WATCH: German Politician Forcibly Removed from Parliament after Slamming Left-Wing Stuttgart riots (Coming to America?)

“It was you who wanted to see our German population overrun by foreigners”. – Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner

Independent Member of Parliament Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner was forcibly removed from Stuttgart Germany’s state parliament by police on Wednesday after he slammed Germany’s left-wing parties. Dr. Fiechtner accused them of “having blood on their hands” for flooding the country with migrants who screamed “Allahu Akbar” as they took part in the massive riots in Stuttgart last week.

Left-wing politicians and media have widely condemned Fiechtner’s powerful speech as “hate speech.” “Hate speech” is the Marxist version of Islamic blasphemy laws. State Parliamentary President, Turkish Muslim Muhterem Aras from the communist Greens Party, went so far as to expel the politician during the debate over the Stuttgart riots, even calling the police to remove him. He was also suspended for five sessions of parliament.

Dr. Fiechtner slammed the communist policies of the established leaders who allowed Germany to be flooded with dangerous migrants waging war on their host country. This past weekend’s horrific riots in Stuttgart, which resulted in massive damage to businesses and left 19 police officers injured, is one example of the violence.

Fiechtner had his right to speak removed by the President of the State parliament after Fiechter condemned her political party (Greens) and the other left-wing party leaders for their refusal to admit or deal with the migrant nature of the rioters in Stuttgart. He further accused them of wanting to overrun Germany with foreigners and communists:

All of you, from the green, red [SPD], black [Merkel’s CDU] and magenta [Leftists] know it. You have skeletons in your closet. It was you who wanted to see our German population overrun by foreigns. It was you who in Thuringia voted, a communist, into office. There’s blood on your hands!

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a hematologist and oncologist who currently serves in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament. Please watch his powerful speech before being ejected from the parliament by the German state police:

After Dr. Fiechtner was forcibly removed from the legislature, he made the following statement addressing the nature of the communist Greens party and the left-wing government’s dangerous alliance. Dr. Fiechtner announced that he would take his case to the Constitutional Court about his exclusion and urges Germans to keep fighting for their freedoms:

So, my dear friends, continue to hold aloft the flag in this battle for freedom. Our country is in serious danger. Our country is under attack. If we want to preserve our country, we must stay united, rise up and develop a thick skin.

Watch Dr. Fiechtner’s statement below:

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the following translations:

Video #1:

Thank you. Now I give the floor to member of parliament Dr. Fiechtner. 

Dear Madame President, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else A-Z. Even though I’m almost 60 
years old, I'm still learning every day. This past weekend, my newest insight was that the term 
‘party scene’seems to be a new geographical term for the Arab region and the Maghreb.

Another new insight came while watching what seems to be the newest Corona prevention measures in 

Going out and celebrating wearing a balaclava. It also seems to be necessary to equip yourself 
with an iron bar. That’s probably necessary to maintain a distance of one and a half meters. 
Mobs of left-wing extremist and mobs dominated by foreigners are well known in our Republic, 
and not just since yesterday. During the Stuttgart 21 protests and more recently at the G20-17 
summit in Hamburg, we witnessed the extent of uncontrolled riots. 

Even in this case, politicians are watching with relish and shed their crocodile tears. 
Just imagine if the riots had happened in East Germany and right-wing extremists had shown up. 
The next day, Federal President Steinmüller would have been at the scene, bringing flowers, 
new laws would be passed, standoff speeches would have been made, and the culprits would already 
have been identified. In this case, there’s persistent silence about the details and background 
information. Not even a clearly audible ‘Allahu Akhbar’ is recognized as a clear statement. 
All of you, from the green, red [SPD], black [CDU] and magenta [Leftists] know it. You 
have skeletons in your closet. It was you who wanted to see our German population overrun 
by foreigners. It was you who in Thuringia voted Ramelow, a communist, into office. There’s 
blood on your hands! 

Leave this Chamber… — 

Dr. Fiechtner! — 

and go immediately to the Königstraße nearby… —

For that I will issue a reprimand against you. —

Go immediately to the  Königstraße nearby and pick up the shards of your politics. And take 
Mrs. Aras with you.

Dr. Fiechtner! I’m expelling you from this session now.Dr. Fiechtner! We have procedural rules. 
This is up for debate.

You are expelled from the session. Please leave the room. Just a moment. First —

This a totalitarian system.

Dr. Fiechtner! You have been expelled. I am interrupting the session. No! I am interrupting 
the session. I ask the party leaders of all five parties to the bench. I would like to discuss a 
point briefly. No live stream available Ladies and gentlemen, our session will now continue. 
The session interruption is regrettable, but unfortunately unavoidable. As our rules of 
procedure provide in such cases, the Presidium has unanimously agreed, in accordance with 
Section 92, paragraph 2 of our procedural rules that  parliamentary member Dr. Fiechtner 
will be expelled for five days from the parliamentary session.

