WARNING: Joe Biden's Terror-Tied Appointee Sameera Fazili is a Threat to U.S. and India (Video)

Sameera Fazili is a member of Stand With Kashmir (SWK), a radical Islamic supremacist organization tied to Pakistan that is fighting for Kashmiri Separatism and against U.S. interests.

Newly installed Democratic President Joe Biden took a strong stance against India, an important U.S. ally, and America when he appointed radical Sameera Fazili to his administration. The controversial new Deputy Director of the National Economic Council has become an essential voice for the anti-Indian Islamic movement in the U.S. 

The Biden appointee, Kashmiri-origin Indian-American Sameera Fazili, recently became the first terror-tied hijabi-wearing woman to conduct a White House Press Briefing in U.S. history.

Fazili is one of two Kashmiri-origin Indian-American members appointed to key positions in Biden’s team alongside Aisha Shah, the partnership manager at the White House Office of Digital Strategy.

Kashmir is the seat of ancient Hindu spirituality and has always been intimately connected to India. However, over the past century, the area turned from predominantly Hindu and Buddhist to majority Islamic. As a result, Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs were killed, driven out, and forced to convert to Islam. Today, Muslims constitute 67% of the population, the Hindus approximately 30%, the Buddhists 1%, and the Sikhs 2% of the population.

To this day, jihadis trained and armed by Pakistan continue to purge Kashmir of its native Hindu and Sikh population.

Pakistan is waging a terrorist campaign to carve out a separate Islamic country in that part of India using Jihadis and their radical left-wing supporters who have aspirations of turning Kashmir into another “Islamic State.”

Since the partition of India in 1947, which established the two independent states of India and Pakistan, there has been a myriad of conflicts within the region. Islamic Pakistan has invaded and attempted to claim the territory, along with various separatist and terrorist groups demanding independence from India. In addition, Pakistan has infiltrated soldiers into Indian Kashmir, assisted anti-Indian and anti-Hindu Muslim terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir, and sponsored many murderous operations inside India.

India’s Article 370 and 35A

On August 5, 2019, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose to repeal discriminatory Article 370 and 35A, a move supported by then President Donald Trump. The repeal ended the “temporary provision” that granted the state of Jammu and Kashmir a special autonomous status within the Indian union. As a result, Jammu and Kashmir are now governed by the same laws applicable to other Indian citizens.

India is a secular country that believes that regardless of one’s religious beliefs or gender, they should be governed by the same set of laws and enjoy the same freedoms. However, Islamic majority Jammu and Kashmir laws only supported Muslim’s freedoms and rights.

Article 370 supported the Muslim majority population to discriminate against and drive out non-Muslim minorities. Hindus and other minorities were not given such things as; property rights: the right to pursue government jobs or professions of their choosing. The only way for a minority to be given rights was to marry a Muslim.

Article 370 helped Pakistan create an Islamic nation and secure an all-Muslim or Muslim majority population. If any woman of Jammu and Kashmir married a person of another state, the citizenship of that woman would end. On the other hand, if she marries a man from Pakistan, her husband will get Jammu and Kashmir citizenship.

Sharia law was applicable to women in Kashmir, and child marriages were legal under article 370. However, women in Jammu and Kashmir are now given equal status and can do such things as buy real estate and transfer property to children, even if they get married to a non-resident.

Minorities were reduced to non-entities due to the discrimination legitimized by Article 370. LGBTQ could be thrown into jails.

Only people who lived in Jammu and Kashmir were allowed to buy land, while they could buy land anywhere in India. Citizens of India will now get a chance to settle and extend their businesses in Jammu & Kashmir.

Watch journalist Katie Hopkins discuss the ending of Article 370,

Watch India’s Rajya Sabha TV in-depth report on Article 370,

Terror activities in Kashmir were also dealt a deafening blow with the end of Article 370. Terror operations in Kashmir were strangled when the Indian government barred the communications network in Jammu & Kashmir. Many of the terrorists went underground, and some moved to other states in India. Those with direct and indirect links with terror operatives were detained with no mobility to create chaos. 

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s abrogation of Article 370 has made the Indian states safer. For example, the number of terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir in 2020 decreased by 63.93 percent compared to the corresponding period in 2019.

Biden appointee Fazili, like Turkey, China, and Pakistan and the newly installed U.S. Democrat administration, has been a vocal critic of India’s Kashmir policy which aims to foster peace and development in the terror infested region. Fazili is an outspoken proponent of Kashmiri Separatism and a vocal supporter of radical groups fighting for it to have autonomous status.

