had asked the National Police Chief to check that the smugglers on the Hungarian side of the border were not expecting migrants to break through. The police considered that the border control system was well-placed, he said.

The Lieutenant-General also stated that 71 people had attempted to enter Hungary at night at six locations in Csongrad and Bács-Kiskun counties.

According to György Bakondi, senior adviser to the Prime Minister on Internal Security, the Serbian-Hungarian border is under severe pressure, with more than 3,400 people trying to enter the country illegally in January. Migrant groups are constantly gathering and trying to do so. “The night’s event was a blatant, violent, group breakthrough attempt by young men, with visible organization, at an emblematic venue,” the senior adviser referred to the 2015 Battle of Röszke.

He said the police were well-led, responded swiftly, and the three security guards fulfilled their duty with personal responsibility. The Internal Security Adviser also rated the border management system as effective.

Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér recalled that he had held a border check last Monday. They have information that they are trying to enter Hungary illegally in several places. “During the inspection, we found that the police were prepared to prevent such an attempt and the facts prove that no one can cross the territory of Hungary unnoticed, individually or in large groups,” the ministry leader emphasized, adding can be based on Hungary’s security.

In response to questions, Sándor Pintér said that there is no border guard system at the border crossing point, as crossing must be ensured during the day. It’s a completely different system fence, but it was closed, he explained. If there is danger and foresight, the strong iron gates that are now set aside will be used, he added.

According to the Interior Minister, iron gates could not be used in such a surprise attack.

He also said that the interrogators were still being questioned; those who wanted to come in from non-EU citizens and were not Serbs were in breach of the rules on crossing the border.

When asked if the Serbs had received an indication of the group, the Minister of the Interior said they could answer it after the evaluation and analysis, and with the Serbs’ consent.

Another question he talked about is that security guards provide “object protection” at the border, behind them the border guard, who also took appropriate action after the alert. He said that within two minutes, all those who failed could be turned back and captured. People were within 60-80 meters of the border, and it was hard to do any more at a 400-kilometer Schengen external border, the Interior Minister stressed.

According to Sándor Pintér, the border control system is suitable for such a mass. If we know in advance that there will be a large crowd, then “we will be in large numbers,” the minister said.

Migrants and policemen at the Horgoson

Police preparedness remains enormous

Between Röszke and Szeged, police are searching with great force for illegal migrants who fled to Hungary at dawn. They are still looking for seven people, the others have either been captured or fled back to Serbia – the latest developments at 9:30 pm are reported by

Attempts were made on both sides of the border crossing

According to, migrants tried to cross both sides of the small border crossing in Röszke. On one side, sixty people tried to climb the fence, who had passed through, but after the measures, fifty returned and did not enter the country. Six migrants have been captured, but another seven are being sought by police. On the other side of the border about five to six were trying to get in. The portal knows this has failed. There is a huge police preparedness at the border, the cars are not allowed near the small border crossing point and the traffic is diverted.

Sixty migrants tried to break through the border

A spokesman for the Csongrad County Police Headquarters said the incident occurred at six o’clock, with migrants trying to enter the country illegally on both sides of the crossing at about the same time. The armed security guard serving at the then-closed border crossing fired three warning shots.

The on-site patrols blocked the arrival of about sixty migrants, four were arrested and the area closed, the captain said.

The Röszke border crossing is not in operation, but there is constant traffic at the motorway border crossing, the spokesman said.

Border violators damaged the wire fence on the concrete cordon, which separates the border crossing in the Hungarian territory at night, on the concrete cord that separates the pedestrian and the motor traffic. The fence posts were torn off by more than ten meters of wire mesh, according to an MTI correspondent.

The scene was kept in uniform in the morning and police cars were constantly arriving at the crossing.

In the morning, the police set up several checkpoints between Röszke and Szeged, where all vehicles were stopped and inspected.

Analyst: Migrants know they alone have no chance to cross the southern border

Migrants are aware that they alone have no chance of crossing the southern border, so they are trying massively, said Daniel Deák, XXI. Century Institute senior analyst Tuesday morning on the M1 current channel. The analyst responded by telling the police that a large group of migrants had tried to illegally enter the territory of Hungary at the Röszke border crossing. Daniel Deák answered yes to the question of whether this was to be expected, since despite the winter, illegal immigrants arrive at the southern border. In addition, they are prepared because mobile apps, leaflets are helping their way, ”he added. “So, in all likelihood, these immigrants have not come here without knowing where they are (…), but there is a suspicion that these migrants have been prepared,” he said.

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