WARNING: Upcoming Virginia Caravan Rally Under Threat by Fake 'Healthcare Professionals' with Personal Camera Crews

“…it is clear that there is an agenda to shame people into staying home”

About a thousand patriots took part in the Reopen Virginia drive-in rally earlier this month to pressure Governor Ralph Northam to ease the coronavirus lock-down. Witnesses claim that the mainstream media was not very interested in their message, but was focused instead on the counter-protesters: alleged healthcare professionals with their own camera crews standing in traffic.

RAIR Foundation USA spoke with an organizer of the inspiring event, where people drove their “20 plus blocks” of cars around Capitol Square, honking horns, waving signs and American flags. 

A member of the Reopen Virginia Coalition told RAIR that she created the Facebook page now called “Virginians for Constitutional Rights 2020” on Easter Sunday. Currently, the group is organizing a similar caravan rally to be held on May 6, 2020 at 1:00 pm.

Map for May 6 rally provided by Reopen Virginia Coalition

As of the time of this writing, their Facebook page has over 34,000 members, although it is not easy to find on Facebook without a direct link:

Facebook Screenshot taken April 30, 2020

According to member of the Reopen Virginia Coalition, there was a buzz about the “fake nurse/doctor routine happening in Denver,” where another similar rally took place on Sunday, April 19, 2020. “I have a close friend that lives in Colorado and confirmed that it was a set up,” the organizer told RAIR, who further described the scene:

“I let my group know to be on the lookout for this at our event and to record or take photos! On the day of the rally, I was in a vehicle with one of my main [Facebook] admins…. We were stopped at a red light but even when it turned green there was no moving- there were just so many vehicles… [We were] remarking how there were nurses walking around outside the hospital when suddenly [a fellow admin] started shouting that the FAKE nurse had just attempted their photo op in front of the SUV in front of us! That was what [another friend] originally caught was their first attempt and then they continue[d] across the street.”

According to the organizer, the “impostor” had his own “camera crew” as they were “constantly together.” In fairness, anyone can buy scrubs.

As for the alleged healthcare professionals, it is clear that there is an agenda to shame people into staying home. Ironically, these same “caring” healthcare professionals disregard the negative health consequences of increased drug and alcohol use, major job losses, depression, families unable to put food on the table – all of which could lead to violence, domestic abuse and suicide. Negative health impacts are unintended potential outcomes of this lockdown, which was based on faulty models from the beginning.

The mainstream media is not sympathetic to families who want to get back to work so that they can feed their families and pay their bills. Instead, many imply that families are acting in greed, seeking to endanger others with the coronavirus despite all indications that healthy people rarely get sick. Sick people should be quarantined. Healthy people should be caring for the sick.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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