WATCH: On Italian Soil, Hungarian PM Orbán Pledges to Defend Salvini, Stop Communists, Deport Migrants & Fight For Christians!

Orbán pledges support for Italy as their government subverts the will of the people

In Rome on Saturday, September 21, 2019, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a speech at a meeting of the national-conservative Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party. The Fratelli d’Italia (FdI) party will become part of the next governing coalition, along with Matteo Salvini’s Lega if the Italian people are ever allowed to vote again!

Orban slammed the EU’s migrant redistribution quotas and declared Hungary is prepared to help Italy, where it can. If the country finally commits to protecting its borders, “we will help to that end as well as to return migrants already in Italy back home,” Orbán said. While Orbán wants to help deport Italy’s illegal migrants, countries like France and Germany are actively trying to make Italy the European refugee camp.

Orbán explained Christian freedom as the right to defend one’s Christian way of life, adding that the new European Commission president wants to establish a new portfolio for the defence of the European way of life.

Orbán tells his story as an anti-communist fighter and tells the contemporary story of his nation. In the middle of Mr. Orbán’s speech, the excited Italian audience began singing a popular political anthem (in Italian) about the Hungarian uprising against the Soviets in 1956. Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Fratelli d’Italia, stood up and sang along with the enthusiastic audience.

Video Transcript:

Good day, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for the invitation, Madame President, and thank you for your interest. Your interest honors me, and it is also touching.

You are Italians, and I am a Hungarian. The population of Italy is six times larger than Hungary’s, its territory three and half times [that of Hungary]. Your gross national product represents another category. You have a huge army, whereas Hungary’s army is not even worth mentioning. Italian is spoken over half the globe, whereas Hungarian spoken only by us.

Under such circumstances, it is such an honor to have your interest! … I thought about why you have such a great interest in Hungary…I think that the interest of the Italians has two reasons.

Everybody who can make sense of a map knows that in Europe since 2015 there have been two key countries: Italy, the gateway on the sea, and Hungary, the gateway on land, the gateways into Europe. The similarity was probably the object of your interest.

On the other hand, in Hungary since 2010 we have created a particular state model, which immediately came under fire from Brussels, from the European Left, and from the American Left, via the George Soros-type NGOs. This made Hungary into a black sheep, which also became of interest to others, and that could perhaps be the second reason that today so many of you here are interested in Hungary.

Before I would tell you my thoughts, we must clarify the question: Is it possible for an Italian to understand a Hungarian?…After all, these are two different countries, and we Hungarians, we spent close to fifty years under Communist oppression and occupation, while you were free.

I found a couple of reasons why the Italians and Hungarians might be able to understand each other. First of all, north of Italy is part of Central Europe, and once upon a time it was our neighbor. And then one of the best-known Italian commercial brands, the “Illy coffee,” comes from the name “Károly Illy”, a Hungarian man’s name. The man who established this brand had a Hungarian family name.

And the Italians wrote the most beautiful song about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution,
which starts something like this:

“Avanti ragazzi di buda”
Forward Boys of Budapest

Forward boys from Buda,
Forward boys from Pest,
Students, laborers, workers
The sun does not rise in the East.

We’ve stood watch during the night
The night of a hundred months, maybe more
Dreaming of the glorious October’s dawn,
The dawn of Hungarian youth.

I remember you had a rifle
Bring it to the square, I’m waiting for you,
Hidden among my school books
I’ll also take a gun.

Six days and six nights of glory
This our victory lasted
By the seventh day there arrived
The Russians and their tanks.

The tanks crushed our bones,
No one is going to help us.
The world has been watching
On the edge of our ditch.

Girl, don’t tell my mother
Don’t tell her I’ll die tonight
But tell her I’m going up to the mountains
and I’ll be back in the spring

Comrades, we are doomed
Our revolution is lost
Soon our faces will be covered with bandages
And placed in front of a firing squad

Comrade, the squad advances,
The first and second one have already fallen
Our vacation is over,
The honour of the world has been buried

Comrade, hide the rifle
The fountains will sing once again
And on this day, destroy those archives
So we shall come back from the mountains

Forward boys from Buda,
Forward boys from Pest,
Students, laborers, workers
The sun no longer rises in the East

So, well… such people, who can better sing the sadness of another nation than the nation itself, must understand us well. 

I would like to add that nowadays the Hungarian soccer team is managed by an Italian man: Marco Rossi. This gives me a chance that what I will say today will be understood by you, and I will be able to answer the questions. To sum it up, there is a chance that today we will understand each other.

Dear friends, to understand my thoughts you should know the position from which I am speaking. Since 1984 — I am saying this to the youngsters — so since 1984, I have been in politics. Between 1984 and 1990 I organized the anti-communist resistance for students. After the first free election in 1990…

This fact, that we were in the anti-communist resistance, and we fought for democracy, in Brussels does not concern many people when they trying to “educate” us about democracy, which they received for free, while we had to fight very hard for it.

