WATCH: Hungary's Viktor Orbán: 'This is a well-organized Invasion' by 'organized military-age men'

“Organizations called NGOs, which in reality are partly human-smuggling groups, are behind this. They have lots of financing and astonishing logistical abilities.” – Viktor Orbán

“This is an invasion. This is forbidden to say in Europe. But the truth is: this is a well-organized invasion.” – Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán

Europe’s migrant crisis is exploding again in numbers not seen since 2015. 

For the past week, Greece has been trying to defend its borders from a migrant onslaught as tens of thousands of (mostly) Syrians have attempted to breach the Greek border after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened his country’s borders with Europe making good on a longstanding threat to flood the continent with migrants.

Hungary’s Viktor Orban said it in January at a press conference in the town of Röszke at the border crossing with Serbia after a mob of migrants rushed the border in his country – this is an organized invasion – and now we know without a doubt, it’s coming from Turkey.

Migrants are purposely bussed to the Greek border by Erdoğan, who rules Turkey according to the Muslim Brotherhood guidebook, spreading political Islam throughout the world from a strategic perch in Istanbul that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait.

This border is not only a Greek border, but a European border which is why European leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, are speaking out
O1G – Orbán 1 Géniusz

Orbán was the first EU leader to close borders to asylum-seekers in 2015 and has consistently been the one EU leader who has called the migrants exactly what they are — “invaders,” explaining that the women and children are used as props for the media and pointing out that most of the migrants are military aged men who are invading Europe. 

Despite all the efforts to demonize him, Orbán has not wavered, repeating in his most recent State of the Union address last month, that the main task of his government is to preserve Hungary’s security and Christian culture, once again vowing to never allow his Christian country to be changed by illegal invaders, and warning of the “Soros Plan, to settle a foreign population.”

Perhaps thanks to the leadership shown by Orbán and a few other nationalist leaders who have clearly been elected by the people with a mandate to protect their borders and sovereignty, we finally see the EU acknowledging that Europeans must unite to stand with Greece as they fend off this latest invasion

Transcript: many thanks to Crossware for the translation:

Reporter: You mentioned that in the last couple of weeks hundreds of attempted illegal border crossing occurred, and I would like to ask you, concerning those who were captured here, what will happen to them? Will they be expelled back to Serbia, or what will happen to them? And are there families in among them, or are they mostly men? 

Urban: We had 5,000 attempted illegal crossings. The legal system is as follows:

This border is not closed. If someone who wants to enter Hungary “knocks” normally at the gate, and tells us what he or she wants, we’ll record a report and begin a procedure to determine whether they can come in or not.

For this we would not need police officers and fences. That is the law-abiding procedure.

Those who choose this way must wait in the transit zone over there. Until the procedure is finished…

Until the procedure is finished, they get food and they are taken care of.

If the result of the process is positive, and they receive refugee status, they can come in. If not, then they must leave the transit zone.

The transit zone is closed in the direction of Hungary; towards Serbia it is open.

If everybody would behave that way, life would be beautiful, but the majority do not do this, and instead are choosing the illegal way. Not following the way of papers and a lawful process, but climbing over or under the fence.

Lately they have been coming in groups and storming the fence. But you can see, they are strong enough, these structures. But this year for the first time it happened that we had to shoot, thank God only into the air.

It was a group break-in attempt; we had to use firearms.

Those who enter illegally in some places can successfully cross. Those are captured by our police officers. Very few slip by, but if we detect them, and usually we do, we go after them, until they are captured.

And those who are illegal are immediately placed back on the other side of the fence.

The fence is not on the line of the border, but three meters inside Hungary. That is to avoid legal disputes later.

The question included a part about whether mostly men cross over. [male translator]

We work together with the Serbs. We work well together. The Serbs are in a hard situation, maybe an even harder situation than we Hungarians are in. But we have very appropriate cooperation… and together we can handle the situation. When you [journalists] come here with cameras, there are always plenty of children and women.

But when you are gone, it quickly turns out that 95% of the ones who want to storm the fences are military-aged men.

We also have a heart… we feel sorry for the children, and the women… we even understand the situation of the men. But the truth is, the women and children are used for the purposes of the media [propaganda].

The bulk of those who want to cross here are MILITARY-AGE men.

They have the look; they even move like it. They leave no doubt that they have a high level of confidence.


Our intelligence service continuously monitors the events. We know the phone numbers, we know how they are organizing them. Organizations called NGOs, which in reality are partly human-smuggling groups, are behind this. They have lots of financing and astonishing logistical abilities.

Most of the conflicts are not with accidentally lost migrants, but with organized groups specifically targeting this border.

I do not want to align against you, the Slovakian public opinion, but one can see that the picture painted by the international media is simply not true.

The reality is that 95% of them are organized military-age men, in military-style group movements and actions.

Faced with a few women and children we would not be afraid and build such a fence. But here on the Balkan route there are 100,000 migrants, and of those more than 90,000 are military-age men.

The flowers and stuffed teddy bears are not helpful.

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  • It is an invasion by trained people, watch how they march in units and how when throwing rocks they stay close to the ground except when up throwing.


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