WARNING: 600,000-Member Anti-Trump Propaganda 'Digital Army' to Target 55+ Voters (Must Listen)

Fortunately for Main Street One, blatant online deception is not illegal.

A leftist propaganda “digital army” has been created specifically to target individuals over 55-years-old. “Fifty-five-plus—that’s who votes,” said Main Street One CEO Curtis Hougland, who previously worked with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop tools to counter ISIS propaganda.

In a revealing podcast posted at AdAge, Hougland discusses the strategy of finding already-established social media users (so-called “influencers”) recruited by his organization (and verified to be anti-Trump), to be used to promote certain propaganda messages paid for by his clients. The influencers are found online using sophisticated AI technology funded, of course, by American taxpayers.

Listen to this very revealing podcast featuring Curtis Hougland:

Hougland has worked with NGOs and unions, he said, to push a narrative that appears to be organic. The influencers are paid with cash or other rewards, such as “social incentives” such as “badges, [or] credentialing…”

“Messages people are ready to believe, delivered by messengers they already trust,” is the tagline at the Main Street One website. “Our approach is proven to change political, social, and commercial outcomes,” they brag.

An article posted at Vanity Fair explains how social media users are deceived to believe that coordinated messages are coming from individuals, rather than unions or political campaigns. The article explains how the company used health care “influencers” to push an anti-gun narrative in Nevada by framing it as a “public health message”:

“Across the geographic footprint of Nevada, the company credentialed and recruited 287 influencers, many of them doctors and nurses, and told them to create their own version of a messaging brief, provided to them with a company dashboard.”

Fortunately for Main Street One, blatant online deception is not illegal.

The “digital army” can be hired to convince mature Americans “‘in political and social cause campaigns,’ as well as for market-testing and message-amplification for major brands.”

Savvy readers may remember back in May, when it was reported that a shady Super PAC named “Defeat Disinfo” and advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal was using technology “developed to counter Islamic State propaganda” to attack President Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Defeat Disinfo “is an extension of” Main Street One, according to the Washington Post.

Silencing dissent is one of, if not the main driver of leftist initiatives. As stated by RAIR’s Amy Mek: “‘Hate speech’ is the Marxist version of Islamic blasphemy laws.” “Hate Speech” cannot be defined, because it is used as a political tool to silence pro-America voices. In fact, the entire foundation of political correctness is speech suppression. Americans need to guard against the suppression of speech and loudly promote the First Amendment.

Imagine what the world would look like if citizens could debate in an honest forum without worrying about democrat/progressive/socialist organizations using every dirty trick at their disposal to undermine valid arguments? The left understands that their message quickly disintegrates when debated honestly.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • New Conservative candidate Elliot Ikilei had a debate against Professor Spooner at Victoria University on HATE speech . So this statement finds truth in this article ” Silencing dissent is one of, if not the main driver of leftist initiatives. “

  • Our government has been hijacked by an authoritarian government. We are trying to fight against misinformation but it continues. This strategy worked with the Left. and the tactics they are using are criminal. They do not seem to care. Then, there are the Republicans voted into Congress, but they hate the president and are voting for Biden.


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