Watch MEP Destroy Entire Covid Policy in 5 Minutes: 'Time For Very Unpleasant Questions'

“Covid ‘vaccines’ caused 20 times as many serious side effects and 23 times as many deaths as all other vaccines in the past 20 years combined.”

This week MEP Christine Anderson (AfD) gave her first speech before the European Union’s new “COVID-19 inquiry committee”. The German MEP condemned the EU’s Covid policies and demanded an investigation into the clear human rights violations under the pretext of combatting a virus.

Anderson railed against the “false claims regarding the safety of the vaccines, their alleged definitive approval, and so-called effectiveness.” The MEP pointed out that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) database shows that in seven months, the Covid “vaccines” caused 20 times as many serious side effects and 23 times as many deaths as all other vaccines in the past 20 years combined.

“Why isn’t that being investigated,” questioned the MEP. She explained that the government’s Covid policies had nothing to do with public health. Instead, it seems it has been “a money-making exercise for the pharmaceutical industry.”

Why were alternative methods to fight Covid not investigated or given to the public, questioned Anderson? Instead, she exclaimed, everything in your whole Covid policy “boiled down solely to: “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate.”

Issues Committee Must Address

Anderson pointed out other issues that the committee must investigate. She first zeroed in on the “implementation of vaccine contracts.” Little information is available on vaccine makers’ contracts due to the committee withholding the information. She questioned how she could “properly do her job as an elected MEP” and educate her constituents without the data.

The massive “restrictions of fundamental rights that are unworthy of a democracy” must also be investigated, exclaimed the MEP. “From job losses, discrimination and marginalization, we have experienced a redefinition of fundamental rights.” According to the new definition, our rights are now privileges to which the government picks and chooses who to grant them. 

The MEP demanded answers as to why the committee is not investigating the “marginalization and criminalization of critics” who condemned their “anti-democratic measures.”

She went on to say that it is unacceptable for the World Health Organization (WHO) to sign new contracts with EU member states. As Anderson has previously explained, the WHO is fighting for de facto governing power over EU member states in the event of a pandemic:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • First Italy’s Supreme Court states the obvious – the jab kills, mandating the jab is unconstitutional.

    Then the EU MEP says the quite part out loud – clear human rights violations under the pretext of combatting a virus

    When necks stretch and heads roll – then and only then will we see an end to the MEDICAL TYRANNY behind the FAKE, INNEFECTIVE, and DANGEROUS “vaccines”.

  • God bless this good woman. I love how she sits there, speaking truth to power, with her face hanging out — literally. Meanwhile, a silly woman sits next to her with a mask…Ugh…

  • Beginning to love that woman. She also eviscerated Justine when he went to speak before the EU parliament.

  • Yes, this has circulated around the Internet all she said about this foolish and failed experiment. Many people need to be arrested and quite possibly HANGED.

  • This looks more like a scam every day.
    We have a right to know what is going on. The data she seeks should never have been hidden to begin with.

  • We need to get together, left and right, just on this single issue. It is too important to be derailed by any other subject, from eg. abortion rights to climate change. Those things mean nothing whilst we are all under immediate and severe threat to our health/lives. And if they are allowed to get away with this, then left or right, unless you are a billionaire, life will not be worth living.

    • YES! Left or Right, Republican or Democrat… why does a label matter? Don’t we all want the greatest good for all? Don’t let the labels get us divided- that’s what the POWER holders want! The question is HOW to wake up humanity from this deadly slumber they’ve been hypnotized into?

  • The WHO will only take over the world when there’s a global pandemic…..which the WHO itself declares.


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