WARNING: A 'National Divorce' Would Empower the Radical Left

Citizens should never cede territory to those who hate America.

There has been a bit of a buzz lately about a “national divorce,” but Americans need to get that idea out of their heads pronto, as it only serves the radical left.

The idea of a “national divorce” is a tempting fantasy because Americans are sick of tyrannical leftist coronavirus mandates, demands for unrestricted welfare and abortion, relentless race-baiting, anti-American sentiment, massive taxes, printing and squandering taxpayer money, constant sexualizing and indoctrinating of children, horrific proposals such as snooping on bank accounts, skyrocketing inflation, open borders policies and a shocking increase in crime in left-wing cities.

As the Claremont Institute’s David Reaboi observes:

While Red America isn’t really interested in imposing its will on Blue America, it’s clear that the reverse is emphatically not true.

But the National Review’s Rich Lowry does not mince words, referring to the concept as “poisonously stupid.”

It would be wonderful to restore limited government as envisioned by the founding fathers, coupled with a society that respects Judeo-Christian values. One does not have to be a believer to understand the benefit to society of the Golden Rule or the Ten Commandments. Imagine what life would be like if citizens could be empowered to live their lives and pursue happiness without having to constantly fight back against the authoritarian left.

But the very price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

A Fact-Based Hypothesis

How would it play out if Americans did decide to go ahead with a national divorce?

Most likely, the radical left would immediately ally with Russia and China to destroy America entirely before the experiment could even be attempted.

But pretend that foreign interference did not exist and America’s enemies evaporated. There are plenty of practical problems with the idea. Families would be separated. Tens of millions of people would have to move. Industry would need to shift their operations completely. Businesses would likely have to pick a side.

Many honest Americans would make the wrong-headed assumption that the left would stick to their designated territory. Perhaps the left would honor their promise for a time, but as soon as they inevitably squander their resources, they would fight to steal from their perceived enemies.

There is not one socialist country or policy that is not propped up by “capitalism.”

The answer is to neuter the federal government, reaffirm the principles that made America great in the first place, and understand the nature of the enemy.

Citizens should never cede territory to those who hate America.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Rubbish. The split will not be by states. Coastal communist cities will be kicked out of Free America. Less than 5% of US land area.

    Stop validating communist propaganda. There are no “Red States.” Communism is Red. There are communist cities (Red Cities) within every state.
    Freedom cannot co-exist with totalitarian socialism. The US must split.

    • Communists would love for us to become weakened, friend. If you think handing over territory to radical lunatics would save us, you have not seen how the left treats Israel. The left would never allow us to have a free and prosperous nation as they squander their resources.

  • I say go for the divorce. The left hates us on the right and we hate them and there is no comprimising with these people. The problem with the left is they truly do have a deep seeded mental disorder. Separation is messy and yes, many will need to move and start over. Let’s get this thing over with while we still can!

    • You just answered your own question. There is no compromising with them. The answer is not to reward them with land, and they would never stick to their compromise once they destroyed their side. They would only do the same thing to our “side” of the land that they have done to America. The answer is to choke them off of federal government funds, stop empowering them. We need to restore the vision of limited government, which is what made America great in the first place. We can’t run from them, we outnumber them. We need to stop giving them power.

    • Yes, it will come that point where Americans will more seriously look at this, and no, I don’t think it will empower the far left. I actually think it will politically harm it more. If you don’t have red states to check the blue ones, one would have to forget about a blue state utopia, unless it involves anarchy. Red states would have to form a something similar to the Confederacy, but more modern in it’s thinking. And term limits in all branches of gov’t would have to be the law, along with a tax, fee and spend supermajority requirement, limits on presidential executive orders, etc., as well as some fail safe just in case wokism appears. However, conservatives still want to believe that it shouldn’t come to that, as we know what happened the last time (the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865). A final decision will be made eventually.

  • So, let’s see…

    You can’t reason with them, you can’t compromise with them, and you can’t live with them. Hmm, wonder what the “solution” is.

    • The solution, as mentioned above, is to neuter the federal government, to stop allowing them to indoctrinate children, to say no. Why would you want to reward radical lunatics with land? Why do you think they would stick to the boundaries?

      • I don’t think “they” would stick to anything, but their own plans. You can never beat them, because they just lay in wait for the next opportunity to take power (piece-by-piece), and are always, ALWAYS backed by other state-sponsors, media, corporations, and elites.

        So to answer your questions….

        No, I don’t believe “they” should be rewarded, compromised with, or given another inch, and, no, they would not, and never do stick to any boundaries (physical, personal, intellectual, etc.). However, they appear to be grabbing all they can, and for every “success” that those “not on the Left” attain, the Leftists–in some form or fashion–succeed by a greater factor.

        So, no, I don’t believe “breaking up” or “partitioning” America is the solution. But, allowing the Leftists and ALL their supporters to continue to reign free isn’t acceptable either. It’s not just choice “A” or “B.” There’s no political solution, and it seems the elephant in the room is being avoided.

        • You make valid points, friend. I believe civil war can be avoided if we choke their resources. Every day I am more in awe of the founding fathers, who understood the nature of these people and gave us the roadmap to shut down their authoritarian tendencies – the answer is limited government and enumerated powers. We have stopped teaching the Constitution. People cannot fight for their God-given rights if they don’t even know what they are.

          We have over 2 million employees in the federal government, vastly harming America. Power must be transferred back to the states and the states must stop taking federal government money as part of their budgets. I understand that this is not a sexy response, and we are in crisis NOW, but I believe it is the only way.