I became a member of parliament in 1990; I have been a representative for 30 years now.…Four times we won and four times we lost elections, and my perception about politics was that politics is a service and not a career, so when I lost I stayed in politics. I never joined corporations. I never gave talks for money. I have stayed on the job and continued to serve Hungary.

To understand me, you must know that four times I formed a government, the first one when I was 35. And since 2010 was successively elected three times in a row with a two-thirds super majority.

I head a government in Hungary where there is no requirement for a coalition, and because of that the government is unified. It is also good to know, it is useful knowledge, that Hungary is a structurally conservative country. We are the only nation in Europe where since 1990 every elected parliament served it’s full four-year term. We never had early elections.

…Today’s Hungarian political space — if I am to place it in today’s talk, then I must say that your Madame President would be in the political center, and I would stand a little bit to the right of her.

I am not a philosopher, nor am I a political scientist. When I speak, when I speak to you, I speak from experience, from the perspective of a man of action, not as a scientist, and not as an analyst, but I represent the political fighter’s position. So…So…

The first part of the question is migration. As I see it, in 2015 an INVASION into Europe began. One should have known from the beginning that out of ten migrants, nine are not refugees, but economic migrants. If someone were to say this was unknown at the time, he is not telling the truth! This was clearly known, and every European leader knew it, too.

In 2015 I saw that there are leaders in Europe who will ruin the European way of life and European culture, and through that they will ruin the European economy, too.

I have always thought that the Left has an intellectual concept, and they use migration to achieve that concept in reality. The Left’s intellectual concept is that Europe should leave behind
the national and Christian era, and Europe should step over the threshold to a post-national and post-Christian era. And according to the interpretation of the Left, to aid this crossing-over is the mission of Brussels and the EU.

Against that, the Right speaks of an alliance of sovereign nations; that is the concept opposing the Left. 

I also have to say — based on my experience — that the Left has a vested interest in migration. They have interests. First: its serves their ideological goals. Then they have a BUSINESS here.

The leftist lawyers, the sociological sector, social workers have their business here, who align themselves with the human smugglers, and they build an economy that moves a significant quantity of money.

I know many would accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, but I have clearly seen it, and that is my experience, and I can see that the Left in reality IMPORTS VOTERS when they bring in migrants. They want to sooner or later give them citizenship… …they will give them citizenship, and the migrants will become voting citizens, and these are Muslim people, and NEVER VOTE for a party based on Christian roots, nor do they ever support such politics. And that will mean that if a lot of migrants come to Europe, it will decrease, and it will eliminate the chance that in Europe any Christian-based political force could gain a majority and form a Christian right-wing government. The Left knows this, and what it is doing, it is doing for exactly that purpose.

Respected friends, ladies and gentlemen, after 2015 the Right collected itself with great difficulty. We began a right-wing counter-attack. We stated that of course there are crisis regions around the world, and there are suffering people, but the correct way would be to take the help there, instead of bringing the trouble here. And based on this platform — to take the help there and not the problem here — a few countries created a loose alliance with each other. These are the V4 countries — which include Hungary — Austria, Bavaria, and with Salvini, Italy would become such a country, too. 

Since then what happened? The Left shot down the Austrian government, Bavaria backed out, in Italy — if I understand it correctly — the government was separated from the people, and now they are working in the V4 … to achieve some kind of change. …Our task now is that we are trying to remove the freshly-established European Commission from Leftist influence, and there is some hope for that. 

Let me phrase it more precisely: there is more of a chance for that than we have ever had before. I can see that now a new leftist offensive is unfolding. There are new leftist politicians appearing who learned nothing. My old “colleagues” are returning. I have seen Mr. Renzi, I can see the designated Italian for the European Commission is my former colleague… and I can see where the Left is taking back the government. Everywhere… …everywhere the same thing is happening: the Left lets the migrants in and raises taxes. We can examine any countries; these two mistakes are always made by the Left, with no exceptions. They are letting in the migrants and raising taxes. They learned nothing from the mistakes of the past. They brought up once again the mandatory migrant distribution quota.

I saw my colleague PM Conte visited you, and suggested that you interrogate me about why Hungary does not help Italy more on the issue of migration. I will say here what I already told him:  Hungary is ready to help Italy in whatever way we can. There are areas where we cannot help! We cannot help with the transport and settlement of any migrants in Hungary. That is impossible! But once you decide it, we can help you defend your borders, and if you are determined to send home the migrants who are already here, we can help you with that, too. Mandatory settlement quotas we cannot accept, but deportation quotas with pleasure! 

…So if PM Conte were to ask the Hungarians to send home a couple of thousand migrants from Italy — to where they came from — then Hungary will be ready and will help fulfill such obligations. Respected ladies and gentlemen, some exciting days lie ahead in international politics,…We have Austrian elections coming, a Polish election coming, local government elections coming in Hungary, and as for Italy, we await your return to the club. That is the situation in the field of international politics for this fall. Respected ladies and gentlemen…

Many thanks to CrossWare for their translation!


Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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