WATCH: RAIR’s Amy Mek Joins Michelle Malkin, Katie Hopkins & David Vance for Epic Panel on Big Tech Censorship (Must See)

WATCH: RAIR’s Amy Mek Joins Michelle Malkin, Katie Hopkins & David Vance for Epic Panel on Big Tech Censorship (Must See)

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On June 27, 2020
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RAIR Foundation USA’s own Amy Mek joined the great Michelle Malkin on her “Malkin Live” Broadcast this week with UK freedom fighters Katie Hopkins and David Vance.

The patriots delved into issues surrounding social media censorship and the rise of Parler, a micro-blogging platform where non-socialists are finding refuge. Amy Mek discussed her personal experience being suspended on Twitter. Mek also explained President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Social Media censorship, which has been discussed in detail at RAIR.

One overarching theme of the discussion is the how conservatives need to come together to support one another in this time of rampant social media tyranny, which is spilling over into life in general for anyone who does not support the Marxist rage mob sweeping the planet.


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[…] WATCH: RAIR’s Amy Mek Joins Michelle Malkin, Katie Hopkins & David Vance for Epic Panel on Big… […]
Thank you all that was GREAT. Tks for the flash. Am suspended on Twitter; no reason given.

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