WAR ON POLICE: Sister of Islamic Terrorist is Shot Dead after trying to Murder Police Officer in Florida (Must Watch)

Will police investigate what mosque the sister and brother attended in Florida? Where were the siblings radicalized?

War has been declared on law enforcement officers across America by Islamic supremacists and left-wing radicals. In the latest Jihad attack against an officer, a 21-year-old female Islamic terrorist, Heba Momtaz Al-Azhari, tried to stab to death an unsuspecting Florida police officer who was responding to her 911 call for assistance.

Temple Terrace Police were able to shoot the woman before their officer was critically injured or killed by the terrorist. Al-Azhari died on her way to the hospital.

Al-Azhari is the sister of Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari, a 23-year-old Tampa jihadi arrested earlier this week by the FBI on a federal charge of attempting to provide support or resources to a the Islamic State (ISIS). 

Will police investigate what mosque the sister and brother attended in Florida? Where were the siblings radicalized?

The jihad knife attack was caught on security cameras outside City Hall:

For more information read the following story by Spectrum News Staff and Dave Jordan, posted on May. 29, 2020″ (RAIR emphasis)

TEMPLE TERRACE, Fla. – A deadly officer-involved shooting is under investigation in Temple Terrace.

Two Temple Terrace Police officers were involved in the confrontation outside City Hall Friday and are now under investigation.

One of the officers was the target of a knife-wielding woman, while the other came to his aid. The confrontation was caught on surveillance video.

In the video, the officer can be seen approaching the woman, who was seated on a bench. She then draws the large knife and lunges at the officer, swinging the knife at him as he backs away.

The confrontation then moves out of view of the camera. That’s when the officer shot the woman, later identified as 22-year-old Heba Momtaz Al-Azhari.

Al-Azhari later died at the hospital.

“It’s a very traumatic thing for an officer to pull his weapon and much less take a life,” said Temple Terrace Police Chief Kenneth Albano while speaking about the incident.

Albano said the officer repeatedly told Al-Azhari to drop the knife. He yelled the commands so loudly that Albano said he could hear them from his third-floor office.

Spectrum Bay News 9 has confirmed that Al-Azhari is the sister of a man accused of terrorism.

A family spokesperson told Spectrum Bay News 9 she was upset over her brother’s arrest earlier this week. The spokesperson said his name is Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari.

Twenty-three-year-old Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari is accused of trying to buy guns illegally and planning an attack somewhere in Tampa.

His criminal history includes terrorism charges in Saudi Arabia.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has since taken over investigation of the shooting.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Prior terrorist charges in Saudi Arabia! Sounds like a follower of the King of Chicago. Which might explain why this darling is in the United States.



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