WARNING: Barack Obama & Eric Holder's Gerrymandering Group Paying off for Democrats

As the GOP seems to think they have the next election in the bag, Obama & Holder – with corrupt attorney Marc Elias – are gaining ground with All On The Line.

Through their organization All On The Line (AOTL) (formerly “Obama for America”), former President Barack Obama and his wingman, former Attorney General Eric Holder have aggressively targeted certain key states with strategic litigation wherever they believe Republicans hold an advantage in their electoral maps.

A key point is that Obama/Holder are targeting “gerrymandering”, or the redrawing of electoral maps to give an advantage to a certain political party. “Gerrymandering” is indistinguishable from “redistricting”, but Obama/Holder use the term “redistricting” to refer to their own party’s map drawing in order to separate the “bad” map drawing which gives the advantage to Republicans (gerrymandering) from “good” map drawing which gives the advantage to democrats (redistricting).

It is a word game. Do not fall for it.
Marc Elias

As Republicans appear to think they have the next election in the bag, Barack Obama and Eric Holder, with the help of the corrupt attorney Marc Elias, have been working relentlessly behind the scenes to give the advantage to democrats. The scheme is nationwide, but specifically targets Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

Although Barack Obama and Eric Holder deceptively portray All On The Line as about “fairness” to mobilize their supporters, the group is guided by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC). The NDRC was created to “favorably position Democrats for the redistricting process through 2022” according to their Form 8871 tax filing

The lawsuits are filed with the help of the National Redistricting Action Fund (NRAF), NDRC’s 501(c)(4) affiliate.

From their website:

We’re building the legal and technological infrastructure necessary to support long-term redistricting [i.e. gerrymandering] efforts, bolstering legal challenges, and supporting ballot initiatives to change redistricting practices where possible.

Not only is Marc Elias challenging maps perceived to give an advantage to republicans using strategic litigation, he is also hiring people to draw maps to benefit democrats.

Take North Carolina:

A lower court in North Carolina usurped a legislatively created congressional map last week, the latest in a string of disturbing litigation victories for Democrats attempting to hijack authority of the congressional redistricting process.

A three-judge panel at a county superior court level rejected the map created under the authority of law by the Republican-controlled North Carolina state legislature, and instead approved a map that will likely lead to Democrats increasing their congressional seat count in the state from five to six.

Take Pennsylvania:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday picked a new map that lays out the state’s updated congressional districts.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court chose 4-3 the map submitted by the Carter petitioners, who are connected to the National Redistricting Action Fund.

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, the strategies used by All On The Line and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee “are very similar to Obama’s ‘take over the suburbs‘ strategy to import democrat voters into conservative strongholds:”

Aggressively exploiting the infrastructure created during Obama’s presidential campaigns, Obama and Holder are fighting to ensure Democrat wins by redrawing America’s electoral maps in a way that benefits democrats and dilutes the republican vote…

All On The Line and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee have been amping up their efforts to minimize the damage to their highly discredited and radical political party.

In a mass email sent on Sunday, February 27, the NDRC zeroed in on Florida:

Another update from Florida and its 28 congressional seats. Far-right Governor Ron DeSantis has interfered in the redistricting process again by proposing another gerrymandered map that would cut the number of Florida’s majority-Black districts in half.

But voters aren’t taking it – they’re protesting his attempts to squash Black political power! Will you show your support for FAIR redistricting nationwide by chipping in before our end-of-month deadline?

Read about the states they are targeting and the specific lawsuits here.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Criminals thrive in America. The good fall by the wayside. The Democrats managed to eat the country from within like metastatic cancer. It’s not likely to survive another ten years.

  • Barack Hussein Obama is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to the United States. A documented communist his stated aim is to fundamentally change the U.S. His and the democrats vision is not even close to the vision of the Founding Fathers. Their overall goal, their utopia is World Socialist, no-borders, Government. Often referred to as The Great Reset.


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