  • Sooo……..
    Sit like good sheep as our nation lurches to the Left, our culture, way of life is destroyed, kids taught pedo-grooming perversion in our schools, our economy is intentionally tanked and those who speak out are now terrorists worthy of the Patriot Act while the Left burns, loots and kills and nothing happens to them.
    A national divorce would mean…ok get this…”radical left would immediately ally with Russia and China to destroy America entirely…”
    Are you serious? This is what is written?
    Look around!

    • I am not sure at all where you got the idea that this article says we should all sit back and do nothing. Quite the opposite.

      We say no to the radical left. We don’t reward radical lunatics with land. Do you not think China and Russia and external enemies are not salivating at a broken America? We have been the only thing standing in their way.

      • Talking doesn’t work, I guess you haven’t noticed that. The left doesn’t care what any non leftists thinks.

        Keep “saying no to the radical left” and doing nothing else, I’m sure that’ll work out well for you.

        • If you want to have a civil conversation about it, I am all in. I could do without the snark. I have laid out my case to neuter the federal government, reaffirm the founding principles and to study and understand the nature of the radical left, who would never let us live in peace no matter what they promise. I linked to articles I have written about all three of those issues. It is unfair to say that I am just advising people to sit back and talk. Feel free to present your proposal if you think I am wrong. If you really want to solve this, attacking me and miscategorizing my argument is not going to help anyone.

      • Do you think America isn’t already broken? At this point the only options are either peaceful separation, or all-out war, and the latter WILL draw in other nations, to say nothing of the loss of life and massive destruction.

        The option of the ballot box is no more. The soap box is squarely within the new digital town square, firmly within enemy territory. Even attempting to speak physically is now within their control, as we see from the attempted demonization of concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” for daring to speak at school board meetings.
        The ammo box is the only one left, and God help us all if it comes to that. We have a moral duty to do all we can to avert it.

  • A “national divorce” would start out as a civil war within each state before it ever came to a state vs state war and secessions. I’m getting sick of RINO hand wringers worrying about what the left wing fascist nazis MIGHT do when confronted with 100 million gun barrels in their faces.

    I don’t care. This march toward fascist totalitarianism with the left wing nazis in control has to STOP. If it ends in all their deaths, so be it. Republicans need to stop calling themselves conservatives if they keep “going along to get along” with the biggest pack of murdering fascists since Mao Tse Tung.

    There is no ‘dealing with’ or ‘reasoning with’ these fascist pigs. They screw you every time and you keep lining up for more. When are you going to wake up, after they stick you in the gas showers?

    • I am not sure how a “national divorce” would stop the left from being the left. This is why one of my solutions is to understand the nature of the radical left. As I mentioned, the left would not respect boundaries.

      • I think you’ve misinterpreted the reply. You say “what” to do in the article. I agree with your solution, but you have not delved into “how”. If there is no reasoning and they are murderous cheaters the solution you suggest can only come about through free and fair elections or through violence of some sort.

        I am not sure few and fair elections are on the horizon, so you are indeed advocating for revolution, civil war, or divorce.

        If you have a meaningful solution to the issue of free elections without having conservatives in power to make it happen, I would be very interested in reading that article. If you have already written it, please forward the link.

    • We need to think of how to deal with their behavior without them becoming war criminals, right? There are politicians that are against this corruption rising from the grassroots level.

  • I see America 2.0 as having an extrodinarily strong military. much like Israel, and a border wall to ensure the communist/democrats can’t invade the land of the free. Yes this divorce would be very messy but imagine a country where children aren’t murdered before taking their first breath. Where term limits exist, the act of treason is punishable by firing squad and morals are taught in school. The list of good far out weighs the pain of seperation.
    I live in a red state and can’t get a peep out of my state senator concerning election integrity. In my mind his inaction speaks volumes. He’s loosing my vote forever.

  • We would not be leaving.. we would kick them out of the union. What would they do without the tax bailouts, the loss of markets, and no one to blame for their misfortunes? Manufacturing has moved South ie Smith and Wesson, etc. Why would Russia or Xhina want them.. except to replace them. Build a wall along the Ohio. The Commies will rot in their shoes.

  • Nonsense.
    Setting up Blue semi-independent city-states which would be allowed to rule themselves, within acceptable parameters, is the way to go.
    I’d love to see you debate Curt Doolittle of the Propertarian Institute on this. His ideas and work on the restoration of our nation and the Natural Law of the European peoples is absolute genius. You can find him on Twitter, and he would likely answer and questions you have, provided you engage honestly.

  • I’m not pro-divorce, but I don’t see these supposed problems. Companies already operate internationally. People could be free to move to places that represent their values. And why would we assume that the conservative country would be left without military strength?
    The blue country would jack up taxes and impoverish their people. They’d neuter technological progress by punishing creators. They’d abolish energy that works and persecute religions. The biggest threat we’d have, frankly, would be all the soft-brained lefties sneaking into the red country and bringing their philosophical pollution with them, like Californians invading Idaho.

  • The writer makes a grand assumption that all aspects of the federal government are blue and the federal government would thus remain whole. There would also be great upheaval inside the government and some organizations would be so disrupted they would be ineffective. The military is one potential example. Although the high level leaders are clearly progressive liberals, many lower level officers and a substantial part of enlisted are conservatives. Who knows how to work the weapons. The ones siding with conservatives.

    • I am the writer and I made no such assumption. I did not even get into the added layer of complexity of splitting the government. I did say “The answer is to neuter the federal government”. That is the way out, friend. We are funding our own demise.


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