WATCH: Joe Biden Keeps Inappropriately Using the Word ‘Intercourse’ (video)

WATCH: Joe Biden Keeps Inappropriately Using the Word ‘Intercourse’ (video)

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On May 4, 2020
  • intercourse, Joe Biden, Joe Biden Mental Decline, national security, National Security Threat

Former vice president and presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden inappropriately used the word “intercourse” twice in the past week.

The first time, Joe Biden raised eyebrows when he said travel bans stifle “economic intercourse” during an interview with CBS4 Miami:

The phrase “economic intercourse” became widely mocked on social media. Later, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Biden said:

“The pandemic is that the president has no intercourse whatsoever with the rest of the count- uh, the world.”


While Joe Biden is clearly experiencing a mental decline, his actions and lifelong associations are deadly serious. With deep socialist ties, Biden has used his many years in the federal government to normalize policies dangerous to national security.

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