Was Andrew Tate's Conversion To Islam Just Another Scheme

Everything that Tate promotes is purposefully designed to raise him up high on a pedestal, while all of his social “down-line” desperately attempt to achieve what they view as success.

The recent oversaturation of coverage on Andrew and Tristan Tate has many people inquiring about just exactly who these brothers are; many seem surprised that they’d not heard of them until their arrest. 

Tate’s controversial background

Andrew Tate was born to mother Eileen Tate, and father, Master International Chess Champion Emory Tate, on December 1, 1986, in Washington, D.C., but he grew up in a borough named Bedfordshire -Luton, England.


Emory Tate started coaching Andrew at 3, and Andrew claims that he won the championship title in Indiana by the age of 5 against a 16-year-old opponent. However, RAIR has been unable to find any record to support Andrew’s claim. Chess was not as popular in England, and Tate soon shifted his focus to kickboxing, where he excelled as well. By 2008 “King Cobra” Tate was ranked as Britain’s 7th-best light heavyweight kickboxer by the International Sport Kickboxing Association.

Tate was thrust into the public eye in 2016 when he appeared on the 17th edition of the British reality TV show Big Brother, which garnered many new followers. However, after only six days on the show, Tate’s erratic behavior, both on set and in his private life, would cause the production team to give him the boot. During Tate’s brief appearance on the show, he displayed both racist and homophobic remarks, but a video of Tate hitting a woman with a belt is what ultimately caused Tate to be released from filming. Tate has claimed several things about what appear to be violent acts against women, including “role-playing,” BDSM, and overtly stating it’s a successful way to control women. However, the woman in the video claims it was consensual.

“I said, ‘Tell the camera that I beat you because you don’t do as I say.’”Andrew Tate

Shortly after Tate had become somewhat of a household name, he started an online business with his younger brother Tristan that offered courses to young men on how to meet and treat women and acquire wealth. 

Course names like How to be a G, Tristan Tate God Mode, and Hustler University, a blatant pyramid scheme, available for $49.99 a month. 

Tate claims he was “trying to teach respect” to young men with his courses and presence on social media, but in 2019 the video above resurfaced and once again made its rounds online. 

In April 2022, the Tate brothers were accused of holding women against their will and forcing them to work as cam-girls in their home in Romania. After an investigation of human trafficking and rape charges by DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism), the Tate brothers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

By December of 2022, Andrew and Tristan Tate, along with two females, were arrested on suspicion of forming an organized crime group and human trafficking. Oddly enough, it was reported at the time that Andrew doxed his location in a video clip showing Tate eating pizza from a Jerry’s Pizza box after an online spat with WEF darling Gretta Thornberg.

Over the past several months, there has been lots of chatter online about the Tate brothers, including a claim that Andrew had cancer at one point. Alleged victims of the brothers also had text messages leaked which appear to show the women were making up their claims, but these have been heavily edited by fans, with several different versions now available. So whether or not there is any legitimacy to these claims is still up in the air.

The most recent update on the Tate brothers comes from The Sun, which reported today that the Tates’ release date appeals they have both been denied and will remain incarcerated. 

Conversion to Islam, Trashing of Christianity

The Tate brothers’ influence on men is not limited to just trying to acquire wealth and beautiful women. In a November 2022 interview with Zuby, host of ‘Real Talk with Zuby’ podcast, Andrew Tate explains why he converted to Islam. Zuby reminds Tate of how he was very vocal about being an atheist in 2019 and asked him to explain his journey from atheism to “cucked Christianity” to being a practicing Muslim.

“Christianity and Islam have a lot in common. They worship a lot of the same people,” Tate says. “When I look at Christianity in its current form, I don’t think that they can be right in terms of their interpretation of God because if they are correct, God would give them the strength to defend themselves, and they don’t. Christianity doesn’t mean anything anymore; if the Christian interpretation of God was correct, then God would be giving them strength to resist, but they don’t resist anything. I don’t believe Christians have preserved a single thing in modern times.”

Andrew tells Zuby that seeing a TikTok three weeks before the Zuby interview featuring the first drag-queen Methodist preacher sealed the deal for his conversion. “If you have a belief system that nobody will fight to defend, then you don’t have beliefs. If nobody fights to defend it, it goes away.”

