WATCH! Looting and Destruction of Businesses & Property: RAIR Series on Far-Left 2020 Riots (Part Three)

RAIR Foundation USA presents a series documenting events from the Far-Left 2020 Riots as they unfold. In this installment, RAIR covers the looting and destruction of businesses and property by rioters. The riots are fluid and the information will be continually revised. Check back for updates.

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Radical left-wing organizations and individuals are using the death of George Floyd to destroy America from within. This movement exploits the death of Mr. Floyd in an effort to promote communist revolution.


Looting and Destruction of Businesses & Property

  • Nashville, Tennessee: Police are asking for help identifying Black Lives Matter Rioters and Vandals. This is the second arsonist of a Historic Courthouse sought by Police.
  • Detroit, Michigan: Rioters Destroy Detroit Family’s Home and Truck, Kill Their Dog
  • A Detroit father of five is reeling after rioters destroyed his home and work truck, and killed their family dog.
  • Roderick Reynolds spoke to Fox 2 News about his heartbreak over what has happened.
  • GoFundMe for Reynolds has raised nearly $400,000 in just one day.
  • Chicago, Illinois: the city, its police and stores are under attack by rioters
  • Fairfield, California: Rioters use a forklift to break into Best Buy
  • Los Angeles, California: High end art store looted
  • Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania: Looters have blown Up 50 Philadelphia ATMs with dynamite since Saturday – One Looter Blew Himself Up – Bombings also reported in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis
  • Bronx, New York: Local Mom and Pop pharmacy destroyed
  • NYC, New York: Macy’s Looted
  • NYC, New York: Looters clean out an Apple store, Coach, North Face, etc. while declaring “Black Lives Matter”
  • Bronx, New York: The city is on fire, destruction everywhere
  • Unknown location: Business owner whose store was destroyed in riot blasts calls out so-called Black Lives Matter supporters
  • NYC, New York: Stores throughout the city looted
  • Bellevue, Washington: Cigar shop looted, armed owners protect their property
  • San Bernardino, California: City set on fire, stores looted, fights break out
  • Boston, Massachusetts: Stores Looted
  • Santa Monica, California: Store broken into and protester assaulted by rioters
  • NYC, New York: Rolex store in Soho looted
  • Chicago, Illinois: Stores looted in the middle of the day on upscale Michigan Avenue
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Distraught woman tells of her heart-wrenching experience
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Businesses looted and destroyed
  • Washington, DC: Apple store looted
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Fires destroy business and private property throughout the city
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan on Fire
  • Tampa, Florida: Champs Sports store in a mall is set on Fire
  • Los Angeles, California: Starbucks set on fire
  • NYC, New York: Union Square fires break out:
  • Los Angeles, California: Building set on fire
  • Chicago, Illinois: Bank broken Into
  • Atlanta, Georgia: The Upscale Phipps Mall
  • Scottsdale, Arizona: Fashion Mall broken into
  • Portland, Oregon: Capital One Bank looted
  • Portland: Oregon: Wells Fargo lit on Fire
  • Portland, Oregon: Chase Bank
  • Portland, Oregon: Louis Vutton
  • Seattle, Washington: Businesses in the downtown area are set on fire along with vehicles

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: looters robbing looter
  • Charleston, South Carolina: Restaurant employees fired shots to defend themselves
  • Oakland, California: The city is set on fire
  • Santa Monica, California: Businesses looted in broad daylight
  • Santa Monica: Sneaker store looted in broad daylight
  • Unknown Location: Homeless man targeted by rioters – his beg is set on fire
  • Santa Monica, California: Amazon truck looted
  • Los Angeles, California: Building set on fire
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Stores looted
  • Tusla, Oklahoma: Businesses destroyed
  • Portland, Oregon: Luggage store looted and destroyed
  • Seattle, Washington: Cheesecake factory restaurant looted

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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