WATCH: Hard-Left VICE News Glorifies ANTIFA Terrorist Group!

Like in America, Antifa has clawed their way deep into the mainstream in Germany, with allies in the media and in all levels of government.

In this exclusive-translated video from RAIR Foundation USA, leftist media outlet Vice highlights an Antifa member in Germany taking pride in attacking people who he deems to be “nazis.” It’s “a lot of fun to be the hunter,” the unidentified coward said in the Vice piece, who also acknowledged that he attacked “nazis” for “political reasons” and for “personal satisfaction.”

Watch (commentary and transcript below):

Just as in America, the hard left in Germany uses the word “nazi” as freely as they use the word “racist.” The only criteria for one to be deemed a nazi according to the violent anarcho-communist movement “Antifa” in Germany, for example, is an aversion to unrestricted immigration. Like in America, Antifa has clawed their way deep into the mainstream in Germany, with allies in the media and in all levels of government.

But it is even worse in Germany. At least for now.

There is no doubt that the establishment media and their allies at Twitter, Google and Facebook are in bed with the hard left. Antifa, for example, is and has been skating by with little media scrutiny, and what is reported is generally sympathetic.

Germany-based journalist Eoin Lenihan got a bit too close to this truth in his article posted at Quillette on May 29 2019 titled “It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders.” His article was roundly condemned although any cursory investigation proved his hypothesis to be completely accurate. Lenihan wrote in part:

“…Antifa often receives media coverage that is neutral or even favorable, with its members’ violence either being ignored by reporters or vaguely explained away as a product of right-wing provocation. What’s more, anecdotal evidence has suggested that many of the mainstream reporters who are most active in covering Antifa also tend to enthusiastically amplify Antifa’s claims on social media.”

Unsurprisingly, Eoin Lenihan was attacked by the same journalists who cheer on Antifa. The hard-left Columbia Journalism Review referred to Lenihan as an “established right-wing troll” and he was of course, banned from Twitter.

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Antifa was recently represented in Germany’s Parliament by Martina Renner of the significant German socialist party Die Linke, a direct descendant of the former ruling East German Communist Party. Comrade Renner, as RAIR pointed out, was applauded by her communist friends and embraced by Die Linke Leader Katja Kipping for proudly wearing an “Antifa” pin on her lapel during a session in Parliament. Kipping, RAIR also reported, recently smeared members of the the largest non-left political party in Germany Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) by saying at a rally: “…behind every AfD person in a suit there’s a Nazi ready to Fire a Gun.”

Transcript: Thank you to Nash Montana for the translation!

You don’t have to be a two-meter tall badass to attack Nazis. There are — there’s weapons for that. I’ve never experienced that these Nazi pigs stand still. They always run.


Yeah, I can remember the first time very well. It was at the city festival. A junior activist of the local NPD structure had been identified. There was a start signal, two people hustled the mother away from the event, one person hustled a friend away from the event, and one person — me — attacked the Nazi, and I hit him in the face from behind. He fell down pretty quickly. And then a bunch of…more blows to the face. Once the abort signal sounded we ran away. 

What is the point of beating Neo-Nazis? 

The first goal, frankly spoken, is: When the infrastructure of Nazis is being constrained, when they are in the hospital, when they don’t have a job anymore, in that time they then can’t do any political work, and they can’t attack other people. When you get hit in the mouth three times, when your car has been torched twice, maybe you lose your job, at some point you can’t be bothered anymore.

For what, anyway? For scabrous Nazi-politics? 

People start to think twice then. And that always was the strategy of the Antifa movement. Are you not afraid? I’ve never had… I’ve never been really afraid. But that’s mostly because we, as already mentioned, [unintelligible], that we… that the Antifa, we are always smarter. When we attack Nazis, to us this is not just sport. Or, it has nothing to do with fairness. To us, Nazis aren’t just some opponents in a form of sport. That’s why we always outnumber them, and it is always unfair. When you go against Nazis, the conflicts are never fair. 

Aren’t you just fond of violence? 

Well, first of all, I am doing this for political reasons. I’ve said that already, and second… it is of course true that I get personal satisfaction from this. I mean a lot of people are certainly familiar with this, this sense of lack of power against the pressure from the Right, the sense of anger about all these reports of racist attacks, of — in the meantime — even dead people. And… when you then very concretely get to cause serious bodily harm to one, or more than one, Nazi, that is an enormously satisfying feeling. And I have to be honest here…it is plainly said that it is a lot of fun to be the hunter. To hunt Nazis…is an insane adrenaline boost. What I just positively presented and laid out for you, how much fun it is — there’s a flip side to it, too, of course. I believe that when you exercise violence, tangentially this will lead to making you a bad person. And therefore the danger that this will develop a momentum of its own is always present.

Is political violence always wrong? 

There will always be people who say that left and right violence are the same thing, but of course we see that differently. Nazis attack people simply for attributes that they can’t change, like the color of their skin, or sexual orientation. And we attack people because of their political orientation. 

And people can change this orientation; people have the option to not become our target, when they stop engaging in these activities. And there’s one fundamental difference: We as the Left want a society in which everybody can live and develop freely, where there is no violence and no war. And the Nazis want the exact opposite. Without Nazis there would be no anti-fascist violence. And that is a fact. Yeah, we also break their bicycles, so…


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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