Andrew continues, “There is one religion on the planet today in which people stand up for the rules they stick by, the rules they refuse to be mocked, and they refuse to completely throw away their values and belief systems under the guise of tolerance because they don’t want to be tolerant of everything. They said no, we’re not tolerant of everything because when you’re tolerant of everything, you have no morality. That’s what we talked about earlier. Baseline morality means there are some things you’re intolerant of because you’re a moral person. So to be moral, you have to be intolerant to a degree. There’s one religion on the planet, and that’s Islam. So if I’m going to worship God in a way that is true to my own personal beliefs, also what I understand about the world, what I understand about strength, what I understand about defending ideals, then there’s only one religion on Earth I can respect. I can’t respect Christians anymore.”

Tate says Christians allow themselves and their religion to be mocked constantly and that Christians are cowards for allowing it. “I don’t believe God would allow you to sit there and be such a coward.”

“There’s only one religion left on the planet. That’s Islam, that’s it,” Tate declares.

In addition, Andrew was photographed holding a Quran shortly after the Zuby interview on January 26, 2023. 

Image Source: CNN

Andrew Tate’s behavior is the opposite of anything Islam teaches. Still, how many of his fans are closely following every move he makes in an attempt to reach the pinnacle of “manhood,” according to the Tates, and have or will convert without question? His followers and mentors disregard his past and present behavior, which contradicts even his own beliefs, as mentioned to Zuby.

Here we see a video of Andrew in a thobe learning to read salah, posted in October 2022.

Was Tate paid to convert to Islam?

The now infamous kickboxing, chess-playing champ’s faith-washing has not gone unnoticed.

Tommy Robinson, a friend of Andrew Tate, discussed his conversion and recent push of Islam to his fan base with a panel of fellow journalists on Urban Scoop.

“He spent four days with the Dubai prince. Now, you see those princes; they spend hundreds and hundreds of millions to push Islam. To get Andrew Tate to convert to Islam is big money,” Robinson tells the panel.

“I know, Tate. I’ve known him for years, yeah? You have to take everything he says with a pinch of salt, yeah? What he was doing, he was selling courses to men on how to pull women, yeah? So even when he’s talking about picking himself up, it’s not true. It’s a Ponzi scheme, and he’s successful at it,” Robinson says.

“He cares about him, yeah? So, I personally think he’s not coming out of jail. He got that influential; all the children were listening to him, yeah? He’s done. He ain’t coming out.”

The panel members discussed the Tate situation and how things went undetected for so long yet are now being hurled into the spotlight. “Where they’ve done their organized crime group, that’s so they can take everything. They’re taking everything. They’re going to take all his money and seize everything,” Robinson said.

“They seized his Bugatti; they seized his money already; they seized his assets. So, I mean, even if he does get out, he won’t get any of that stuff back,” said journalist Tayler Hansen

Robinson further explains, “They can’t allow someone to be that influential with that much money and that influential on the youth. They can’t allow it. All the children talk about him. They can’t allow it. They can’t allow it. So, I don’t think he’s getting out, and I don’t believe a word of it, if I’m honest. I don’t believe a word of it.”

“You know the two girls? VICE media just did a hit piece on him, saying there was a rape claim from 2015. What they don’t say is that those two girls had their phones taken, and they were conspiring together to set him up and extort him. So the media run this big story on him again,” said Robinson.

Tommy then explains that he knows rumors are going around about the Tates that are provably false. Robinson explains away at least one rumor, claiming to have been present when journalist Lauren Southern allegedly had consensual sex with Andrew Tate, adding that when accusations that he knows to be false are being presented to the public as truth, he questions every claim that’s been made against the Tate brothers. “What else is a lie?” he asks the panel.

“Hope Not Hate” contacted me six months ago with the allegations that Andrew Tate raped Lauren Southern. Six months ago. They’ve been planning this for years.”

The conversation on the panel then shifts to Andrew’s recent conversion to Islam, with Robinson leading by saying that he likes Andrew Tate. “I like him. I’ve known him. I am appalled that he converted to Islam. I am absolutely furious that he has told the kids to convert to Islam.”

Journalist Lisa Elizabeth asks Tommy, “You’ve had this conversation with him privately, I assume?” Robinson explains he speaks to Andrew Tate every day. “He said, Tommy, convert to Islam, admit Christians are selling themselves, get four wives, drive a Lamborghini. That’s what he said to me. And he said inshallah at the end.”

“I think he’s trying to survive. That’s what I think. But by trying to survive, he’s done a disservice. A total disservice.”

“The truth about Islam is no longer out there. When we had social media, I think we were winning the narrative, but now?” Robinson says.

