WATCH: German state threatens to confiscate children who don’t bring ‘daily health certificate’ to school

WATCH: German state threatens to confiscate children who don’t bring ‘daily health certificate’ to school

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  • On May 26, 2020
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In this RAIR Foundation USA exclusively translated video, independent German journalist, Miró Wolsfeld, discusses a letter sent from the State Ministry of Culture of the Free State of Saxony to parents warning them if they do not sign a ‘health certificate’ and send it with their children to school every single day, their kids may be confiscated by the state.

Wolsfeld also addresses evident mass surveillance in Germany (again) presumably taking place under the guise of contract tracing for the Chinese coronavirus. “First, we’re constantly being monitored with whom we go out to dinner, when and where,” he said. “Now the government threatens to take the children into custody,” Wolsfeld continued.

“From May 25, 2020, the school will not be able to accept children without a health certificate signed daily,” the letter warns (as translated). “As parents, you are obliged to collect your child from school immediately if your signature is missing for the specific day,” the letter, which is signed by Christian Piwarz of Angela Merkel’s party, the “Christian Democratic Union of Germany” continues. 

The tyrannical state government further warns that children are at risk of being taken by authorities if the daily requirement is not met:

“If you do not comply, the school is ultimately obliged to turn on the regulatory office – right up to taking your child into care…”

The ridiculous requirement of a daily ‘health certificate,’ along with the ominous threat that children would be taken from parents, has been compared to forced adoptions and state-sponsored child abduction from political opponents that took place in the communist police state that existed in East Germany before the wall fell.

After controversy spread in German media, the government clarified that the phrase “taking your child into care” may only be a temporary situation (as translated):

“The term taking into care describes the temporary placement of children or adolescents in a home or a foster family. The youth welfare office can carry out this measure if the well-being of the child in their own family is at risk (…) means Children can be taken into care by authorities from their family, which can be temporary or permanent. Taking into care can be carried out if there is a serious risk to the well-being of the child. “

If the government is trying to reassure parents, this “clarification” would likely offer little solace. The local government website explains (as translated):

“In the first few days, the educational institutions should react kindly once the form has been forgotten. However, from May 25th, the school is not allowed to take in a child without a health certificate signed daily.”

How generous of them.

The controversy is addressed by Miró Wolsfeld:


Children are historically exploited by communist governments and turned against their families. Germany is no different. The Chinese coronavirus has acted a springboard for hard left governments to flex their tyrannical muscle. Currently, there is a proposal to give German citizens so-called immunity cards, which people would have to maintain to prove they are vaccinated.

Schools should be opening in Germany without conditions.

RAIR’s Amy Mek has reported on similar instances of child abuse in Germany (see here, here, here, here, here, and here).

It is inconceivable that parents would ever agree to the ridiculous requirements proposed by the lunatic leftists in Saxony. Hopefully the good German citizens will be able to push back on this horrific policy and fire the tyrants who conceived of it.

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Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation:

A letter to parents from the school authority in Saxony is really causing outrage at the moment.

The letter is about a health confirmation form that parents now have to fill out every day for school for their children.

The worst thing isn’t filling out the health certificate form itself, but what parents are threatened with if they forget to fill it out or simply don’t want to. The state of Saxony is threatening parents with absolute severity if they don’t comply.

The school is obliged to call in the public order office, which could lead to and include taking the child into custody. Yes, you read it right. They really are threatening to take children away from their parents if they don’t fill out this stupid form and give it to their children. That’s how you can tell how that the government is going completely crazy. First, we’re constantly being monitored with whom we go out to dinner, when and where.

Now the government threatens to take the children into custody.

Completely insane! And at this point, it should be mentioned that children are not an at-risk group. But they’ll act as if it were a huge danger, in order to have an excuse against parents who see all these measures critically, and then use this pretext to scare them. But as they say in the letter:

“We are doing this for the health and education of OUR children.” Yeah, sure.


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