Watch: Armed With Spiked Club, Man Attacks Passers-by in 'Little Africa' of Brussels

Belgium’s left-wing open borders migration policies continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demographics.

The Brussels police arrested an individual trying to attack passers-by, armed with a homemade studded stick. The frightening scene occurred on Thursday, around 11:30 a.m., at chaussée de Wavre, in Ixelles, in the Matonge district, also nicknamed the “little Africa” of Brussels. 

A passing police patrol spotted the individual armed with a self-made spiked baton. Responders immediately ordered the suspect to lay down his weapon, but “the suspect did not comply with their orders, so responders used tear gas to subdue him.”

“It was then that the suspect fled towards the entrance to the Porte de Namur gallery. Twenty policemen temporarily cordoned off the street. However, citizens took advantage of the suspect’s inattention to disarm him, and the police arrested him immediately,” said Robin De Becker, spokesperson for the Brussels Capital Ixelles police.

The video of the arrest was posted on social networks, watch:

Colonized Belgium

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, over the last decade, Belgium has changed dramatically. Without any public debate, it has become a massive migration state. Their left-wing government’s open borders migration policies continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demographics.

According to Statbel, the country’s statistical office, one-third of Belgium’s population is of foreign origin. The most significant number of those are of Moroccan descent. In Brussels, native or indigenous Belgians are already in the minority. In “politically correct” terms, it is called  “diversity,” but the more accurate word is “colonization.” In Belgium’s capital, Brussels, nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.

Many migrants flooding into Belgium and other Western countries are dangerous people with values, cultures and ambitions who oppose Western values and laws. Violence against citizens by illegals in open-border European countries has reached epidemic proportions due to their suicidal mass-migration policies.

Open borders Belgium has also become a terrorist breeding ground; the country has the highest per-capita rate of foreign fighters of any Western European country. Left-wing media have even described the small country as “Europe’s terror hotbed.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • “World News

    Swiss Army Sends 5000+ Soldiers to Guard Davos Globalist Elites”


    (P.S. Never mind the soldiers, attack them when they are out of Davos, or are you “elite” planning to stay there in Davos forever licking Schwab’s ass. Yes, that is also possible).

  • “In Belgium’s capital, Brussels, nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.”

    They have destroyed their culture ….. their society. WTF? I don’t believe for a minute that their politicians are “elected”. “Selected” is the only term that fits the facts on the ground. Just like the U.S, Brazil, etc, etc ……

  • This is unreal what you wrote about Belgium. And the citizens there just gawk and do nothing. Well, it says you are already the minority.


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