Elizabeth responds by describing what jails across the country have recently seen as far as a rise in men converting to Islam.

“Tommy, you don’t understand what’s happening here in the jail. In Philadelphia, in the jail system here, being Christian is associated with being white. So, in the jails, they are reforming these regular African-American people to become Muslim because it’s anti-white. And now you can see people who’ve been in prison, they have marks on their forehead, and they’re trying to see in jail who can be more loyal. Whoever has a bruise on their head is the most loyal,” Elizabeth said.

“Islam is anti-system, and a lot of people are looking for it,” Tommy said. “You know, Mohammad went out to get all the people who were the outcasts of society. So that’s who he built his army for-the thieves, the criminals. So, when you’re in jail- I saw it – everyone is converting in jail – everyone. All the white boys are converting; all the black boys are converting. It’s a gang. But when you’ve been mummed your whole life, when you’ve had no chance in your life, when you’ve had no good upbringing, and then they give you something to rebel against it, which is Islam.”

Robinson continues, ”when Andrew Tate converted, I could see it coming. I could see it coming. What is the one thing- the West has become so degenerate; what is the alternative we’re given? What’s the alternative? LGBTQ+? What is the alternative? Whereas Islam is standing strong. It’s a dangerous situation because when he converted, lots of children were converted. Lots of people are converting because they see no other option. Islam will not budge.”

Hansen explains the difference between tolerant and accepting Christians. “It’s never once been said to be tolerant in the Bible, but that’s what it’s been marketed to us as, as mainstream Christians, especially on the right. Even in the MAGA movement, they accept all homosexuals and all trans people. You have drag queens with MAGA accounts and are praised by our side now. Meanwhile, in Islam, none of this is seeping through. You have these Islamic communities in America that are pushing back on CRT and getting these things banned from these school boards, and then meanwhile, you have all these Christians, and they’re just allowing it to happen. And if they want to push back, it’s too late to push back because Christianity is seen as a bad thing at this point.” 

Tommy says, “I find myself with the Muslims. And that’s me; I’m against Islam. Andrew Tate messaged me saying, ‘Would you rather your son come home a tranny or a Muslim?’ I said, neither!”

One thing is clear, because of the acceptance of some Christians, it’s forcing others to draw hard lines in the sand.

At that point, if they’re the only people sticking to ideals that people see and these young men need something to belong to, and they see the degeneracy, and they want a way out, they A. have a sense of belonging, they have something to look forward to-to work towards, right? Christianity’s not offering that. We’re saying hey, here, welcome with open arms; we love you. People need structure, and part of why the West is falling apart is because we lost that structure,” Elizabeth says.

“We need a new awakening,” said Hansen. “ A reawakening of religion in the country, which I think you’re starting to see slowly, but it’s super slow, and I don’t think it’s going to come fast enough at this point.”

Robinson finishes the clip by saying, “Again, I look at Russia. Russia’s not tolerating any of it. Russia is still standing strong on its principles, on its religious principles, and it’s still standing against it.”

 “I am going to find myself a nice Islamic-ass wife and build up a big pile of rocks in case she gets fresh.” – Andrew Tate 

One has to ask exactly what drove Andrew Tate to Islam? What was his motivation for converting, and what are the lasting effects of the Tate brothers’ influence on their following

Everything that Tate promotes is purposefully designed to raise him up high on a pedestal, while all of his social “down-line” desperately attempt to achieve what they view as success. Worshiping false idols and basing your entire existence around attaining material goods will only achieve a false sense of success and, more often than not, misery. 

Tates’s religious morphing, treatment of women, and glorification of the all-mighty dollar must be questioned when he is the pinnacle of success in the eyes of so many disenfranchised and impressionable men.

Haley Kennington

Haley Kennington is an investigative journalist, freelance writer, and reporter, as well as a contributor for dozens of conservative news sites, blogs, and independent media outlets. In addition, she served as Research & Archival Editor for DW's "What Is A Woman?" and as Research Director & Story Editor for Amazon's #1 documentary in 2020, "The Plot Against the President".

Twitter: (@ladykennington)


  • you people forget that tate is a tribal child and they play any game to get you to support them or where they feel they make the most money. tribalist also love to abuse others while ‘hiding’ it.
    tribalist go from one ‘religion’ to another and never really accept it , just pretending to. Look at Spain during the ‘inquisition’ — filled with ‘maranos’ pretending to be catholic. it is the same, world over. they pretend in order to infiltrate and destroy from within while they rake in all the money and women.

