VOX Slams EU Migrant Invasion: Choose 'Civilization or Barbarism, Globalism or Homeland' (Video)

“We need to stop spending European taxpayers’ money on population replacement.” – Jorge Buxadé, The Head of the VOX Delegation to the European Parliament

Morocco has unleashed hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants, including minors, to storm the borders of Ceuta and Melilla. The Head of the VOX Delegation to the European Parliament, Jorge Buxadé, slammed the radical Islamic government’s “planned invasion.” The Vox leader demanded the European Commission take immediate action against Morocco.

Jorge Buxadé assured the European Parliament that what’s happening in Ceuta is a premeditated attack using minors as weapons”. Buxadé accused the Moroccan government, which receives “billions” from the EU every year, of “aiding and aiding” the invasion.

The video below shows the triumphant arrival of the illegals to Ceuta. The radicals proudly proclaim their status as military invaders.

Buxadé demanded that the Commission suspend all European payments to Morocco, condemn their attacks, and establish sanctions against the Muslim regime. Furthermore, the Vox leader wants the commission to stop “issuing visas and certificates of resident status or citizenship to Moroccan citizens.” And finally, “mass deportation of all illegals to Morocco,” including reuniting the minors with their parents.

Which future will you choose for Europe, “civilization or barbarism?” Buxadé asked European Parliament. The leader warned his colleagues, “Europe is at stake, not in online debates about federalism and climate change, but the streets of Ceuta with the deployed Spanish army.”

While 800,000 illegal are storming Spain’s borders, the tone-deaf European Parliament held discussions on ” New pathways for legal labor migration.” Stop spending “European taxpayers’ money on population replacement,” declared Buxadé. The EU’s new proposed legislation, which the globalist elites are celebrating, encourages more unskilled migrants to flood Spain while Spanish youth suffer from “37% unemployment”:

The globalist elites really thank you for doing all this for the sake of cheap labor, unemployment, low salaries and the Davos Forum.

Deputy of Vox party Rocío de Meer had previously slammed Spain’s corrupt socialist-led government for allowing a “first world” country to be “extorted” by “third world” countries. Spain’s PM, Pedro Sánchez, has refused to protect his country’s sovereignty or citizens.

Groups of newly illegal migrants have been running wild in the streets, attacking police and citizens. Just days ago, the newly arrived migrant were caught on film kicking and beating police cars while yelling, “Pedro Sánchez president”:

Spanish police are attacked in the middle of the streets by the newly arrived migrants in Ceuta:

Jorge Buxadé condemned President Sánchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and the left-wing People’s Party (PP) for allowing migrants to invade Spain:

The arrival of illegals to Spain in boats has skyrocketed over the past year. Numerous boats are also arriving at the coasts of Almería, Murcia, Granada, and the Canary Islands. Police and civil guards are “totally overwhelmed.” They cannot perform their typical day-to-day duties in Almería as the officers are consumed with securing the coast and intercepting the boats carrying illegals.

The coronavirus pandemic has not impeded the mafia, human traffickers, NGO’s and migrants from continuing their illegal activities in the Mediterranean. According to the Spanish news site, Altavoz des Sucesos, numerous reports of the illegals arriving infected with the coronavirus have already triggered outbreaks in Extremadura, Malaga, and Albacete. The migrants have regularly escaped quarantine or are confined for a short period by the government and then released into the Spanish public.

Spain’s migrant holding centers are overrun with illegals trying to make their way to the mainland. The country is overwhelmed by the increasing onslaught of migrant invaders brought to Europe by human traffickers. The situation has only been exacerbated by the onset of Coronavirus, which has pushed the migrant reception systems to a dangerous breaking point.

Left-wing NGOs demand that the Spanish government decongest the centers by speeding up migrant transfers to Spain’s mainland and not back to their country of origin, where they are legal citizens.

The left-wing government led by Pedro Sánchez, which financially contributes taxpayer money to NGOs, was recently caught flying migrants to the mainland and distributing them throughout the country without informing local officials.

