War Declared! List of Attacks on Law Enforcement: RAIR Series on Far-Left 2020 Riots (Part One)

We will continue to update the list of attacks against Law Enforcement by left-wing rioters….

RAIR Foundation USA presents a series documenting events from the Far-Left 2020 Riots as they unfold. In this installment, RAIR covers attacks on law enforcement and first responders. The riots are fluid and the information will be continually revised. Check back for updates.

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Radical left-wing organizations and individuals are using the death of George Floyd to destroy America from within. This movement exploits the death of Mr. Floyd in an effort to promote communist revolution.


Attacks on Law Enforcement Officers

  • Jacksonville, Florida: Rioters approached the officer from behind and repeatedly hit him in the head and neck
  •  Minneapolis, Minnesota: City Council President, Lisa Bender, says calling the Police on Burglars “Comes from a Place of Privilege”
  • Rhode Island’s “Allie’s Donuts” Refuses Discounts to Police AND Military Members because of Perceived Racism
  • Stanford, California: The Dean of Students at Stanford University sent an email to the student body in which she approvingly quoted cop-killer Assata Shakur.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: City Council President Lisa Bender: “Police Free Future” is “the Goal”
  • Kamala Harris is the latest Democrat to applaud efforts to defund the police.
  • NYC, New York: Police boss Mike O’Meara Goes Off on Media: ‘Stop Treating Us Like Animals and Thugs and Start Treating us with Respect’ 
  • Washington DC Mayor Bowser Kicks Out Utah National Guard from ALL Washington DC Hotels – More Than 1,200 US Troops from 10 States Evicted
  • On Sunday night left-wing rioters defaced the WWII Memorial and Korean War Memorial and torched a 200-year-old church.
  • One million protesters are expected in Washington DC this weekend.
  • NYC, New York: Muslim Dzenan Camovic from Bosnia stabbed an NYPD officer
  • Buffalo, New York: Entire Buffalo PD Emergency response team resigns in support of two suspended Buffalo officers
  • St. Louis, Missouri: Police Release Images of 7 Looters who Murdered Retired Police Captain David Dorn. Captain Dorn was murdered on Monday night outside of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry in North St. Louis.
  • The looters then broke in the store and looted it as dozens of cars drove by on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.
  • David Dorn was 77-years-old when he was gunned down by looters. He lay outside the store bleeding as his death was captured on Facebook Live.
  • Gwinnett County, Georgia: 3 arrested after patrol cars torched outside Gwinnett officers’ homes. The suspects hurled Molotov cocktails in both incidents, which occurred outside the officers’ homes between 10 p.m. and midnight Tuesday.
  • NYC, New York: Police ask for help in finding the criminal who attempted to murder one of their brothers the other night with a fire extinguisher
  • St Louis, Missouri: A @MSHPTrooperGHQ Trooper responding to rioting in St Louis narrowly averted serious injury. A bullet penetrated his moving vehicle & face shield of the riot helmet on his head. The Patrol continues to protect Missourians tonight & every night no matter the risks.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: Antonio Wooden arrested after firing rifle “in direction of police” during protests.
  • Antonio Wooden was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a fugitive, and unlawful possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance.
  • IMPD investigators located a video which shows Wooden raising a rifle, pointing the rifle in the direction of IMPD officers in the area of N Pennsylvania Ave and Market St., and firing at least one round.
  • “Further investigation determined that Wooden has an active arrest warrant issued from the State of Ohio for Failure to Appear to face a charge of Drug Abuse, which was issued in Mason Municipal Court on May 12, 2020.
  • Queens, New York: Blood gang members join rioters and shoot up a NYPD SUV while two cops saw inside
  • NYC, New York: Two officers shot and one stabbed in the neck last night. Once again, almost all left-wing leaders in NY remain silent about the abuse police are facing.
  • Wilmington, Delaware: Joe Biden panders for votes. Biden spoke about law enforcement at Bethel AME Church, a historically black church – he demands police who have someone running at them with a knife to “shoot them in the leg”
  • Chicago, Illinois: 132 officers injured this weekend by rioters

NYC, New York: HELP – Police have been struck with bricks, hit by cars, and punched and kicked — Detectives and their fellow cops have been assaulted by violent criminals for nearly a week as they try to protect the city from burning. And most elected officials remain silent. This is New York City under attack.

