WARNING: Communists Weaponize Fake Asian Hate Crime Narrative - Plot March 27th U.S. Protest

The mainstream media fails to mention that the Party of Liberation and Socialism (PSL) wants to “overthrow” America.

The Party of Liberation and Socialism (PSL) is organizing national protests scheduled for March 27, 2021 to further the strategically concocted left-wing narrative that Anti-Asian hate crimes are on the rise in the wake of a deadly attack on massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization is largely promoting the effort through their front group, the ANSWER Coalition.

PSL is a pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) group that is also behind the group “Pivot to Peace,” which was founded “to educate and mobilize public opinion” on United States Policy toward China, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA. Pivot to Peace is unsurprisingly one of the “endorsing organizations and individuals” of the national protests, along with several other PSL-linked groups and individuals, including several radical Marxist professors, such as Eric Mar of San Francisco University, Professor Carol Lang of CUNY and Kenneth Hammond of New Mexico State University.

The communist organization gets plenty of free publicity from the mainstream media, which fails to mention that the PSL describes themselves as “a revolutionary Marxist party” that “stands for the overthrow, dismantling and complete replacement of the core institutions of the capitalist state”. Anyone who takes the time to briefly glance at the PSL website can quickly see that this is a radical subversive organization.

The Atlanta Chapter of PSL posted an image of the front page of the Washington Post on Twitter:

The local news unwittingly gave the radical communist group some free press, as well:

WSB-TV Screenshot

In a mass email sent on March 19, 2021, PSL declared in part:

“The Asian American community suffers the brunt of the hatred fomented as a weapon of war. To date, there have been 3,800 self-reported hate crimes against Asian Americans.”

This oft-repeated number is from on online form from an organization called “Stop AAPI Hate,” whose founders work closely with a Maoist group called “Liberation Road,” as reported at RAIR. See their latest “report” here.

Stop AAPI Hate collects anonymous anecdotes about so-called “microaggressions” and “hate incidents” from anyone, without question, and adds the allegation to their database, which is then reported by the mainstream media as fact. There is no due process, no police reports, no opportunity for the accused to face their accusers, no convictions, and the alleged perpetrators of “hate” are not named.

The so-called Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, housed at California State University, San Bernardino, is also promoting the lie. A “Fact Sheet” published by the group has been widely used as evidence by the mainstream media that Anti‐Asian hate crimes have increased by “149%” in 2020. The Fact Sheet points readers to “Stop AAPI Hate” and “Asian Americans Advancing Justice”, yet another radical organization. The perpetrators of the hate crimes are not and will not be named, because doing so would dismantle the narrative.

The lies about anti-Asian hate crimes on the rise is repeated so often that even intelligent people are starting to believe it. The hate crime industry makes many accusations, but they never, ever provide the source data.

Read more on the fake hate crime narrative, and the Party of Liberation and Socialism:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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