WARNING: Defeat Disinfo PAC Spreads Propaganda to Trump Supporters In Battleground States

“The Defeat DisInfo Facebook ads are targeted at conservatives in ‘swing state towns’ and disguised as medical advice.”

Scroll down for desceptive Facebook ads by Defeat Disinfo.

On October 6th, a left-wing super PAC encouraged followers to fund an ad blast on Facebook bashing the President’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus. Defeat Disinfo, advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, was founded to discredit President Trump via social media. Their most recent campaign is aimed at conservatives who have attended the president’s rallies. In particular, Defeat Disinfo is targeting Trump supporters in Duluth, MN and Middletown, PA.

“Seize this moment, Team!” exclaimed the email blast, which asks supporters to give money for Facebook ads targeting “residents of…swing state towns”.

The email says in part:

“… there has never been a more effective time to bring home the message to the residents of these swing state towns that Trump’s disinformation and recklessness have put their lives at risk.”

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, “Defeat Disinfo” reportedly uses taxpayer-funded technology “developed to counter Islamic State propaganda” to attack President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. Defeat Disinfo is “an extension of” Main Street One, which floods social media with leftist narratives. While Main Street One is hired by unions and political campaigns to push an agenda, their strategy is to use existing (sometimes paid) social media influencers to appear organic.

The Defeat Disinfo email was signed by Ben Resnik, Chief of Staff at Main Street One, which he describes as “a Higher Ground Labs-funded startup helping repair the online discourse.” Speaking of repairing online discourse, Resnik once wrote an article posted at Medium titled “Let’s Actually Compare Trump to Hitler”.

Higher Ground Labs claims to have invested $15 million dollars in “start-ups building products that help progressives win.” Higher Ground Labs boasts a team that includes Obama administration officials such as Tommy Vieter and Jon Favreau and known Democratic heavy hitters such as co-founder of ActBlue Matt DeBergalis and Obama’s Organizing for America digital director Natalie Foster.

The Defeat Disinfo Facebook advertisements are disguised as medical advice. Their website reveals the goal of their campaign on social media in general:

“…our Covid Safe Communities campaign will promote content created by conservatives that voice concerns about the Coronavirus, contradicts Trump’s COVID-19 claims, or is generally critical of his handling of the pandemic.”

See the below ads that Defeat Disinfo intends to promote. Why not leave them a comment?

If one links back to thier Facebook page, it is clear that “Covid Safe Communities” is a fake page designed to instill doubt in Trump supporters.

Facebook Page (Archive)

Imagine if leftists could defend their positions instead of constantly engaging in deception?

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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