  • The leader of the Christian movement in Canada, who was interned along with many of his followers, and spent 5 years in a Canadian concentration camp, had this to say about “tolerance”:


    Tolerance, which once applied only to evil and error (since the Good and the True have no need to be tolerated), has been put on the same footing as law. The interior and essentially spiritual free will, a conscious and voluntary option for evil or good, increasingly loses its function in the face of a liberalism which grants equal public respect to evil and to good, to lies and to truth.

    Not only have words lost their value, but in many cases they must be given a meaning totally opposite to their original meaning. Thus, we qualify as “abstract”, or “abstraction” what most violently contradicts the field of abstraction, a case in point these new revolutionary “arts” devoid of inspiration, taste, spiritual effort, intention, thought, reason, and boil down to incoherent forms, daubings or garish dissonances that very simply would be laughable if they were the products of wild monkeys or broken machines. This “abstraction” goes so far as to invade our temples with its blasphemous caricatures to supplant the true inspiration ofthe Fra Angelicos and the Raphaels.

    When we know where so much perversion and confusion come from, and for what desired purpose, we can feel no surprise. But what is disconcerting and perplexing is how incredibly naive the Christian elites are. These contingents trained in doctrinal orthodoxy, prepared to “defend the besieged fortress”, are falling faster than the uneducated masses into the traps of enemy propaganda.

    Is it from a desire for originality, or a taste for novelty, that an eternally true doctrine is sacrificed to the fallacies of the anti-Christian conspiracy? There is no point in having principles and proclaiming metaphysical truths if, in their practical application to the problems of human society, they are made to serve the game of the forces of evil, to debase rather than elevate the human being.

    Two creeds vie for adherents in the world: the materialist creed and the spiritualist creed. Both have their dogmas which complement each other and form a logical whole, like links in a chain. In one, and the other, it is impossible to break or subtract a link without breaking the chain itself. In both creeds, the final outcome is the same: bliss for the human being, a paradise of justice and brotherhood, happiness and equality, peace and fairness.

    The Christian creed proclaims that man is born with evil inclinations, that the Earth is “a vale of tears “, that the paradise of bliss exists only in the hereafter and can only be attained through redemption in Christ. The materialist creed proclaims that man is born good and is only corrupted by those around him, that the Earth can become an abode of pleasure, that the paradise of bliss is only accessible in this world (since there is no beyond).

    Each of the two creeds defines the conditions for admission to its paradise. The materialist creed enumerates its own in Marxism, Freemasonry and Zionism: elimination of the idea of God, of a spiritual world, of the human soul, of Throne and Altar, of all religion, of the right to private property, of all personal initiative, of the family as a fundamental unit of society, of any idea of a homeland, of racial differences and national borders. Paradise will come, after all this destruction, only by way of a world government over a universal republic, which will be unopposed and cause justice, peace, fraternity, equality, healthful living, non-wealth, non-poverty, the same comfort for each and every one, to reign over the world. The word of Christ, verbum Verbi: “For ye have the poor always with you” is an error that materialism plans to correct!

    The long-term goal is therefore a super-government over a world republic, as proposed by the Marxism of Moscow, the Masonic-communism of the United Nations, Zionism as defined in the “Protocols” and proven by all contemporary events.

    One wonders how it is possible that Christians not subservient to the three aforementioned organizations can preach the necessity, opportunity or possibility of the same world government over a universal republic. How can the disciples of Christ advocate the same solution as the disciples of Lucifer? How can Christian doctrinal orthodoxy come to the same conclusion as anti-Christian “doctrine”? It makes you wonder which section of Christianity, however minor, has not been corroded by liberal-socialist-communist acid.”

    – 30 –

  • Upon the leader’s release from the camps in 1945, a Jewish communist spy loyal to Stalin but sitting in the Parliament in Ottawa as an elected Member was the first to stand up and call for the innocent man’s “execution”. The leader was moreover blacklisted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that refused to allow him to speak on its airwaves, even if he paid for the time. Our era is therefore not the first to brutalize freedom of speech.

  • It tells you a lot about a Society in which piles of donkey-manure like Andrew Tate are considered Role-models.
    But I guess the types like that murderous desert lunatic Mohammed, the failed painter Adolf Hitler, failed clerk Josef Stalin, failed Law-student V.I. Lenin, Mao and all the other dangerous nut-jobs throughout history were considered “role-models” too.
    And look what they brought to the world.
    One Holocaust after the other.


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