WARNING: Globalists Launch War on Doctors Who Question State Vaccination and Coronavirus Narratives (Video)

Dr. Giuseppe Delicati has been punished with a one-fifth salary cut for the next five months and risks losing his job for the following video…

An Italian family doctor who questioned the severity of the Chinese coronavirus “pandemic” and vaccine effectiveness has been punished with a one-fifth salary cut for the next five months. The punishment has been imposed on the former medical Air Force officer by the local health service in Turin despite evidence supporting the doctors claims as true. This physician is one of thirteen medical doctors in Italy and one of many across the free world whose careers are at risk for deviating from the state’s coronavirus narrative.

In an internet video from October 2020, Dr. Giuseppe Delicati raised serious doubts about the magnitude of the pandemic, the reliability of coronavirus tests, and the potential dangers of the seasonal flu vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine magnifying the effects of the virus, citing what the Ivrea prosecutor deems not credible sources. 

Dr. Giuseppe Delicati

The doctor addressed the potential correlation between the flu vaccine and/or pneumococcal vaccine, with the increased risk of death in the event of coronavirus infection.

Dr. Delicati explains that traditional vaccines use a weakened or killed virus in order to give the immune system something to learn from in the event of infection with the virus. However, these new injections are not at all vaccines in any way other than method of delivery. They are in actuality an injection of mRNA which trains your cells to produce components of the coronavirus in order to alert your immune system, a technique that is being used in an unprecedented way. The doctor also warns of “provoking terrible autoimmune illnesses”, a concern echoed by Prominent virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

According to the doctor, further research is needed on whether the flu vaccine and/or pneumococcal vaccine increases the severity of the coronavirus. Furthermore, he is requesting the mRNA vaccination undergo more testing before being administered to the population. 

Watch the following video by Dr. Giuseppe Delicati which has led to his persecution:

Persecution of Doctors

Disciplinary proceedings against 13 doctors the state considers to be downplaying the gravity of the coronavirus “pandemic” and opponents of the gene-altering coronavirus vaccines were also initiated by the Medical Chamber in Rome. The proceedings were based on the statements of medics on social media and television.

The doctors who have been under investigation include supporters of the notion that “it is like the flu”, and have raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine. The head of the Roman Medical Chamber, Antonio Magi, said that such arguments would not be tolerated.

One of the doctors, Mariano Amici from Ardea, said he is not against vaccinations, but has doubts about the controversial Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine which is now being given in Italy. He states on his website that he is shocked by the health risks associated with such mRNA vaccines. He doubts whether they are suitable for fighting disease whose mortality is close to 0.05%”, states the doctor.

Recently, Amici said the new British variant of coronavirus “confirms what I’ve been saying for months: the vaccine against a virus that has changed so many times now threatens to be ineffective and even dangerous.”

Dr. Amici warns the risks of the mRNA vaccine may be greater than the benefits, especially because it has not been sufficiently tested.

Neurologist Jan Bonte, who was terminated by his employer last year after the criticizing the state’s coronavirus measures, stated on Twitter : “In any case, the Italian doctors are no longer allowed to express their doubts about the vaccines against the coronavirus…..”

RAIR Foundation USA has reported on numerous incidents of doctors who have been persecuted for defying the state’s coronavirus narrative (see here, here, and here).

Just recently in the United States, Dr. Steven LaTulippe, a retired Air Force officer and practicing physician for more than 20 years, lost his medical license after speaking out about face masks. Specifically, the doctor said masks don’t do much when it comes to stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Dr. LaTulippe’s license was suspended after the medical board declared that he “presents a serious danger to the public health and safety.” A defense fund has been set up for this doctor, a hero who served in the military for two decades, to help fund his legal fight to restore his medical license.

Doctors Must Receive the Vaccination

The investigation of medical professionals in Europe comes amid growing concern by left-wing European Union leaders that public scepticism over the coronavirus vaccine could undermine their agenda. In many countries, including Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden, public scepticism over coronavirus vaccines is thought to be extremely high. EU leaders are now panicking and pushing for more pressure on doctors to conform to their arbitrary and unscientific findings.

A medical organisation in Italy, the Italian Federation of Medical Professional Associations (FNOMCEO), is now calling to remove doctors who are refusing to be vaccinated.

FNOMCEO’s president, Filippo Anelli, reported to the media that around 100 medics were unwilling to receive the immunisation, adding that vaccine scepticism was “incompatible with the profession because it denied the scientific evidence.”

Socialist Pierpaolo Sileri, Italy’s deputy health minister and a professor of surgery, slammed his vaccine sceptic colleagues. “I am perplexed when I hear of fellow doctors or nurses reluctant to get the vaccine,” he said. “I can understand it regarding a member of the public who perhaps does not have the scientific understanding . . . but frankly, I think that those doctors and nurses, if they still have doubts after seeing everything that’s happened, are probably in the wrong job.”

The deputy minister fears that too many people may choose not to get vaccinated and some sort of mandatory vaccination program will have to be enacted,  “If we spend a year, a year and a half and we realize that a part of the country has not had the vaccine – some form of obligation will have to be thought of “.

Left-wing led governments and their medical appointees believe they are the arbiters of truth and only they can regulate which state approved doctors will be in practice. If the government will adjudicate “truth,” how does one ever criticize the government? This should sound warning alarms to all citizens.

