Warning: G7 Health Ministers and WHO Simulate New Pandemic -'Leopard Pox'

Gates Foundation and WHO participated in a simulation that predicted monkeypox outbreak nearly to the day.

The latest pandemic simulation game by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the health ministers of the G7 countries is based on a smallpox outbreak in 2023. A meeting featured a pandemic simulation, with the concept being that a new smallpox-like epidemic had suddenly emerged after someone was infected with the disease via a leopard bite. But, of course, this is just in time for the monkeypox outbreak. What a coincidence?!

The German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) hosted the meeting of the health ministers of the G7 countries on May 19 to 20, 2022, in Berlin. The “Leopard Pox” scenario was intended to simulate a pandemic outbreak at the conference. The German newspaper Bild came into possession of the “documents for the exercise of the ministers.” “Young people are disproportionately affected by ‘leopard smallpox’ – they often die from it,” according to the scenario. The text states:

On Thursday, the seven ministers will meet with Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (59, SPD) in Berlin and play through the course of a smallpox pandemic in 2023.”

The current planning game in Berlin is “Scenario ‘Leopard Pox.'” The script reads: “The organization announces a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” “The Organization” can only mean the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The scenario begins with the event of “a leopard biting a human and transmitting a dangerous smallpox virus to him.” Although unfortunately, it is not revealed where the encounter between animal and human took place (in the zoo, on a safari hunt, etc.). The research shows that most leopards nowadays live in sub-Saharan Africa. According to estimates, only about 14,000 of these assumed smallpox carriers still live in India.

The “infection caused by the bite then spreads exceptionally quickly and from person to person worldwide”. In three short videos, the ministers were then given a description of possible developments of the pandemic. Then they each have around 25 minutes to discuss what they would do. 

The cited paper then goes on to say:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) names the new disease in the scenario ‘Leopard Pox’. The organization announces a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern'”.

Pandemic Simulation Games

These are not the first pandemic simulation games.  They have already been carried out regularly over the past few years by many different groups ranging from politicians, scientists, finance and philanthropists. However, until recently, they have gone relatively unnoticed by the public. 

Below are some of the previously “games” that have taken place:

  • DarkWinter (2001) – The Dark Winter exercise, held at Andrews AFB, Washington, DC, June 22-23, 2001, portrayed a fictional scenario depicting a covert smallpox attack on U.S. citizens.
  • Global Mercury (2003) – The Department of State participated with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Health Ministries of seven other member nations of the Global Health Security Action Group in a tabletop Bioterrorism Exercise from September 8 – 10, 2003. The exercise, known as Global Mercury, simulated a smallpox bioterrorism attack on member countries. 
  • Atlantic Storm (2005) – was a ministerial exercise simulating the top-level response to a bioterror incident. The simulation operated on January 14, 2005, in Washington, D.C. It was created to reveal the current international state of preparedness and possible political and public health issues that might evolve from such a crisis.
  • Clade X (2018) – The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted the Clade X pandemic tabletop exercise on May 15, 2018, in Washington, DC. The purpose of the exercise was to illustrate high-level strategic decisions and policies that the United States and the world will need to pursue to prevent a pandemic or diminish its consequences should prevention fail.
  • the decisive event 201 (October 2019), based on the events of the past two years
  • and SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 (May 2020)

Globalists Predicted Monkeypox Outbreak Nearly to the Day

In March 2021, the World Health Organization and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation simulated the outbreak of a monkeypox pandemic. Also taking part in the exercise was the American, and Chinese RIVM, along with pharmaceutical giants Janssen and Merck.

The simulation predicted that the monkeypox outbreak would occur between May 15 and June 5, 2022. The WHO confirmed the first cases of monkeypox in May 2022.

Never before has an outbreak of monkeypox occurred outside of Africa. And now, suddenly, cases of monkeypox are confirmed in the same month as predicted by the simulation.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



    “JUST NOW: “They proceeded to walk out after that picture… sending a clear message they do not support Ukraine.”

    @RepMcCaul shares a picture of the Chinese delegating…sitting during a standing ovation for Pres. Zelensky in Davos.”


    • most major everything (govs corps trusts markets,) is controlled by lucifarians that’s why no one is arrested and indicted despite all the evidence needed. Until a person understands evil is out to steal kill and destroy they don’t get it. if you assume this is true and stat looking at what’s happening, with those eyes, it all all all makes sense,

      Do anyone really believe united wanted their piolets vaccinated to protect them?

  • Only God can keep the Devil worshiper from gaining 100% control.
    For some mysterious reason He is not.
    I have to assume He has given up on this Earth.
    My guess is, we are in for an “On The Beach,” (1959) situation or “Melencolia”
    (film 20—?) kind of situation.

    • No mystery and He told us it would happen. If you study His Word, particularly Revelation 11:13, you’ll find it. Biblically when people move away from God he removes His hand of protection. By no means has He “given up” on Earth. I believe He’s about to remake it and start pretty soon. But, in sadness, he has to destroy most of humanity before He can do the rebuild where sin and death are no more. Don’t let Satan and his minion men decieve you. That’s the path to destruction.

  • They are covering for the pox of Wuhan; yes wuhan caused a pox in many patients with Covid 19. The vaccines, and ReGen Cov treatment also did the same pox.

    If the virus don’t get ya the vaccine, ReGen, and the opportunistic diseases of the altered immune system will.

    Like HIV this is a long game germ warfare!

    God Help US

  • This world needs hope.
    Everywhere I go I see desperate faces looking into my eyes yearning for answers.
    I see them begging for Truth when they are surrounded by lies.
    I see them being punished by Authorities who themselves are the greatest Criminals the world has ever seen.
    I see them licking the lips of celebrities for Truth but being lied to and conned by them… same as it ever was…
    I see the tears behind their mask of confidence not knowing what is right and wrong.
    Grown men standing in their own way because they cannot admit that they know nothing and dare not to ask.
    This is why we need to make a statement… all of us.
    We set a world record for speed and they will not be able to ignore that.
    We will bankrupt all of their Business and establish a new Banking System based on ZEN with Freedom as the main currency.
    We will destroy their Oil Business and establish a world based on water as fuel using technology that is already here.

    • Your comment about people searching for answers reminds me of the country western song “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” The bar scene really has a poor track record on the love thing. If you’re really searching for answers might I suggest God and His Word that He has provided you? At one point in my life I was just like you with ho hope. All of that is gone now and I no longer worry. He’s got it all under control and I don’t worry or fret about it.


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