The only hope to stop Spain’s “migratory invasion” is the conservative VOX Party. They are the “Make Spain Great Again Party,” which defends traditional Spanish values, borders and has a Trump-like “Spain First” message. Despite the attacks by the radical left and the media that the Vox Party faces, they continue to address the threats of Islam and illegal migration to Spain. Read more about the VOX Party and the violence caused by the migration crisis below:

Transcript: Video #1

Thank you, Mr. President. An unprecedented act of aggression within the last fifty years: yesterday more than five thousand Moroccans, aided and abetted by their own government, illegally crossed Spain’s borders.

It is a planned invasion, where they use minors as weapons against Spain.

It doesn’t deal with the mafias any more: it deals with a radical Islamic government that aids and abets this illegal entrance into the territory of the state.

A government that receives billions from Brussels every year.

I guess that rich globalists are glad about the arrival of a cheap labor force.

Nevertheless in Ceuta, in Melilla, in Andalusia, in the Canaries, in the humble districts of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Seville, people are not, I can you promise you that.

Do show us the European solidarity. We demand that any payment to Morocco is immediately suspended.

That sanctions are imposed on Morocco. That we immediately stop issuing visas and certificates of resident status or citizenship to Moroccan citizens.

We demand the mass deportation of all illegals to Morocco.

And that those children be given back to their parents. The future of Europe is at stake, not in online debates about federalism and climate change.

The future of Europe is at stake today, in the streets of Ceuta with the deployed Spanish army.

Do choose: either civilization or barbarism.

Maybe there will be conflict, and if that happens, money will be useless.

Thank you so much.

Transcript: Video #2

Thank you, Mr. President. While migrants are swarming across our borders, we are debating a report on how to encourage the arrival of unskilled migrants and about the intra-EU mobility of non-EU residents.

Congratulations! The globalist elites really thank you for doing all this for the sake of cheap labor, unemployment, low salaries and the Davos Forum.

While we are discussing this, 800,000 illegals are storming the borders of Ceuta and Melilla.

And in Spain 37% of young people are unemployed.

It is resolutions like this which enable the pull factor for migrants.

They promise jobs to thousands of migrants who will storm our borders, while more and more taxes and absurd regulations are imposed to our European employees and entrepreneurs.

It’s EU member States who have exclusive jurisdiction on labor legislation, and they are the ones who decide what kind of immigration is sustainable, according to their own interests and needs.

What we need to do is to create permanent employment, to re-industrialize Europe, increase the workers’ salaries by reducing the tax burden on entrepreneurs, apply the principle of preference of EU workers.

And above all we need to not spend European taxpayers’ money on favoring population replacement. Thank you.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Cruise ships are empty, buy some and retrofit them to hold thousands of angry prisoners. Then capture these waves of illegals and ship them off quickly to some very far away land. Western Nations have military bases in Africa and Arabia, use these bases to send these people back, if payment is necessary then pay those host nations, if bribes are necessary then let the intelligence agencies facilitate the payment to the Government Ministers, the Presidents, Military Officials etc., the point is get it done so we have the access so we can send these people back. This is not rocket science, this is a question of the will to do what is necessary and the logistics. We need the NO WAY politics of Australia. Sure we can create legal ways as we see fit, but every sigle person who comes illegaly goes back, and if we can’t send them to their own country we send them to another country in their continent, we have the power to do it, threaten sanctions, threaten war, threaten to deport the children of the elites who study in Western countries, GET IT DONE!
    We must let them know that we are serious. Right now they know that we are divided on this question, they know we are weak, they know there are people here who actually want this, this only serves to embolden them.

  • On 1975 Morocco’s King, Hassan II, the father of Mohamed VI, sent his subjects (not citizens, Moroccans are not citizens of Morocco, they are subjects of the King of Morocco) and invaded the Spanish Sahara.
    Mohamed VI now would like to do the same with Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla, but if it doesn’t work out, he will have introduce thousands of minors into Europe…
    And Mohamed VI will get a share from money sent back to Morocco by his subjects in Europe. One way or another, not bad for Mohamed VI! A shame for Spain and for Europe.


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