Coronavirus Tyranny Launched in Italy

The coronavirus tyranny in the West started in Italy. RAIR has reported on the deep alliance between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who imposed China’s globalist “Health Silk Road” initiative on Italy. This initiative opened Northern Italy to direct flights entering from Wuhan, ground zero of the coronavirus.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Rome, Italy, March 23, 2019. (Xinhua/Lan Hongguang)

Italy served as the launch-pad for tyrannical coronavirus mandates, as acknowledged by Professor Neil Ferguson, the disgraced supervisor of the Imperial College study whose dire predictions led to global lock-downs. In an interview published on Christmas, Ferguson said that it was surprising that a supposedly free country such as Italy would allow themselves to be treated with lockdowns like those in Communist China.

“It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with [lock-downs] in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could,” he said. 

Citizens across the globe must pay great attention to the persecution of physicians in Italy and elsewhere, and fight against it. 

Silencing Dissenters: The “Disinformation” Lie

Powerful left-wing groups are accusing people of “disinformation” to distract from their tyrannical ambitions.

The “Trusted News Initiative” (TNI) is one of of many powerful organizations deployed to silence “those questioning the necessity and safety of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.” The TNI is a left-wing operation composed of international media outlets and big tech companies who have joined forced to silence dissent to their narratives.

As previously reported at RAIR, a Clinton-tied subversive organization called “Accountable Tech,” “spearheaded a letter to Joe Biden pressuring him to use the resources of the federal government to suppress dissent on the vaccine.” The Accountable Tech letter, dated December 21, 2020, was signed by numerous left-wing organizations.

No organization or government should be deciding what is worthy and what is unworthy of being published. The only way to counter “disinformation” is to let people speak freely, research the facts, then present a counter-argument. The marketplace of ideas will decide if information is accepted.

For left-wing leaders, the coronavirus crisis is offering a convenient pretext to silence critics and consolidate power. Any doctor who gets in their way and refuses to fall in line will be cancelled.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the following translation:

My name is Giuseppe Delicati. I am an ex-medical officer in the Air Force, and now I am a family doctor, also active in the hospital field.

So I wanted to make a request of you for the next anti-flu vaccine.

Given that Dr. Tarro, Professor [Giulio] Tarro, actually, has revealed an interaction between the anti-flu vaccine and Covid-19, I’ve made two requests to ASL [Azienda Sanitaria Locale] to be able to talk about this interaction.

The director of ASL has not yet answered me, and it is known with certainty from a Pentagon website that the virus, the Coronavirus, undergoes an activation by the action of the anti-flu vaccination.

And it has been revealed, in fact, that of the deaths in Bergamo last year, everyone had been vaccinated with the anti-flu vaccine and had also received the pneumococcal vaccine.

Now, given that I have sent two requests to ASL to be able to do this disposition [unintelligible] and received no response, I am making this video to raise awareness with everyone given that… this vaccine has been solicited this year, certainly with great anticipation.

Normally, the vaccination campaign begins from November 15 and goes until December 31, considering the influenza reaches its peak in January, January or February.

So this year, it was anticipated that from 26 or 27 October the campaign for vaccinations could begin. This raised my suspicion.

And moreover, at the same time the vaccination for Covid was also proposed. Now it is known with certainty that the American researcher, Judy Mikovits, demonstrated first of all, that the virus, practically speaking, never having been isolated, let us say in this case, it is not a vaccine, which as far is Covid is concerned, the vaccinated virus is mitigated as with influenza, but from fragments of RNA, which combined with our DNA, transforming itself into trans-genetic organisms and provoking terrible auto-immune sicknesses in the vaccinated subjects.

Now, returning to the initial discussion of this interaction between the activation of Corona virus and the flu vaccine, I wanted to propose to you, colleagues, the analyses of some samples of these vaccines that will arrive which we [unintelligible] possession on the part of Dr. [Stefano] Montanari.

Considering that this researcher discovered in the pneumococcal vaccines, for example, DNA from aborted fetuses.

If we were to find, in the next flu vaccine, these quote “impurities”, it is clear that would make us responsible for a crime, for an injurious act on our patients, and we clearly would be legally punishable.

So I wanted to clarify for everyone, let us proclaim ourselves united and to disseminate this video to be able to precisely, ask all [unintelligible], to examine these samples, these samples of vaccines.

Another thing that I wanted to bring up is that, unfortunately, this… this, let us call it this… pseudo-pandemic Corona… Covid, because the numbers are not there to call it a pandemic compared to the Spanish flu which caused 50 million deaths, compared to the Asian flu, which caused 2 million, this pandemic — we call it a pandemic — piloted, planned pandemic, has caused less than 400,000 deaths in the… and what makes you think more, what makes you mad is that many…practically, consider as infected those subjects who are simply given swabs that test positive.

Now, over 80% of swabs are swabs that are giving false positives and in 15% of cases, results that are false negative.

Therefore, it is clear that the swab “campaign” should hold off just a bit, and hold off just to provide evidence within the population, the presence of traces of RNA, for which establishment of historical data cannot be determined with certainty, while it would be more important to do a blood test for the detection of IgG-IgM anti-bodies to have a better diagnosis, and especially to be more datable.

We will be in contact again, because this will only be the first of a series of videos that I will continue to make.

Good day, colleagues.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • I made my donation in a post that I have put up in the comments section on Facebook but will offer to add it to your comments here if requested. I have been suspicious for a year since this started and had theories and was searching for Facts to back my theories up by Medical professionals.

  • XXI century in the allegedly the most democratic countries (Italy/USA/Britain …) and we see so low/forceful silencing some medical specialists when they present their legitimate opinions. So, where are we? Yes, inside devilish dictatures.


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