We’ll continue our debate on TOP 2. Now I give the floor to member of parliament Dr. Gedeon.

Dear Madame President, ladies and gentlemen. Just a word about this expulsion. It seems as though 
Dr. Fiechtner… —

Dr. Gedeon! The discussion is about TOP 2, not the expulsion of a member of 
parliament. Stay on topic. — 

I am permitted to make a comment about what just happened. 

You can’t …

What have we come to here, ladies and gentlemen? I strongly reject this expulsion. Regardless 
of one’s opinion of Dr. Fiechtner, there is absolutely no legal basis for this expulsion. 
I would like to state that as protest. Of course. Now on to today’s topic.

Video #2

Hello dear friends of truth. And freedom. Dear friends of freedom. That’s what this is about 
here in this chamber.

Once again, the parliamentary president has overstepped her authority. Once again, she abused 
her office in a totalitarian, even fascist manner, in order to limit free speech and prevent 
me from executing my mandate. She went so far as to expel me, once again, from the 
parliamentary sessions.

Of course, since I refused to give free rein to this lawlessness or to acquiesce to it. 
I stood firm. As was to be expected, this woman, whom I now must describe as a political 
criminal, because she acts in such a manner that suitable for a totalitarian system, but 
certainly not in a state under the Rule of Law. A state that values freedom, the rule of law 
and integrity.

The press is fully engaged in pushing their PR, saying that the parliamentary member 
Dr. Fiechtner provoked or induced his own expulsion through provocation. This is by no 
means the case!

I gave two speeches. For both, Ms. Aras issued me reprimands for being out of order. In my 
last speech, I stated that these parties have blood on their hands. That’s right! The excessive 
violence in Stuttgart is a result of the absolutely twisted and failed policy of the 
established parties, starting with the Green Party, then the SPD, but also the CDU and FDP. 
These parties do have blood on their hands. That’s exactly what I just told them. For that reason, 
this president believes she has the authority to issue me a reprimand and to deprive me of the 
right to speak. In response, I said they should all go outside, to the nearby Königsstraße and 
pick up the shards of their policy.

I also told them to take the parliamentary president with them. That was her reason for banning 
me from this chamber. Are you serious?! Has this woman lost her marbles? Apparently, I have been 
banned for the next five parliamentary sessions. The procedure was the same as last time. I 
refused to leave, so they called the police. 

However, this time I was determined not to leave voluntarily, no. I told that to the police 
officer, whom I greeted in a friendly manner like the last time. I told him no, I wouldn’t 
be leaving voluntarily. They would have to do what they have to do, and physically remove me 
if they intended to follow these orders. I advise them of the possibility of remonstration, to 
refuse or accept orders that are obviously unlawful. The officers who were present thought 
everything was correct.

So I had to ask them if they weren’t ashamed of themselves for forcefully removing, carrying 
an elected official from the parliamentary chamber. They said they weren’t ashamed. So that 
does leave an unpleasant aftertaste in respect to how some police officers behave. Especially 
since this debate dealt with the violence that police officers must endure from violent 
criminals, from imported violent criminals and leftist violent criminals, in which they suffer 
injuries. Not to mention that I just went to bat for them, but it remains a very ambivalent, 
dubious topic.

It just proves that the police are always the tool of those who rule, and if those who rule 
are bad, it often means the work of the police isn’t what it should be. I’m shocked, and need 
to express how extremely emotionally churned-up inside I am. I have to say, I’m even close to 
tears, in light of this kind of offense.

Naturally, I must consider subsequent actions. Submitting an objection against this decision 
goes without saying. That is the prerequisite for proceeding with any further action at all. 
An additional step would be a lawsuit submitted to the German Supreme Court, which I think, 
in this case, must happen. If boundaries aren’t drawn now, then our parliamentary system 
is definitely lost.

So, my dear friends, continue to hold aloft the flag in this battle for freedom. Our country 
is in serious danger. Our country is under attack. If we want to preserve our country, we 
must stay united, rise up and develop a thick skin.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

1 comment

  • These two videos remind me historically of post-WW1 Germany in the 1920s. A disgruntled WW1 veteran was disgusted by how the Marxist leaders in government were squandering Germany’s cultural pride and greatness.

    Out of this discontent, one man built the NSDP – The National Socialist Democratic Party, aka -Nazis, and the evil this German regime heaped on the world was monumental and still felt today in some circles.

    Dr. Fiechtner is 100% correct about how Merkel is destroying Germany and that a tipping point for change is close at hand.

    I just pray another NSDP DOES NOT result from the destruction German politicians have done to a post-WW2 Germany. Knowing the German people as I do, it is inevitable someone evil will likely fill the Merkel vacuum when she eventually leaves office by force or rejection from the electorate.


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