  • NYC, New York: Police attacked in the streets
  • NYC, New York: Police officer brutally beaten
  • Brooklyn, New York: Warning: Police officers personal vehicles are being sabotaged by rioters – be on alert!
  • Kansas City, Kansas: The Police department released images of some of the items that were thrown at officers over the weekend. They include rocks, shoes, bags of urine, frozen bottles of water and cans of beans
  • Brooklyn, New York: Police officer shot and another officer stabbed
  • Los Angeles, California: Two officers in critical condition dealing with riots
  • Boston, Massachusetts: Plot to firebomb police
  • Brooklyn, New York: District Attorney Eric Gonzalez designates a tipline for ‘police brutality and other unlawful activity” while rioters burn city, attack cops
  • Middletown, Connecticut: Mayor Ben Florsheim and Police Chief Mckenna force the Police department to remove “offensive” Thin Blue Line flags. In response to this anti-police act, one a petition on to get the flag back up outside and inside the department. (Please Sign)

  • Law enforcement officials from across the country are warning police across America about a potential threat: groups are canvassing residential neighborhoods, taking photos of homes with police cars in driveways
  • Minnesota, Minneapolis: ‘Credible and Lethal threat’ against the national guard
  • NYC, New York: A police supervisor trying to protect stores from being looted is violently attacked.
  • Twitter Verified account spreading hate towards Police. Over 25,000 likes for his anti-cop post
  • Celebrities sign a a petition to “defund all police departments”
  • Twitter: Users on the platform are allowed to write #KillCops . The gallery below highlights a few example
  • Twitter also allows #KillTrump to be posted on their platform

A few #KillCop Tweets

  • Bronx, New York: Police man mowed down by rioters while trying to protect stores from looting
  • NYC, New York: Police cars destroyed throughout the city
  • NYC, New York: Police officers are being shot at, run down, brutally attacked, explosives thrown at them, pelted with rocks, their cars set fire, etc. Meanwhile, left-wing anti-police politicians and media continue to fan the flames. Who is fighting for our Police officers?
  • NYC, New York: Due to New York’s left-wing bail reform disaster, Police are seeing arrested looters back on the streets in “hours”. NYPD is being forced to have to catch the criminals again and put their lives at risk
  • NYC, New York: Officers attacked by rioters looting stores
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Public school board voted to unanimously to terminate their contract with the Police Department

NYC, New York: NYPD Officer in his own words

  • St. Louis, Missouri: Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was murdered last night outside of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry in North St. Louis City. Dorn was 77-years-old when he was gunned down by looters.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Two police officers shootings – One Officer, Shay K. Mikalonis in on life support
  • One officer was shot in the head by a rioter, the officer is on life support. Vegas police officers were attempting to disperse a large crowd of demonstrators in front of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip and were being hit with rocks and bottles form the crowd. While trying to detain some people, the officer was shot in the head.
  • Downtown, city police and federal officers were posted at the stairs of the federal building to protect it from rioters when a man with multiple firearms wearing body armor reached for a firearm. He was shot by an officer and pronounced dead at a hospital.
Officer Shay K. Mikalonis
  • Chicago, Illinois: Rioter, Matthew Lee Rupert traveled to Minnesota to hand out bombs to fellow rioters. Rupert even filmed himself handing out bombs rioters who then hurled the bombs at police. Who funded Rupert’s trip? Where did he stay while in Minnesota?
  • Brooklyn, New York: Gun shots fired at NYPD officer
  • Providence, Rhode Island: Police car set on fire by rioters
  • Rioters block firefighters from putting out burning police car
  • St. Louis, Missouri: At least four officers shot by rioters (turn up the volume and listen to the amount of gun fire by rioters)
  • Update: All officers are conscious and breathing. Their injuries are believed to be non-life threatening according to the St. Louis Police Department.
  • NYC, New York: Officer knocked out, lays lifeless on Madison Avenue.
  • Bronx, New York: Police officer run over by rioter
  • Asheville, North Carolina: Rioters launch fireworks at police
  • St. Louis, Missouri: Protesters launch fireworks at police
  • Buffalo, New York: Rioters drive a car through a group of police officers. A trooper and officer were rushed to the hospital and are in serious condition
  • Bronx, New York: Police man viciously attacked by rioters

