VOX Party Demands Action: 'China Must Pay - They are Responsible for the Pandemic' (Videos)

Abascal described the WHO as a “Chinese propaganda channel,” which collaborated with the communist government to “cover up” vital coronavirus data and information.

Speaking on the floor of the Spanish Parliament, Vox leader Santiago Abascal blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic. The leader demanded that China be held responsible and that lockdowns and mandates end immediately. He also insisted that vaccinations be voluntary, and Spain withdraws from the Chinese-controlled World Health Organization (WHO).

The popular conservative leader holds the Chinese Government “responsible for the pandemic at a global level.” Abascal described the WHO as a “Chinese propaganda channel,” which collaborated with the communist government to “cover up” vital coronavirus data and information.

Abascal demanded Spain’s socialist President, Pedro Sánchez, “immediately” leave the WHO and allocate “all the funds it gives to that Chinese propaganda channel to research into vaccines against Covid-19.”

“We must point out the responsibility of the Chinese communist tyranny; we must demand that it compensate Spain for its lies and its concealment, and we must analyze the consequences of a virus which, many scientists say has a suspicious artificial component, ” the VOX leader stressed. 

The VOX party also released a video aimed at the socialist leader of Spain, left-wing politicians, and media who branded them “conspirators” and mocked them for blaming Communist China for the pandemic.

VOX’s video highlights the Spanish President’s previous attacks on their party and his libelous accusations of antisemitism to protect Communist China. Sánchez’s statements were not only slanderous but grossly inaccurate and farfetched. Santiago Abascal is the only leader in Spain to consistently defend Israel and the Jewish people from the constant attack by leftists and imported Islamic supremacists.

VOX has been saying “China must pay” for over a year while other parties remained silent and many social networks censored their leaders. Not only does the Vox leader condemn Beijing for the spread of the virus, but he blames the Communist country for economically benefitting from the virus. While at the same time, the rest of the world has been financially devastated.

Video Transcript

China is responsible. The Chinese Communist Government is.

Communist, like your ally who is laughing right now, who used to call himself Communist openly and keeps that secret now.

China is responsible for the pandemic at a global level.

The Chinese Communist Government covered up the data from the rest of the world.

The Chinese Communist Government controls and manages the World Health Organization at their whim, since they helped them cover all this up.

That is why we think Spain should immediately withdraw from the WHO and allocate all the funds which used to be sent to that Chinese Propaganda wing to scientific research on vaccines instead, for example.

We need to report the responsibility of the Chinese Communist tyrants.

We need to demand that they compensate us for lying and for covering all this up.

And we need to analyze the consequences of a virus which, for so many scientists, contains a suspicious artificial component.

And we have to prevent them from harming our industry.

By raising tariffs on Chinese products, if necessary.

Because, while China is growing more and more, Spain is going down, with you, gentlemen, in charge.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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