Vladimir Putin: 'Under the UN Charter, We Had the Right to Help the Donbas Region' (Video)

In the following video translated by RAIR Foundation USA, Russian President Vladimir Putin explains the reasoning behind his recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) as sovereign entities.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Putin is right!

    “On Thursday, the Kremlin called Finland’s push to join NATO a “threat to Russia.” ”

    “Finland’s president tells Putin his country will apply to join NATO
    Niinisto said he repeated ‘deep concern’ over Russia’s attack on Ukraine”

    “The Kremlin’s press service said in a statement that Putin responded that Finland’s abandonment “of its traditional policy of military neutrality would be an error since there are no threats to Finland’s security.” ”

    “A formal announcement from Niinisto and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is expected on Sunday.”

    Putin has all the right to stop the WEF TERRORIST “president” Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
    Putin also has all the right to stop the other WEF TERRORIST Sanna Marin and the puppet “president” Niinisto.

    The only threats to Finland’s and the whole EU’s security is the complete idiots of the EU leaders, (except Orban).
    The whole EU is becoming a muslim shit territory and playground for NWO terrorists, Schwab, Soros, Gates, etc.

    Kekkonen is turning in his grave.
    Putin has all the right to attack Ukraine and hopefully also Finland as soon as possible, to get rid of these WEF terrorists Marin, same as with the puppet “presidents” Zelenskyy and Niinisto!
    All EU countries with WEF TERRORISTS as leaders can hopefully be attacked so that the citizens of EU can get rid of these dangerous WEF TERRORISTS.
    WEF TERRORIST Trudeau already succeeded in Canada.
    Canada is also a big threat to Russia now.

  • World and UN were bind what neonazi were doing in Ukraine to ethnic Russian. Moreover, they were helping in this genoside by “not seeing ” what was going on. They were blind to the death of 14K ethnic Russians in Ukraine. 
    However they “noticed ” that Russia crossed the border.

  • Russia had better get done with it, and stop this interminable dragging out
    process. The MSM and eliet politicans are thursting for World War 3.
    They see this as the ultimate way of depopulating the world and making it safe
    for their Devil worshiping activities, parties, and assorted murderous engagements.
    With their extensive networks of bunkers and tunnels-a world within a world-
    they feel comfy.

  • “Some of the ambassador’s most sensitive, and classified discussions with other diplomats and American officials take place in his sauna in northwest Washington, D.C. where frank discussions can be had and there is no place to hide listening devices. This is where he makes his opponents sweat, he joked as he showed Fox News his sauna. At the entrance is a photograph of the father of modern Finland General Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. ”

    If they are not all gay, sure they can hide their listening device in the anus. Right Mr diplomat and Mr Putin?


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