Brooklyn, New York: Rioters scrawl “KILL COPS” on major road sign 

  • NYC, New York: Video of the Attempted murder of a NYC Police Chief.
  • The @NYCMayor called for an NYP officer’s badge for drawing his gun after this attack. Video proves the NYPD cop only drew his gun after his supervisor was attacked with a brick
  • NYC, New York: Attorneys and left-wing radicals Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman were charged with causing damage by fire and explosives after they threw an Molotov Cocktail into a police vehicle.
  • Princeton University graduate, Attorney Urooj Rahman prepares to toss a Molotov cocktail out of the passenger-side window of a van just before 1 a.m. Saturday, May 30, outside the 88th Precinct.
  • Rahman tried to hide her face with the Palestinian war scarf, keffiyeh, which is considered the new nazi swastika.
  • Rahman may have learned how to build a Molotov cocktail while working for two different radical organizations in Palestine.
Source (archive link)
  • NYC, New York: Radical tries to run down a police officer on his motorcycle
  • NYC, New York: Female officer injured and laying on pavement while rioters taunt her
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Police officer seriously injured
  • Boston, Massachusetts: Police officers have explosive devices being thrown at them
  • Washington, D.C: Secret service attacked by rioters
  • Denver, Colorado: Police officer mowed down by a car in the street
  • Chicago, Illinois: Officer beaten and dragged through the streets
  • Charleston, South Carolina: Lone Police officer beaten in the streets
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Attack on police and their vehicles
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Police attacked and forced to retreat:
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Police were forced to flee the Third Police Precinct station. Rioters burned it down and celebrated:
  • Seattle. St Louis: Police cars burned and weapons stolen
  • NYC, New York: Union Square police and their vehicles attacked
  • Brooklyn, New York: Police cars set on fire
  • NYC, New York: Police officer beaten:
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Police surrounded and vehicles burned
  • Los Angeles, California: Police car burns in the middle of the street
  • Dallas, Texas: Police attacked
  • Washington, D.C.: Rioters attack secret service and police while trying to storm the White House
  • Phoenix, Arizona: Radicals outside of Police headquarters chant “Quit your jobs”
  • Los Angeles, California: Police attacked in the streets

Twitter allows threats towards police officers:
  • Unknown Location: Police attacked, twitter celebrates
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Police officer mowed down
  • NYC, New York: Molotov cocktail thrown into a van with four police officers
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Police cars taken over by rioters
  • Los Angeles, California: Rioters attack Police and try to overtake them in their vehicles
  • Far-left Twitter allows a comment under the above tweet instructing rioters how to improve their attack methods on Police:
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Police must contend with rioters setting dangerous fires
  • Los Angeles, California: Firefighters trying to put out fires are being attacked. Police must protect them so they can help stop the city from being burned down
  • Social Media: Twitter allows #KILLPOLICE hashtag on their platform and threats to shoot them
  • Rochester. New York: Fireman responding to the scene of a fire was assaulted and his truck damaged
  • Ferguson, Missouri: Molotov cocktails, gun fire, and fireworks aimed at police. Stores were also looted and set on fire –

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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