Warning Parents: Over 17k Teachers Demand Biden Impose Transgender Agenda - Is Your Child's 'Educator' on the list?

Is your child being indoctrinated by a teacher who signed this letter?

Earlier this month, over 17,000 teachers submitted an open letter to installed puppet Joe Biden asking him to shut down legislation that thwarts the anti-scientific transgender agenda for school children and teenagers.

The letter (embedded below) manages to bash President Trump and “conservatives” who do not believe children can consent to life-altering puberty blockers and self-mutilation. The letter is far from academic, accusing pro-children, pro-family laws currently in varying stages in state legislatures to be “anti-trans”.

Painting legislation broadly as “anti-trans” reminds this author of a quote from Frederick Douglass:

It is a frequent and favorite device of an indefensible cause to misstate and pervert the views of those who advocate a good cause.”

In part, the letter calls parents to be left out of the discussion about their child’s sexuality citing “privacy.”

School personnel should not be mandated to violate a student’s privacy by disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity to the parents or guardians without the young person’s consent.”

Please read RAIR Foundation USA’s coverage of brave dad Robert Hoogland, whose then-six grader was “encouraged to change from a girl to a boy by her teachers.”

Further, watch RAIR’s exclusive interview with activist dad Chris Elston, whose arm was broken by Antifa as he carried signs that contradict the vision of the gender fluidity mob.

Chris Elston

Written by Harper Keenan, Professor of Gender and Sexuality Research in Education, University of British Columbia, the letter was signed by “educators and scholars”. According to his biography, Keenan “is interested in those social issues that many adults find difficult to talk about with children – things like racism, gender, sexuality, and violence.”

Keenen founded the “Trans Educators Network,” which “consists of a listserv of transgender, genderqueer, and/or non-binary identified educators, primarily those working with PreK-12 populations across the United States…”

Is your child being indoctrinated by a teacher who signed this letter?

17,300+ Teachers Sign Open Letter to Biden in Favor of Child Mutilation by Noyb Nal on Scribd

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Teachers? By whose standards? They are complicit in changing and poisoning your children. People better rise up and exactly determine what these morons can and can’t do to influence your kids minds. I suggest those who want this, must be evaluated to determine if they are fit to teach anybody. My answer to these leftists? LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE. They shouldn’t be called teachers. Brain Washers should be their title. Nothing against Trans people. They are who they are. And so are our kids. Mind your business. Leave our kids out of it.

    • Unbelievable!!! That ANY true AMERICAN would allow this utter nonsense in our school systems!!! What’s next Transgender dogs and cats? These MORONS are doing ONE THING VERY VERY SUCCESSFULLY!!!! Showing God fearing Americans how IMPORTANT home schooling is….TO SAVING OUR NATION FROM THESE COMMUNIST!!!


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