WARNING: Left-Wing Fights To Morph Pandemic Lockdowns into Climate Lockdowns

Under a “climate lockdown,” left-wing groups propose governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling.

Lockdowns across the globe triggered by the coronavirus pandemic this year shut down businesses, took cars off roads and kept huge portions of population at home, ostensibly causing a reduction in hydrocarbon emissions. Based on the drop in emissions, “Climate change” activists are proposing we morph pandemic lockdowns into climate lockdowns, permanently.

Under a “climate lockdown,” left-wing groups propose governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling.

To avoid such a lockdown scenario the left is demanding we overhaul our economic structures and “do capitalism differently.” This is exactly what the World Economic Forum is calling for under the umbrella of their “Great Reset“. By doing things “differently”, they really mean the citizens would own nothing and they would own everything.

Leaders such as Germany’s Social Democratic MP Karl Lauterbach, is already suggesting restrictions ‘similar’ to Coronavirus lockdowns to fight climate change.

As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, Climate scientist Tom Harris warned “governments will use the so-called ‘climate crisis’ to lock down citizens in the same way the coronavirus is being used to strip citizens of their rights.” He explained that their goal “is a complete societal shutdown almost indefinitely.”

One year ago, the idea of “climate lockdowns” would seem absurd. However, after watching citizens across the world surrender their freedoms for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, they seem more than possible, even likely.

The following article was posted by German newsite JournalistenWatch:

Air instead of quality of life: The Admonishers Club DUH is happy about the lockdown standstill

“What began with viruses and aerosols is eagerly taken up by environmental activists and climate-protection enthusiasts who are keen on regulation, in order to make everything that is natural and livable in the future too lousy, to give us a guilty conscience and make us understand the sheer existence of humans as a malfunction: The Admonishers Club “German Environmental Aid Association” (DUH) would like to continue the lockdown forever — because after its end air pollution will increase again.

Jürgen Resch, managing director of the dubious lobbying organization with a clearly anti-auto industry and therefore anti-key economy agenda, complained on Saturday in the Rheinische Post that nitrogen dioxide pollution especially in the cities will rise again after the lockdown: “ We fear that pollution with nitrogen dioxide, the diesel exhaust poison, will increase significantly again when people are once again more mobile at the end of the lockdown, but try to avoid buses and trains and get into the car instead.” That is why the cities now have to “set the framework conditions right” and, within a few weeks, significantly expand and improve the cycling infrastructure so that people “at the beginning of spring use the bicycle instead of the car.”

These are definitely the problems that are currently bothering Germany and its municipalities. Unused, crumbling inner cities, hundreds of thousands of imminent bankruptcies, business closings, millions of people who already no longer know how to make ends meet in the future — but so-called “environmental officials” take possible air pollution, in a country that already has strictest exhaust and pollutant emission standards in the world, as a pretext to abuse people with new rules of conduct and nuisance.

More cycle paths and driving bans in dead city centers

And just as the pandemic-obsessed argue vis-à-vis Corona, who reduce our entire existence and the responsibility of politics exclusively to a selective protection of life from certain viruses (and hide all collateral damage caused by it), for Resch every end justifies the means even in lockdown: what always helps “air quality” has to be good. Looking at a pollutant report presented on Friday by the North Rhine-Westphalian Environment Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser (CDU), Resch cheered the “quality increase”: “However, the effect of the Corona pandemic was much stronger than assumed by the state government.” At the same time, Resch sees the improved air quality as a success of his DUH lawsuits, which gave Germans a series of driving bans: “It is gratifying to see that our complaints about clean air are finally having an effect.”

Somebody like the DUH functionary would probably prefer eternal standstill in the cities, a return to the emission values of the Roman Empire. Clean air, but no more life? In some skulls, ideological obstinacy has already gone that far. Another case of “Operation successful, patient dead”… this once again parallels the lockdown. (DM)”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • World Economic Forum and the Great Reset gang, including the “climate lockdown,” left-wing groups are TERRORIST ORGANISATIONS, and the responsibles should immediately be jailed for crimes against humanity!


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