Stand With Kashmir (SWK)

Days after India abrogated Article 370, Fazili helped organize a terror-tied anti-India protest within the USA. The event was sponsored by Muslim-Brotherhood front groups, Al-Qaeda sympathizers, Pakistani-tied terrorist groups, jihadis, and left-wing communist groups operating in America.

Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) proudly flaunted Fazili’s participation in the radical-led protests. In a press release, CAIR presented Fazili as a Stand With Kashmir (SWK) member, a radical Islamic supremacist organization fighting for Kashmiri Separatism. In a statement to CAIR, Fazili chose to demonize India, its secular governance, political leadership, and Hindu majority.

We urge people of conscience to come out and show support and solidarity for the people of Kashmir as authoritarianism and Islamophobia rise around the world, from India to the United States to Europe. Come show your support for human rights, international law, and democracy.” 

Islamic radicals and communist organizations in the United States have been working with the SWK to target India since the shadowy group was first formed in 2019. From Muslim-Brotherhood linked groups Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim American Society (MAS), CAIR to Communist-tied groups such as Black Lives Matter, Women’s March, Jewish Voice for Peace, and “Climate Change” organizations, the SWK partners with fellow extremists.

It is not surprising the United States, and the anti-semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) are also working with the SWK to target democratic India. Much like how the radical left-wing BDS movement targets the only Jewish State and the only democracy in the region.

IIn early 2019, New York-based journalist Azad Essa published an op-ed declaring that “when it comes to Palestine and Kashmir, India and Israel are oppressors-in-arms.” According to Essa, “Free Gaza” and “India Go Home” are the same message to those who champion the cause of separating Kashmir. Essa insists that both the issues surrounding Kashmir and Israel represent the same sort of “settler-colonialism” theme and are, in essence, the same issue.

The terror-tied SWK allegedly advocates for the self-determination of the Kashmiri people. It produces compelling and emotional propaganda for Kashmiri autonomy and details what it claims are India’s human rights violations and military occupation of the region. However, the organization’s intentions appear to be even more sinister than they claim.

The groups have mastered exploiting identity politics, political correctness, and virtue signaling to influence political leaders and policy throughout the West. SWK runs conferences, workshops, social media hashtag campaigns, and political drives to demonize India and garnish international support.

According to journalist Karys Rhea, the SWK group asserts that India’s PM Modi is an evil fascist who hates Muslims and has deployed his Hindu supremacist military forces to violently oppress Muslim-Kashmiris. It also claims India has engaged in brutal human rights violations against Muslim-Kashmiris. Meanwhile, the radical SWK praises Pakistani terrorist Prime Minister Imran Khan and claims he is “a humanitarian.”

The SWK is backed by the Pakistani government and one of their most dangerous and violent Jihadist movements, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). The JI and its followers believe in a theocratic Islamic caliphate that subjugates women, gays, Jews, and other apostates under the rule of Shariah. in 2019, India banned JI from Kashmir for five years for supporting terrorism after a suicide bombing that killed 42 people.

Jamaat-e-Islami has exported its disturbing ideology of political Islam from its base in South Asia to the US and beyond, through organizations, including ICNA. Throughout the US, ICNA placed billboards across the U.S. in support of the SWK,

The Pakistani government even went so far as to place “Stand With Kashmir” billboards ins New York’s Times Square:

The Middle East Forum uncovered that SWK also works to lionize and defend violent Jihadis and terrorist groups that committed to the murder of Indian troops and civilians.

India is not “occupying” Kashmir as the SWK group claims. Kashmir is already part of India. India is waging war against Islamic terrorism, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Indian civilians and security personnel.

The Biden Administration allows the SWK to operate freely in The United States, despite their apparent connections to terror-tied groups and individuals. The organization is even exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, all donations are eligible for tax deduction. SWK even uses a US crowdfunding platform, Launch Good, to raise funds for its anti-India activities.

With the appointment of Fazili, radical foreign-tied organizations like Stand With Kashmir will increase their influence in the Democratic Party and over the U.S. government. We urge you to call your state’s political leaders and report your concerns about Fazili, the SWK, and their tax-exempt status. Our tax dollars should not be used to harm our country or allies.

RAIR Foundation USA will continue to monitor Fazili’s subversive connections and radical actions.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • This article is a breath of fresh air. The main stream media has been taken over by people with an opinion to promulgate. What I can’t understand is how can the democrats not see the forest of freedom for the trees of minority appeasement. Hindu culture has “acceptance” built into its ethos. Whereas almost every other religion peddles “tolerance” in the name of peace and harmony. Since when did you enjoy having dinner everyday with someone that you could only tolerate. These extremists in Biden administration are pushing a venomous agenda that can spread like cancer.


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