WARNING: Joe Biden’s Radical HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge is a Threat to America (watch)

Like so many others in the Biden Administration, the former member of congress is a radical leftist with ties to dangerous organizations.

Left-wing activist Marcia Fudge was sworn in this week as the 18th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Like so many others in the Biden Administration, the former member of congress is a radical leftist with ties to dangerous organizations. Her role at HUD will most assuredly be marred by corruption, cronyism and wasteful spending.

Marcia Fudge, a long time member of Congress, has engaged in radical activity during her tenure. Here is a sample:

  • As a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Marcia Fudge has made numerous overtures to “normalize relations with Cuba.” Fudge travelled to Cuba in 2009 with some of the most radical members of Congress, where she met with Cuban President Communist dictator Raúl Castro.
  • Dozens of progressive groups signed a letter requesting that Joe Biden appoint Marcia Fudge as the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). They claimed in part that Fudge would “address the Department’s legacy of discrimination against Black and other historically-underserved farmers” and strengthen welfare programs.
  • Marcia Fudge has repeatedly praised the HAMAS-Linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and further signed a letter of support for CAIR in September 2018.
  • During the 2014 Ferguson riots, Fudge joined a delegation to “empower the Ferguson activist community.”
  • Fudge was loudly critical of the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who was accused of murdering Michael Brown but found innocent of the charges against him.
  • Fudge has fought against state requirements for identification for voting alongside Jesse Jackson.

Steve Phillips Connection

RAIR Foundation USA spoke with filmmaker and researcher Trevor Loudon to dig into one of Marcia Fudge’s most enduring and concerning associations: Her “deep connection” with Steve Phillips, who Loudon describes as a “a mega-wealthy self-identified student of ‘Marx, Mao, and Lenin'”. Phillips has “huge resources” which he bestows on “socialist and communist-led groups” to promote and elect radical leftists of color to all levels of office, Soros-style.

Steve Phillips is incredibly influential, and was one of the main forces behind Barack Obama’s rise to victory, as he “quietly engineered an $11-million outside spending effort boosting then-Sen. Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.”

Marcia Fudge has long been tied to Steve Philips’ organization “PowerPAC+”, which promotes a “Rainbow Coalition” strategy revisited from Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign in the 1980’s. Fudge, who worked on Jackson’s campaign in 1984, claimed that the late Arnold Pinkney, Jesse Jackson’s “political strategist and the manager” was a “friend and an astute political mentor”.

Steve Phillips also founded the “Democracy Alliance”, a “secretive” group of elitist billionaires which includes George Soros and Tom Steyer. A very revealing 2014 Politico article about Phillips’ PowerPAC+ featured Marcia Fudge and the aggressive effort to get “consulting contracts to minority firms”.

File:Race torace.JPG
Marcia Fudge Featured on Promotional Flyer for PowerPAC+

On August 13, 2019, Trevor Loudon published an article at the Epoch Times headlined “The Rainbow Coalition Re-visited: Why Kamala Harris Will Be the Democratic Presidential Nominee.” In the article, Loudon laid out how Kamala Harris’ connection to the Steve Philips “machine” would make her a very difficult candidate to beat in 2020. “Expect to see Kamala Harris steadily rise to the top of the Democratic Party rankings,” Loudon wrote at the time.

Watch the swearing-in ceremony:

Also see RAIR’s coverage of Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior, the Communist Party USA-supported Deb Haaland, Biden’s new head of the Department of Homeland Security, Pro-Amnesty activist Alejandro Mayorkas, and Biden’s new Deputy Director of the National Economic Council Sameera Fazili, “an essential voice to the anti-Indian Islamic movement in the U.S.”

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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