WATCH! List of Attempted Murders & Violence towards Civilians: RAIR Series on Far-Left 2020 Riots (Part Two)

This movement exploits the death of Mr. Floyd in an effort to promote communist revolution.

RAIR Foundation USA presents a series documenting events from the Far-Left 2020 Riots as they unfold. In this installment, RAIR covers the attempted murders and violence towards civilians. The riots are fluid and the information will be continually revised. Check back for updates.

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Radical left-wing organizations and individuals are using the death of George Floyd to destroy America from within. This movement exploits the death of Mr. Floyd in an effort to promote communist revolution.


Attempted Murders & Violence

  • NYC, New York: Looters and Hoodlums Attack Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa – Break His Jaw with a Hammer During Riots
  • Houston, Texas: Child Terrorized – Cries out in horror as leftist rioters attack Houston Children’s Hospital and hurl bricks at her car
  • Lexington, Kentucky: 13-year-old Girl with Autism says she was attacked TWICE for being white and having a Pro-Trump family
  • Washington, DC: Reuters journalist was beaten in the streets by rioters
  • Unknown location: Young Man in Trump T-Shirt Attends Leftist Rally for George Floyd – Gets Pummeled with Water Bottles, Screamed at, Spit in the Face
  • Portland, Oregon: man in wheelchair beaten by rioters
  • Richmond, Virginia: Rioters set fire to a multi-family home with a child inside and then blocking access for firefighters to get through to save the child. Thankfully, brave police on the scene were able to save the child and protect the firefighters. (start video at: 3:15)
  • Undisclosed location: Conservative Journalist Cassandra Fairbanks was doxed by the left-wing. Rioters attacked her home, firing gun shots and fireworks while her and her small child hid.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: Rioters attack a driver on an occupied freeway

Portland, Oregon: Rioters beat a man holding an American flag

Santa Monica, California: Man beaten after trying to help an injured woman
  • Washington, DC: Photojournalist beaten by rioters. He says he believes his jaw is broken
  • Columbia, South Carolina: Man is beaten by rioters for calling the police on the radicals attacking his workplace
  • Rochester, New York: Radicals beat a wife and husband trying to protect their store
  • Omaha, Nebraska: Bar Owner shoots rioter in self defense who was violently assaulting him, he is not facing charges. Rioters promise to to burn down his bar

Dallas, Texas: The attempted murder of a shop owner trying to defend his store

Washington, DC: Fox News reporter and crew attacked

Scottsdale, Arizona: Local media reporter and crew were attacked

Santa Monica, California: Old man beaten in broad daylight by radicals

Birmingham, Alabama: News media attacked on the streets by rioters

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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